Monday, April 14, 2008

North Of The Border

This was all Mr Vincent's idea. A series of regional playlists showcasing new and exiting bands from different parts of the UK. Vince has decided to start with Scotland and I must say the ten tracks he has selected are seriously good. The one I keep coming back to is "Yorkshire" by Nacional. This is the first track I've heard by the Glasgow five piece who apparently are signed to the mighty Art Goes Pop label along with fellow Scots Isosceles anongst others.

1. Dirty Summer - Friday Night At The JJB (Unsigned) My Space
2. Copy Haho - Cutting Out The Bad (Unsigned) My Space
3. Isosceles - Get Your Hands Off (Art Goes Pop) This was the first single from the Glasweigan quartet released on 7" a while back. The bands new single "Kitch Bitch" which featured in a recent playlist is utterly fantastic and will be released through the equally brilliant Art Goes Pop label on 21st April. Buy Here
4. We Were Promised Jetpacks - Quiet Little Voices (Unsigned) Bebo Page
5. Dananananaykroyd - 1993 (Holy Roar) Taken from the "Sissy Hits" EP which seems to have been around for ages and yet is scedueled for release on 9th June. I'm sure this EP first appeared last year, then again there's every chance I just dreamed it. Buy Here
6. The Xcerts - Listen Don't Panic (Mannequin Republic) This track is one of three on the Aberdeen trio's new single "Do You Feel Safe" which is released this very week.
7. There Will Be Fireworks - Talking Backwards (Unsigned) My Space
8. Damn Shames - Dancing In The Aisles (Golden Eagle Recordings) I think this track was released last year as a 7" single. Sounds good to me.
9. Nacional - Yorkshire (Art Goes Pop) I think this track sounds excellent. I don't know if they have released anything yet but you can bet your left butt cheek I'm gonna find out. My Space
10. Zoey Van Goey - We All Hide In Basements (Unsigned) My Space