Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Playlist 58

Well the move to the new site has not gone as well as planned. Some major bandwith issues and a whole bucketfull of technical problems mean that we're still here. Why is nothing simple?

1. Rakoon - Warrior Dub (Dub Bullet) 12" Vinyl
2. Blank Dogs - Meltdown Cloud () Taken from the album "On Two Sides" which the band are giving away as a free dowload from their blog. In fact they're giving away their entier back catalogue so get over there and fill yer boots.
3. Woodhands - Dancer (Paper Bag) Taken from the album "Heart Attack". Buy Here
4. The Constantines - Shower Of Stones (Arts & Crafts) Taken from the forthcoming album "Kensington Heights" which will be released through Arts & Crafts on 23rd June. Buy Here
5. Carsick Cars - Warm Up (Self Released) Seems like a while since I played anything from the Carsicks. Taken from the Beijing bands quality self-titled debut album which I know is not the easiest to find but it is well worth the search.
Carsick Cars will be appearing at ATP Vs Pitchfork fesival at Camber Sands on 10th May. This is probably the only fesival this year which I really really really want to go to, unfortunately I can't so that's that then. I'm not going to moan about it....much.
6. Panda Riot - Plateau (Disk Union) I can't believe I missed this one. This album has been on the i-pod pretty much constantly for the last three days. It's called "She Dares All Things" and is apparently a collection of the Chicago bands singles, none of which I own. This record was actually released at the end of last year and I'm gutted it's taken me this long to find it. Buy Here 7. Easy All Stars - Until That Day (Easy Star) Title track from the bands new EP.
8. Pheek - Soyouz Retour (Toys For Boys) Taken from the "Substucture EP". Buy Here
9. Birchville Cat Motel - White Petal Carpet (Conspiracy) Taken from the album "Four Freckle Constellation". Buy Here
10. Atomic Hooligan - Spread Good Vibes (Botchit & Scarper) Taken from the new album "Sex Drugs & Blah Blah Blah" which is sure to brighten up your day. Unless of course you're a York City supporter in which misery is the only answer judging by the season we've had this year. Buy Here
11. The Last Army - Submit To The Chemical (Self Released) The Last Army come from London and on the 21st April will be playing a special gig in celebration of the release of a song called "Dead". Anyway this gig will take place at their apparently secret headquaters in "Punk" which I'm told can be found at 14 Soho Street, London, W1. The cost of admission is totally free if you e-mail your names to otherwise it's going to cost you a fiver on the door. Oh and apart from The Last Army you'll also be able to enjoy the sounds of Me, My Head and The Art Goblins, neither of which I'm familiar with but if anyone want's to send me a CD...........
12. Scuba - Ruptured (Hot Flush) Taken from the album "A Mutual Antipathy". Buy Here
13. Slurp Dogs - Chesterfields Of Fire (Sloow Tapes) Taken from the album "Postal Licks" which is another one of those limited edition cassette releases which seem to be increasing in popularity.
14. The Chesterfields - Nose Out Of Joint (Damaged Goods) Well ok so it was a little bit predictable. Taken from the Chesterfields compilation "Electric Guitars In Their Hearts". Buy Here
15. The Ladies - I'm The Worst (Riff Raff) This is total quality. It's about time someone kicked the attitude back into punk instead of it being the domain of middle class college kids. This is more like it.
16. Jah Melody - Rude Boy Anthem (Promo)
17. Muscles - Ice Cream (Modular)
New Single
18. Brincando De Deus - My Pillow Book (Self)
19. Kromestar - Budwise (Dubting) Lovely 12" Vinyl. The B side "Heavy Mental" is quality as well.
20. Herman Dune - I'd Rather Walk Than Run (Source) They just never let you down do they. This is one of five tracks on their latest EP "I Wish I Could See You Soon". Buy Here

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