Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Playlist 56

Another fine selection for you this week. I think we're going to have to have to start publishing these playlists even more frequently because there is just so much good stuff around at the moment it's impossible to fit it all into just twenty tracks week and there are so many new bands and artists who simply aren't getting heard.
To change the subject completely we are looking into the possibility of putting some bands on in York. Obviously things are at a very early stage but if any bands would be interested in playing at such an event please get in touch and we'll see if we can get something together.
Right then I think that's it for the time being ...oh before I forget please use the
forum to let us know what you're listening to or if there is anything in particular you want to see (or hear) on the site, to talk about football or even which are your favorite biscuits.

1. Daniel Bless - Pure (Promo)
2. The Tough Alliance - No Violence (Playground)
3. The Fall - I've Been Duped (Castle)
From the latest Fall masterpiece "Imperial Wax Solvent". Buy Here
4. Brincando De Deus - The Best On You
5. Boris - Floorshaker (Southern Lord)
This is the latest offering from the Japanese noise merchants. There seems to be quite a scene in Japan at the moment for this kind of stuff and long may it continue. Quite Excellent.
6. The Notwist - Alphabet (City Slang) Taken from the new album "The Devil, You & Me". 7. Renegade Soundwave - Probably A Robbery (Mute) Ok, so it sounds a tad dated these days but it's still the only song I know of to use the word "skulduggery".
8. Hallelujah The Hills - Cataloguing Candy's Demise (Download) This is a track from the bands new EP which is called "Prepare To Qualify" all of which can be downloaded for free from the bands website HERE.
9. Herman Dune - I Wish I Could See You Soon (Source) This is a track you may well already be familiar with as it was one of the highlights of the brilliant "Giant" album from what seems like ages ago now. Anyway it's now being released as part of a new Herman Dune ep and it still sounds great. There's another great track on here as well called "I'd Rather Walk Than Run" which I'll put in a future program. Buy Here
10. Popof - Chicken Flavour (Turbo) 12" Vinyl. Fingerlickin' good....
11. Fire Star - Put It Down (Promo)
12. Disconcerts - 73 (My Space)
This is a brand new track from the brilliant Disconcerts which is available on their My Space page. There is a new EP called "Ships In Bottles", a track from which will be in the next program.
13. The Indelicates - Our Daughters Will Never Be Free (Weekender) You may recall we first featured The Indelicates on Burning World last year with their great pop single "Julie We Don't Live In The 60's". Well now they have completed their debut album "American Demo" which will be released through Weekender Records next week. Highly recommended, it even cheered me up (a bit) after York City's 1-6 drubbing at the hands of Crawley last week. Possibly the most embarrassing result in the clubs history. Buy Here
14. Laromlab - Phat & Phunky (Pt1) (Mushpot)
15. Still Crescent - Violet Gloaning (Make Mine Music)
This comes from a CD called "The Railway Terminus, The October Twilight, The Circulatory System" which is apparently limited to just fifty copies. Get one while you can. Buy Here
16. The Rice Twins - For Penny & Alexis (Kompact) This is the other side of that Orb 12" I played you in the last playlist. Buy Here
17. John Ralston - White Spiders () Title track from John Ralston's new EP
18. Action Painting - Laying The Lodger (Damaged Goods) 7" single on beautiful white vinyl.
19. Twin Tigers - If (Self-Released) Taken from the EP "Curious Faces/Violet Future". Out 10th June. Buy Here
20. Conscript - Tangshan 76 (Noise Attack) I could listen to this all day. In fact I might!

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