Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Wedding Present - Sweden 1987

This is probably the best Wedding Present bootleg I've heard. The Wedding Present formed in Leeds in 1985 and released their first album, the classic "George Best" the following year through Reception Records. This set was recorded on the tour which promoted that classic release which was re-issued last year in extended form. If you've never heard the early Weddo's this is a good place to start. . This set sums up the early Weddo's perfectly, tons of energy, enthusiasm and great songs. David Gedge even has a crack at speaking in Swedish. Classic...

1. You Should Always Keep In Touch With Your Friends
2. Why Are You Being So Reasonable Now
3. Nobody's Twisting Your Arm
4. A Million Miles
5. What Did Your Last Servant Die Of
6. Everyone Thinks He Looks Daft
7. I'm Not Always So Stupid
8. Anyone Can Make A Mistake


  1. Thanks for this treasure, love Wedding present. Its reformation was good news like for dinasaut Jr

  2. Another potential gem that I missed, damnit! Again, a re-up would be most welcome whenever you have time. I guess I never really focussed sufficiently on The Wedding Present to really appreciate them back in the day, but I always had some of their releases and any time I have taken them out for a listen I have been impressed. No that I am focussing again, this one, from back then, would be a real treat.