Friday, April 11, 2008

Playlist 57

Two playlists in one week? What is the world coming to?
Tunes Tunes and more TUNES!!!!!!!!

Well after all this is what it's all about. Some blinding stuff in this one including a track from the brand new Disconcerts EP which has made my week.

1. Lovvers - Search For God (Jonson Family) This is the b side of the recent 7" single from Lovvers who I'm looking forward to seeing next week when they support Los Campesinos! in Bradford.
2. Air Waves - Shine On (Catbird)
3. The House Of Love - Shine On (Fontana)
I used to quite like The House Of Love at one point. The debut album was totally brilliant and the second, from which this track is taken was nearly as good. The problem was they weren't able to hit quite the same heights with their later work. Buy Here
4. Dubchild - Mount Zion (Distance Remix) (Storming Productions) 12" Vinyl. Buy Here
5. Shit & Shine - Charm & Counter Charm (Southern) Another track from the great new album "Cherry". Out next week. Buy Here
6. Disconcerts - Selsey Bill (Self Released) At last, a new EP from Chichesters finest. There are three great tracks on here and you can sample the lot on the bands My Space Page. I really need to see them live as soon as possible.
7. Industrial Terror Squad - Freedoomed (Arena) This little gem comes from a 12" called the "First Strike Policy EP" which I think is a French Import. I really love the samples and I wish I could get my hands on more hardcore of this calibre. The B side is pretty good as well, a track called "Worldwide Attack". BANGIN' (as we used to say) Buy Here
8. Ham Sandwich - St. Christopher (Route 109) Taken from the Irish bands debut album "Carry The Meek".
9. St. Christopher - You Deserve More Than A Maybe (Sarah) St. Christopher came from my home town of York. Someone did tell me that they still play and record but I don't know if that's just a dirty rumour. They certainly released some great records though during their time on the legendary Sarah Records. This was one of their earliest releases back in 1989.
10. Surkin - Kid Gloves (Institubes) I think I've fallen in love with this 12" EP! Surkin come from Paris but sound really British, if there is such a thing as a British sound. The EP is called "Next Of Kin" and as far as I know is avaliable now although I know not where. They have a few dates coming up on this side of the channel:-
---2nd May - London - Ins999 @ Fabric
---9th May - Manchester - Bugged Out
---28th June - London - Together @ Scala
11. Claire Angel - Song Of The Lord (Rootspirit) 7" single. Buy Here
12. Dancing Mice - Wounded Women (Squeak Audio) Taken from the album "Eroded".
13. Soundpool - The Divides Of March (Aloft) Taken from the album "Dichotomies & Dreamland" which is the debut album from the New York five piece.
14. The Nightjars - Second Guess (Reveal) This comes from a mini album which came out towards the back end of last year called "Towards Light" and I managed to miss it completely so many thanks to Ollie for being kind enough to send me a copy. Great stuff. Buy Here
15. Logistics - 96 (Hospital) Taken from the album "Reality Checkpoint". Buy Here
16. Seal Beach - In Dramatic Depths, Twinking Pale Ocean
17. Conscript - I've Seen God (Noise Attack)
Another blistering track from the EP which they share with Gruuthaagy.
18. Caustic Window - Popcorn (Rephlex) Taken from the "Joyrex J4" EP originally issued in 1992. Richard James at his finest!
19. Resplandour - Breath () Taken from the new album "Pleamar" which is apparently their third album.
20. Rusko - Gone Too Far (Sub Soldiers) 12" Vinyl.

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