Monday, April 21, 2008

Playlist 59

Twenty of the best for you this week. Some great stuff around at the moment and there seems to be a lot more dubby electro this year which is no bad thing at all. Vinyl sales continue to rise as CD sales continue to fall! I remember fifteen years ago people within the industry were predicting the imminent death of vinyl and in particular the seven inch single. I wonder what they would have said if they had known that in fifteen years time vinyl sales would actually be up and CD sales in huge decline. Personally I believe the reason is, and certainly for me that whether you have an album on CD or audio files in your computer makes very little difference so you might as well download it from i-tunes or wherever your preference is, but vinyl... well that's a different bag of kippers entirely. If you by a record, be it a seven inch or twelve inch you really feel like you've got something. A beautiful piece of work which feels great when you handle it and looks even better when it's spinning round on the turntable. Certainly if a record is available on vinyl that's the format I always plum for. In this weeks playlist there are no less than seven tracks ripped from vinyl which is always about the average. Besides, it just sounds better....

On another note Mr Vincent has joined Burning World and his first post will hopefully be up in the next few days. If anyone else would like to be a contributor to this site please get in touch.

1. Disconcerts - Window Shopper (Self-Released) Another track from their new "Ships In Bottles" EP. Disconcerts have a few gigs coming up at which I'm sure they would love to see you:-

9th May - Southampton, The King Alfred
10th May - London, Beyond Retro
11th May - Bognor, White Horse
31st May - Chichester - Bully The Ugly Girls @ Chi Inn

2. Random Movement - Believe No Other (Westbay International) 12" Vinyl Buy Here
3. Mudy On The Sakuban - Kau's () Taken from the album "VOI".
4. Double Negative - Raw Energy (Sorry State) Taken from the California artists new "Sorry State" EP.
5. Evol Intent - Real Talk (Evol Intent) 12" Vinyl Buy Here
6. Maps - To The Sky (M83 Remix) (Sonic Cathedral) This track is one side of a 7" single. On the other you get a Maps remix of "We Own The Sky" by M83. Buy Here
7. Isosceles - Watertight (Art Goes Pop) The B side of the current single "Kitch Bitch". In fact I think It's probably meant to be a double a side. Either way great track and you can hear another version of it further down this page where you will find the session Isosceles recently did for Vic Galloway at BBC Scotland. Well worth a listen. Buy Here
8. Then Dof - Untitled Track 2 (Mobeer) Cute little 3" CD thingamajig. I love 3" CD's and wish there were more of them around. I think this is quite hard to get hold of so I'll play more tracks from it in future programs. The album/EP appears to be called "Untitled Part A" and contains six tracks of extraordinary sounds.
9. Gentle Friendly - Ride Symbols (My Space) According to the bands My Space page Gentle Friendly consist of just two members who do everything. I really like the sound of this band. Well worth checking out.
10. Kazyo - Teenage Bad Girl Is Dead (Archibell) Title track from the new 12" EP. Buy Here
11. The Tinklers - Don't Put Your Finger In The Fan (Shimmy Disc) They never fail to make you smile do they. Taken from the album "Casserole" which was originally released back in 1990 on Kramer's Shimmy Disc label. It's interesting to note that "Casserole" was actually The Tinklers debut album despite the band having been together since 1979! I guess some people just take a while to get their shit together. Fortunately the album was re-issued on CD in 1993 and really should have a place in everyone's collection. The Tinklers did go on to release another three albums, "Saplings" in 1991 (which if memory serves contains the brilliant "Trees Like To Rot In The Forest") "Crash" in 1993 and finally "Slowpoke" in 1998 which I don't have a copy of. The one you need though is "Casserole" and you can find one HERE
12. Ham Sandwich - Keepsake (Route 109) Taken from the album "Carry The Meek".
13. South Central - Golden Dawn (Bloody Beetroots Remix) (Holiphonic)
14. Flowers Forever - Smash The Cool (Team Love) Taken from the bands self-titled debut album. Buy Here
15. Buddy Peace - Collapse Suite, Autumn 1974 (Part 1) (MYUZYK) This is a track from an album which you can download in it's entirety absolutely free. It's called "Inspired By Boards Of Canada" which may give you a small clue to the kind of thing which lurks within.
16. Brutal Knights - My Life, My Fault (Spin The Bottle) Lead track from the Toronto bands rather good new EP.
17. Pacific UV - Waiting (Warm Electronic) Taken from the album "Longplay 2". Buy Here
18. Black Kids - I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance (Mercury) I know there are plenty of other people writing about Black Kids, and quite rightly... so all I'm going to say is catch them while they're still relatively untouched. Strange things tend to happen to bands when the corporate machine gets hold of them. Something to do with heads and arses. I'm not saying for a minute this will happen with Black Kids, I'm just saying it usually does. Buy Here
19. Iroha - Touch
20. Gloria Cycles - Vegas (Muddy Baker Remix) (A&G)

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