Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Record Box 29/4/2008

Too many records, too little time......

Days - Never Came To Last(Shelflife) Taken from the Swedish bands debut album "Downhill". Buy Here

Cheveu - Superhero (Born Bad) Taken from the self-titled debut. Great stuff this. Buy Here

The Wedding Present - Spider Man On Holywood (Pinnacle) About time there was a new Weddoes album. It's called "El Rey" and will be released in the UK on 26th May. Buy Here

Secret Shine - Know (Claire Records) I think this is one of Mr Vincents favorite records at the moment and their new album "All Of The Stars" certainly is a return to form for the second best band from Bristol. Buy Here

ILIKETRAINS - The Last Days Of Winter (Beggars Banquet)

Magnetic Morning - The Way Love Used To Be

The Fall - Can Can Summer (Castle) This is one of my favorites from the new album "Imperial Wax Solvent". Buy Here

Fat Tulips - So Unbelievable (Vinyl Japan) Taken from the 1994 album "Starfish". Buy Here

Rat:Att:Arg - Can We Fix It(Moshi Moshi) This comes from the Moshi Moshi records compilation "Moshi Moshi Singles Club 2004 - 2008" which as you might have already guessed is a collection of tracks released through their singles club over the last couple of years. There's some really good stuff on here from the likes of Slow Club, Late Of The Pier, Dananananaykroyd, The Friendly Fires and the list continues. Well worth the price of admission. Buy Here

Mudhoney - Inside Out Over You (Sub Pop) Taken from the new album "The Lucky Ones". Out 19th May. Buy Here

Tears Run Rings - Waiting For The End (Claire Records) Taken from the fine new album "Always, Sometimes, Seldom, Never". Buy Here

Bang Bang Machine - Geek Love (Parallel) Classic 12" from 1993.

Frightened Rabbit - Fast Blood (Fat Cat) Taken from the album "The Midnight Organ Fight". Buy Here

Kyte - They Won't Sleep (Kids) Taken from the self-titled debut album. Buy Here

Strawberry Whiplash - Who's In Your Dreams (Matinee) One of the best singles so far this year. Buy Here

Surkin - White Night Two (Institubes) Taken from the bands excellent "Next Of Kin" 12" EP.

No Age - Errand Boy (Sub Pop) Another track from the "Nouns" album which will certainly be in our end of year list. Buy Here

Hadouken - Crank It Up (Atlantic) Seems like we've been waiting forever for this album. It's called "Music For An Accelerated Culture". Buy Here

Snuff - In Sickness & In Health (Fat Wreck) Well why not? Originally released in 1990 this fine EP was re-issued through Fat Wreck in 1996. Worth buying just for this track and the brilliant "Shake & Vac" song. Top stuff. Buy Here


  1. Hello,

    Please remove Chris T-T’s ‘Let’s Do Some Damage’ MP3 immediately or we will be forced to take legal action. We did not give you permission to host this music.

    Best, Dan Griffiths
    Xtra Mile Recordings

  2. Ok, it's gone.

    Bit of a shame though. It's a great track from what is a very good record.

  3. "Best"? He doesn't mean that!

  4. Never mind. At least we've got the Weddoes, Mudhoney and The Fall. Who needs Chris T-T anyway.

  5. Re: the iLT track...
    It's 'LASTDAYOFWiNTER' and was recorded well pre-Beggars' (pre- Fierce Panda even). It was released on CD-R (50 copies, I think) at a gig back in 2006... good pick though. It really belongs on a proper album.

  6. Anonymous11:01 pm

    Chris T-T? Never heard of. And who cares? I can listen to the other artists and make up my mind if it's any good. But Chirs Tacky-Twit will 4ever be forgotten in my search for new music. so shove it Dan G.

  7. Anonymous12:15 am

    Oh well, I just lost any interest I may have had in this guy Chris T-T. Thanks for saving me the trouble of listening to the song.

  8. Anonymous12:16 am

    Dan Griffiths doesn't get it. Sad, he's acting like he's the head of a major label or something. Kinda pathetic, d00d.

  9. I like how all you music thieves get pissed when someone asks you politely not to steal their hard work and lunch money. If anything, the fact that Chris T-T's label wants to preserve the band's profitability and/or integrity makes me like them even more. And if it's a good track, stream it, don't give it away for free.

  10. what Hitt said. also, fucksakes ignorant twats, don't think the artist and the label are the same thing - preserving the music they own has nothing to do with an artist's opinions on downloading, for all you know chris t-t would be on your side.