Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Orb Vs The Freeze

This was given away as a free CD with the March issue of Freeze Magazine in Greece. It's basically one long mix and is another top mix from Dr Alex Paterson. The Dr also does a short interview in the magazine which goes......

Freeze: Which was the best “The Orb” line up?

Alex: They all had their magic tracks; Andy Hughes had a very good “Wall Of Sound”. Everyone who participated in appearances in “Live Bass and Drums” was equally very “funky”. As for the rest members, with so many gigs they could go back to clubland, where all things started with Orb back in ’88.

Freeze: Do you remember any of your sets in Greece, and what is your current style like?

Alex: I played a minimal set with a pinch of reggae, but I don’t remember when and where… and it was really hot there!!! For the time, I play Orb/Reggae/Hip Hop.

Freeze: Introduce us to the new album from The Orb… track by track…

Alex: There are 15 new tracks on “The Dream”. We explore new sound and rhythms, and of course we use carefully selected vocals! We have 4 new singers and some old school reunions in the same project. Aki Omori, The Corpral, Juliette Roberts and Andy Kane for vocalists. Greg Hunter and returned back providing mixes, and of course the main parts of The Orb team are… Youth, Tim Bran, and myself. Also in our live performances we have The Corpral and David Nock at drums… Listen to CD with an old-school-like way!

Freeze: You have played in many different places of the world… which of all you consider the most fantastic?

Alex: Mount Fuji in Japan!!! But also Nepal is something like meeting God Himself!

Freeze: Little Fluffy Clouds… Is there a story behind this track?

Alex: There is no hidden story… only the fact that there was me and Youth, making music for the first time together. We had some selected samples, and of course this incredible vocal sample… They were all unbelievable!!! “The Orb” is a project with collaborations with huge names… Like Steve Hillage, who is also back in “The Dream”… and there is an old school feeling. They have all contributed their genius in each track… Too many line ups in 20+ years.

Freeze: Do you believe that digital releases will devastate other formats? CDs are dead or not?

Alex: They have already done it. “Records are dead, long live records”!!!
Freeze: Tell us a few things about the CD you give away to our readers…Alex: Listen to old and new sounds by “The Orb” with new arrangements, unreleased and just for you, take it with you to the beach, in your car, wherever! Play this CD under groovy situations and you will remember me!

Freeze: How do you feel being one of the pioneers in music?

Alex: This is just for me. You can only wonder! I feel normal inside me and I don’t let it take my mind away…

Freeze: Describe us an ordinary day from Alex Patterson’s life…Alex: You really don’t need this! Yesterday in Berlin, tomorrow in Japan… I try to make a million things at the same time… I hope this is enough.

01. The Orb - Dark Star Intro
02. The Orb - Plateau (All Hands On 2 AM Mix) [unreleased]
03. Bill Taylor - Benson Arizona
04. The Orb - Hold Me Tight Version 2 [unreleased]
05. The Orb - Hold Me Tight Version 1 [unreleased]
06. Zulu Chant - Version
07. The Orb - The Truth Is
08. The Orb - Phantom of Ukraine
09. Bounty Killa - Many Gal
10. The Upsetters - Sipple Dub
11. The Orb - Tower Twenty Three
12. Madorb - Hole in The Sky
13. The Orb - U Make Me Outro