Friday, April 25, 2008

Overdrive (Vol 1)

Ok then let's have a bit of noise and distortion.

Boris - Message (Southern Lord)Taken from the "Message/Floorshaker"EP but this track is also on the bands fine "Smile" album. Buy Here

Extreme Noise Terror - Religion Is Fear (Deathwish Inc) This is taken from a split 7" single which Extreme Noise Terror share with Trap with whom E.N.T. will soon be touring and this single will be avaliable to purchase from these shows.

Holy Fuck - Lovely Allen (Young Turks) This was originally released last year around the time of the bands self-titled debut album. Anyway it's appeared again on 12" vinyl this time around. I think there's a 7" version as well and as far as I can see there's no CD format which speaks volumes don't you think.

Conscript - I've Seen God (Noise Attack) Taken from the split EP Conscript share with Gruuthaagy. Very nice.

The Angelic Process - The Sun In Braids (Profound Lore) This comes from the "Coma Waering" album which was released a couple of years ago. Great sound.

Sutcliffe Jugend - Filth (Cold Spring) When I first heard this album a few days ago I was blown away by it and in particular the extraordinary vocals. Apparently Sutcliffe Jugend have been doing this kind of stuff for years but they're new on me. I'm gonna have to try and track down some of their older stuff although it'll have to go some to be as good as this record. Taken from the new album "Pigdaddy" which will be released on 12th May. Buy Here

No Age - Miner (Sub Pop) Taken from the great new album "Nouns". Out 5th May. Buy Here

Sonic Youth - Confusion Is Next (SST) Just couldn't resist posting a track from this album. One of the best noise albums ever committed to vinyl. "Confusion Is Sex" was originally released back in 1983 and was the first album release by Sonic Youth who are still very much active today although it's been quite some time since they produced anything quite up to this standard. Buy Here

Flying Saucer Attack - Still (Vhf)

Duchess Says - Tenen Non Neu (Alien 8) My new favorite band. I don't know anything about them but who cares. This album is simply tremendous although it's not schedueled for release until 26th August. Pre-Order yours now cos without these sounds your life is incomplete. Buy Here

Maybe She Will - Ixnay On The Autoplay (Field) Taken from the Leicester bands new "Not For The Want Of Trying" EP. Out 12th May. Buy Here

Loop - Arc Lite (Chapter 22) Taken from the 1989 album "A Gilded Eternity". Buy Here

Black Pus - Kharma Burn (Diarreah)Taken from the album "All Aboard The Magic Pus". From what I can make out Black Pus is basically Brian Chippendale's (Lightning Bolt) solo work.

Fuck Buttons - Colours Move (ATP) No noise playlist would be complete without a track from what is possibly the best album of 2008 so far. Crank it up!! Buy Here


  1. The duchess says new album is available here: I got my copy since two weeks now. Definitely a great album.


  2. God I love the Duchess Says album. I can't stop listening to it. Great recommendation.

    bouchaet, your link was broken. Here's the same one in a tinyurl so it doesn't cut off: