Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Record Box 29/4/2008

Too many records, too little time......

Days - Never Came To Last(Shelflife) Taken from the Swedish bands debut album "Downhill". Buy Here

Cheveu - Superhero (Born Bad) Taken from the self-titled debut. Great stuff this. Buy Here

The Wedding Present - Spider Man On Holywood (Pinnacle) About time there was a new Weddoes album. It's called "El Rey" and will be released in the UK on 26th May. Buy Here

Secret Shine - Know (Claire Records) I think this is one of Mr Vincents favorite records at the moment and their new album "All Of The Stars" certainly is a return to form for the second best band from Bristol. Buy Here

ILIKETRAINS - The Last Days Of Winter (Beggars Banquet)

Magnetic Morning - The Way Love Used To Be

The Fall - Can Can Summer (Castle) This is one of my favorites from the new album "Imperial Wax Solvent". Buy Here

Fat Tulips - So Unbelievable (Vinyl Japan) Taken from the 1994 album "Starfish". Buy Here

Rat:Att:Arg - Can We Fix It(Moshi Moshi) This comes from the Moshi Moshi records compilation "Moshi Moshi Singles Club 2004 - 2008" which as you might have already guessed is a collection of tracks released through their singles club over the last couple of years. There's some really good stuff on here from the likes of Slow Club, Late Of The Pier, Dananananaykroyd, The Friendly Fires and the list continues. Well worth the price of admission. Buy Here

Mudhoney - Inside Out Over You (Sub Pop) Taken from the new album "The Lucky Ones". Out 19th May. Buy Here

Tears Run Rings - Waiting For The End (Claire Records) Taken from the fine new album "Always, Sometimes, Seldom, Never". Buy Here

Bang Bang Machine - Geek Love (Parallel) Classic 12" from 1993.

Frightened Rabbit - Fast Blood (Fat Cat) Taken from the album "The Midnight Organ Fight". Buy Here

Kyte - They Won't Sleep (Kids) Taken from the self-titled debut album. Buy Here

Strawberry Whiplash - Who's In Your Dreams (Matinee) One of the best singles so far this year. Buy Here

Surkin - White Night Two (Institubes) Taken from the bands excellent "Next Of Kin" 12" EP.

No Age - Errand Boy (Sub Pop) Another track from the "Nouns" album which will certainly be in our end of year list. Buy Here

Hadouken - Crank It Up (Atlantic) Seems like we've been waiting forever for this album. It's called "Music For An Accelerated Culture". Buy Here

Snuff - In Sickness & In Health (Fat Wreck) Well why not? Originally released in 1990 this fine EP was re-issued through Fat Wreck in 1996. Worth buying just for this track and the brilliant "Shake & Vac" song. Top stuff. Buy Here

Monday, April 28, 2008

John Peel - 21st August 1990

What's the point in having something if you're not going to share it eh? There are tons of old Peel shows just sitting on shelves gathering dust and most of them haven't been heard in years. We at Burning World think this is verging on the brink of criminal so we're going to dust them down give them a big hug and share them with you. The shows will be posted at roughly weekly intervals and I hope you will take the time to download and enjoy them all over again.

The first show we're putting up was originally broadcast on 21st August 1990 and features a session from Crane along with a whole range of wonderfull and exotic gems including The Fall, Pixies and Cutty Ranks amongst others.

Sit back and enjoy the show....

Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Fall - Radio Sessions (Vol 1)

I suppose when you think of The Fall's radio sessions the first thing you think about are The Peel Sessions. Between 1978 and 2004 Peelies favorite band recorded no less than twenty four Peel Sessions and all of them are avaliable on the six CD set "The Complete Peel Sessions" a copy of which I'm sure nestles neatly in the corner of everyones living room. But It wasn't just BBC Radio One which revered Manchester's finest enough to have them in for a session. I think I'm right in saying that these sessions have never been issued commercially and are to my ears every bit as good as any of The Peel Sessions. Volume two should follow at some point next week....

Vera Gronigen Session - 17th May 1981

1. Fit & Working Again
2. Fantastic Life
3. New Face In Hell

David Jensen Session - 1st March 1984

4. Lay Of The Land
5. God Box
6. Oh! Brother
7. C.R.E.E.P.

Janice Long Session - 17th September 1984

8. Stephens Song
9. No Bulbs
10. Draygo's Guilt
11. Slang King

Friday, April 25, 2008

Overdrive (Vol 1)

Ok then let's have a bit of noise and distortion.

Boris - Message (Southern Lord)Taken from the "Message/Floorshaker"EP but this track is also on the bands fine "Smile" album. Buy Here

Extreme Noise Terror - Religion Is Fear (Deathwish Inc) This is taken from a split 7" single which Extreme Noise Terror share with Trap with whom E.N.T. will soon be touring and this single will be avaliable to purchase from these shows.

Holy Fuck - Lovely Allen (Young Turks) This was originally released last year around the time of the bands self-titled debut album. Anyway it's appeared again on 12" vinyl this time around. I think there's a 7" version as well and as far as I can see there's no CD format which speaks volumes don't you think.

Conscript - I've Seen God (Noise Attack) Taken from the split EP Conscript share with Gruuthaagy. Very nice.

The Angelic Process - The Sun In Braids (Profound Lore) This comes from the "Coma Waering" album which was released a couple of years ago. Great sound.

Sutcliffe Jugend - Filth (Cold Spring) When I first heard this album a few days ago I was blown away by it and in particular the extraordinary vocals. Apparently Sutcliffe Jugend have been doing this kind of stuff for years but they're new on me. I'm gonna have to try and track down some of their older stuff although it'll have to go some to be as good as this record. Taken from the new album "Pigdaddy" which will be released on 12th May. Buy Here

No Age - Miner (Sub Pop) Taken from the great new album "Nouns". Out 5th May. Buy Here

Sonic Youth - Confusion Is Next (SST) Just couldn't resist posting a track from this album. One of the best noise albums ever committed to vinyl. "Confusion Is Sex" was originally released back in 1983 and was the first album release by Sonic Youth who are still very much active today although it's been quite some time since they produced anything quite up to this standard. Buy Here

Flying Saucer Attack - Still (Vhf)

Duchess Says - Tenen Non Neu (Alien 8) My new favorite band. I don't know anything about them but who cares. This album is simply tremendous although it's not schedueled for release until 26th August. Pre-Order yours now cos without these sounds your life is incomplete. Buy Here

Maybe She Will - Ixnay On The Autoplay (Field) Taken from the Leicester bands new "Not For The Want Of Trying" EP. Out 12th May. Buy Here

Loop - Arc Lite (Chapter 22) Taken from the 1989 album "A Gilded Eternity". Buy Here

Black Pus - Kharma Burn (Diarreah)Taken from the album "All Aboard The Magic Pus". From what I can make out Black Pus is basically Brian Chippendale's (Lightning Bolt) solo work.

Fuck Buttons - Colours Move (ATP) No noise playlist would be complete without a track from what is possibly the best album of 2008 so far. Crank it up!! Buy Here

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Wedding Present - Sweden 1987

This is probably the best Wedding Present bootleg I've heard. The Wedding Present formed in Leeds in 1985 and released their first album, the classic "George Best" the following year through Reception Records. This set was recorded on the tour which promoted that classic release which was re-issued last year in extended form. If you've never heard the early Weddo's this is a good place to start. . This set sums up the early Weddo's perfectly, tons of energy, enthusiasm and great songs. David Gedge even has a crack at speaking in Swedish. Classic...

1. You Should Always Keep In Touch With Your Friends
2. Why Are You Being So Reasonable Now
3. Nobody's Twisting Your Arm
4. A Million Miles
5. What Did Your Last Servant Die Of
6. Everyone Thinks He Looks Daft
7. I'm Not Always So Stupid
8. Anyone Can Make A Mistake

Monday, April 21, 2008

Gig view 17.04.08


The resident writer has put pen to paper and fingers to keys and tapped out this gig review.
A great night of entertainment eagerly awaited the Bradford Theatre.
I'd been looking forward to this event for weeks and it did not disappoint in any way.
This old prestigious theatre was a great venue for live entertainment and apparently a dream to play in.
So on with the gig.....................................The first band to perform was the local band know as ULTCULT who were a great start to the nights live music.The experimental pop band was full of catchy melodies and up-lifting songs.The gifted quintet were great to watch and made me look forward to seeing them again soon.
The second band to do battle with the stage were Nottingham's finest live act, the LOVVERS.
What can I say this band was great to see live and well worth the entrance fee and the travel to see them.I love bands who make an effort to make a lot of noise and they achieved this, in bundles!
And the last to come on stage was Cardiff's punky pop band LOS CAMPESINOS!
This band are a multi-talented seven piece wonder. With their idealistic lyrics and punky-flowery creative music. They created a unique live performance which made my evening.

All in all a fabulous gig with great versatility and wondrous sounds in majestic surroundings.

Lovvers - Wasted Youth

ultCult - Saphire Memories

Los Campesinos! - Police Story

Playlist 59

Twenty of the best for you this week. Some great stuff around at the moment and there seems to be a lot more dubby electro this year which is no bad thing at all. Vinyl sales continue to rise as CD sales continue to fall! I remember fifteen years ago people within the industry were predicting the imminent death of vinyl and in particular the seven inch single. I wonder what they would have said if they had known that in fifteen years time vinyl sales would actually be up and CD sales in huge decline. Personally I believe the reason is, and certainly for me that whether you have an album on CD or audio files in your computer makes very little difference so you might as well download it from i-tunes or wherever your preference is, but vinyl... well that's a different bag of kippers entirely. If you by a record, be it a seven inch or twelve inch you really feel like you've got something. A beautiful piece of work which feels great when you handle it and looks even better when it's spinning round on the turntable. Certainly if a record is available on vinyl that's the format I always plum for. In this weeks playlist there are no less than seven tracks ripped from vinyl which is always about the average. Besides, it just sounds better....

On another note Mr Vincent has joined Burning World and his first post will hopefully be up in the next few days. If anyone else would like to be a contributor to this site please get in touch.

1. Disconcerts - Window Shopper (Self-Released) Another track from their new "Ships In Bottles" EP. Disconcerts have a few gigs coming up at which I'm sure they would love to see you:-

9th May - Southampton, The King Alfred
10th May - London, Beyond Retro
11th May - Bognor, White Horse
31st May - Chichester - Bully The Ugly Girls @ Chi Inn

2. Random Movement - Believe No Other (Westbay International) 12" Vinyl Buy Here
3. Mudy On The Sakuban - Kau's () Taken from the album "VOI".
4. Double Negative - Raw Energy (Sorry State) Taken from the California artists new "Sorry State" EP.
5. Evol Intent - Real Talk (Evol Intent) 12" Vinyl Buy Here
6. Maps - To The Sky (M83 Remix) (Sonic Cathedral) This track is one side of a 7" single. On the other you get a Maps remix of "We Own The Sky" by M83. Buy Here
7. Isosceles - Watertight (Art Goes Pop) The B side of the current single "Kitch Bitch". In fact I think It's probably meant to be a double a side. Either way great track and you can hear another version of it further down this page where you will find the session Isosceles recently did for Vic Galloway at BBC Scotland. Well worth a listen. Buy Here
8. Then Dof - Untitled Track 2 (Mobeer) Cute little 3" CD thingamajig. I love 3" CD's and wish there were more of them around. I think this is quite hard to get hold of so I'll play more tracks from it in future programs. The album/EP appears to be called "Untitled Part A" and contains six tracks of extraordinary sounds.
9. Gentle Friendly - Ride Symbols (My Space) According to the bands My Space page Gentle Friendly consist of just two members who do everything. I really like the sound of this band. Well worth checking out.
10. Kazyo - Teenage Bad Girl Is Dead (Archibell) Title track from the new 12" EP. Buy Here
11. The Tinklers - Don't Put Your Finger In The Fan (Shimmy Disc) They never fail to make you smile do they. Taken from the album "Casserole" which was originally released back in 1990 on Kramer's Shimmy Disc label. It's interesting to note that "Casserole" was actually The Tinklers debut album despite the band having been together since 1979! I guess some people just take a while to get their shit together. Fortunately the album was re-issued on CD in 1993 and really should have a place in everyone's collection. The Tinklers did go on to release another three albums, "Saplings" in 1991 (which if memory serves contains the brilliant "Trees Like To Rot In The Forest") "Crash" in 1993 and finally "Slowpoke" in 1998 which I don't have a copy of. The one you need though is "Casserole" and you can find one HERE
12. Ham Sandwich - Keepsake (Route 109) Taken from the album "Carry The Meek".
13. South Central - Golden Dawn (Bloody Beetroots Remix) (Holiphonic)
14. Flowers Forever - Smash The Cool (Team Love) Taken from the bands self-titled debut album. Buy Here
15. Buddy Peace - Collapse Suite, Autumn 1974 (Part 1) (MYUZYK) This is a track from an album which you can download in it's entirety absolutely free. It's called "Inspired By Boards Of Canada" which may give you a small clue to the kind of thing which lurks within.
16. Brutal Knights - My Life, My Fault (Spin The Bottle) Lead track from the Toronto bands rather good new EP.
17. Pacific UV - Waiting (Warm Electronic) Taken from the album "Longplay 2". Buy Here
18. Black Kids - I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance (Mercury) I know there are plenty of other people writing about Black Kids, and quite rightly... so all I'm going to say is catch them while they're still relatively untouched. Strange things tend to happen to bands when the corporate machine gets hold of them. Something to do with heads and arses. I'm not saying for a minute this will happen with Black Kids, I'm just saying it usually does. Buy Here
19. Iroha - Touch
20. Gloria Cycles - Vegas (Muddy Baker Remix) (A&G)

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Damn Shames - BBC Scotland Session 5th December 2007

While we're doing loads of Scottish stuff I think this band is well worth a listen. Damn Shames come from Edinburgh and to my knowledge have released two single to date. Their first release was a 7" single called "Dancing In The Aisles" which was released through Golden Eagle Recordings. I'm not sure if there are any copies still avaliable but if you have a gander HERE you may well find out. Don't despair if you can't find one though because the lead track is on Mr Vincent's "North Of The Border" compilation which you can downoad further down this page. The band's second single "Fear Of Assault" was released a couple of months ago on XL records for whom the band have signed an album deal.
This session was originally broadcast on BBC Scotland on 5th December last year and contains a version of "Fear Of Assault". My favorite track though is the last one, "Sex & Scenary" is quality.
I've included a fifth track in the download which is actually nothing to do with the session but is a brilliant remix of "Fear Of Assault" which was apparently done by some geezer called Liam.

Damn Shames have a couple of dates coming up:-

19th April : London, Camden Crawl
3rd May : Edinburgh, Henry's Cellar Bar (with Panther & I Fly Spitfires DJs)
17th May : Brighton, The Great Escape

Matt Dreary - Vocals/Guitar
Simon Richardson - Vocals/Guitar
Jacob Burns - Bass

1. Fear Of Assault
2. Jigsaw
3. Last Things
4. Sex & Scenery

5. Fear Of Assault (remix)

Friday, April 18, 2008

Isosceles - BBC Scotland Session 17th April 2008

This is a great session. It was broadcast live on BBC Scotland just the other night. The second Isosceles single "Kitch Bitch" a version of which appears here will be released as a 7" next week on the mighty Art Goes Pop label. I saw them in York just the other week and they were brill. One of the best bands in an unbelievably good Scottish scene. They have a few dated coming up :-

27th April - Dundee, Doghouse
29th April - Edinburgh, Caberet Voltaire
19th July - Oban, Dunstaffnage Music Festival

Catch em if you can.

1. Threw You Out
2. Watertight
3. I.S.O.S.C.E.L.E.S.
4. Kitch Bitch

Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Fall - Live At The Iron Works

I just couldn't resist it. Let's face it you can't have too much Fall and with the new album to be released next week it seems only right that we enjoy another gig from the current tour. Personally I think The Fall are sounding fantastic this year although exactly how long this line-up will last is anybody's guess. This was recorded live at The Iron Works in Inverness on 27th March and is a great recording. This is the sound of The Fall in full flow and this rendition of "50 Year Old Man" is exquisit. The new album "Imperial Wax Solvent" is in my opinion excellent although almost everyone I've spoke to seem to have a different opinions about it which I suppose is a good thing. The album should be avaliable from next week and can be purchased HERE

1. Intro
2. Is This New
3. Wings
4. Pacifying Joint
5. Fall Sound
6. 50 Year Old Man
7. Wolf Kidult Man
8. Latch Key Kid
9. Mountain Energei
10. Reformation
11. Tommy Shooter
12. I've Been Duped
13. Blindness
14. Outro

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Let's have a natter. The new Live Chat facility is avaliable and well... good

The Orb Vs The Freeze

This was given away as a free CD with the March issue of Freeze Magazine in Greece. It's basically one long mix and is another top mix from Dr Alex Paterson. The Dr also does a short interview in the magazine which goes......

Freeze: Which was the best “The Orb” line up?

Alex: They all had their magic tracks; Andy Hughes had a very good “Wall Of Sound”. Everyone who participated in appearances in “Live Bass and Drums” was equally very “funky”. As for the rest members, with so many gigs they could go back to clubland, where all things started with Orb back in ’88.

Freeze: Do you remember any of your sets in Greece, and what is your current style like?

Alex: I played a minimal set with a pinch of reggae, but I don’t remember when and where… and it was really hot there!!! For the time, I play Orb/Reggae/Hip Hop.

Freeze: Introduce us to the new album from The Orb… track by track…

Alex: There are 15 new tracks on “The Dream”. We explore new sound and rhythms, and of course we use carefully selected vocals! We have 4 new singers and some old school reunions in the same project. Aki Omori, The Corpral, Juliette Roberts and Andy Kane for vocalists. Greg Hunter and returned back providing mixes, and of course the main parts of The Orb team are… Youth, Tim Bran, and myself. Also in our live performances we have The Corpral and David Nock at drums… Listen to CD with an old-school-like way!

Freeze: You have played in many different places of the world… which of all you consider the most fantastic?

Alex: Mount Fuji in Japan!!! But also Nepal is something like meeting God Himself!

Freeze: Little Fluffy Clouds… Is there a story behind this track?

Alex: There is no hidden story… only the fact that there was me and Youth, making music for the first time together. We had some selected samples, and of course this incredible vocal sample… They were all unbelievable!!! “The Orb” is a project with collaborations with huge names… Like Steve Hillage, who is also back in “The Dream”… and there is an old school feeling. They have all contributed their genius in each track… Too many line ups in 20+ years.

Freeze: Do you believe that digital releases will devastate other formats? CDs are dead or not?

Alex: They have already done it. “Records are dead, long live records”!!!
Freeze: Tell us a few things about the CD you give away to our readers…Alex: Listen to old and new sounds by “The Orb” with new arrangements, unreleased and just for you, take it with you to the beach, in your car, wherever! Play this CD under groovy situations and you will remember me!

Freeze: How do you feel being one of the pioneers in music?

Alex: This is just for me. You can only wonder! I feel normal inside me and I don’t let it take my mind away…

Freeze: Describe us an ordinary day from Alex Patterson’s life…Alex: You really don’t need this! Yesterday in Berlin, tomorrow in Japan… I try to make a million things at the same time… I hope this is enough.

01. The Orb - Dark Star Intro
02. The Orb - Plateau (All Hands On 2 AM Mix) [unreleased]
03. Bill Taylor - Benson Arizona
04. The Orb - Hold Me Tight Version 2 [unreleased]
05. The Orb - Hold Me Tight Version 1 [unreleased]
06. Zulu Chant - Version
07. The Orb - The Truth Is
08. The Orb - Phantom of Ukraine
09. Bounty Killa - Many Gal
10. The Upsetters - Sipple Dub
11. The Orb - Tower Twenty Three
12. Madorb - Hole in The Sky
13. The Orb - U Make Me Outro

Playlist 58

Well the move to the new site has not gone as well as planned. Some major bandwith issues and a whole bucketfull of technical problems mean that we're still here. Why is nothing simple?

1. Rakoon - Warrior Dub (Dub Bullet) 12" Vinyl
2. Blank Dogs - Meltdown Cloud () Taken from the album "On Two Sides" which the band are giving away as a free dowload from their blog. In fact they're giving away their entier back catalogue so get over there and fill yer boots.
3. Woodhands - Dancer (Paper Bag) Taken from the album "Heart Attack". Buy Here
4. The Constantines - Shower Of Stones (Arts & Crafts) Taken from the forthcoming album "Kensington Heights" which will be released through Arts & Crafts on 23rd June. Buy Here
5. Carsick Cars - Warm Up (Self Released) Seems like a while since I played anything from the Carsicks. Taken from the Beijing bands quality self-titled debut album which I know is not the easiest to find but it is well worth the search.
Carsick Cars will be appearing at ATP Vs Pitchfork fesival at Camber Sands on 10th May. This is probably the only fesival this year which I really really really want to go to, unfortunately I can't so that's that then. I'm not going to moan about it....much.
6. Panda Riot - Plateau (Disk Union) I can't believe I missed this one. This album has been on the i-pod pretty much constantly for the last three days. It's called "She Dares All Things" and is apparently a collection of the Chicago bands singles, none of which I own. This record was actually released at the end of last year and I'm gutted it's taken me this long to find it. Buy Here 7. Easy All Stars - Until That Day (Easy Star) Title track from the bands new EP.
8. Pheek - Soyouz Retour (Toys For Boys) Taken from the "Substucture EP". Buy Here
9. Birchville Cat Motel - White Petal Carpet (Conspiracy) Taken from the album "Four Freckle Constellation". Buy Here
10. Atomic Hooligan - Spread Good Vibes (Botchit & Scarper) Taken from the new album "Sex Drugs & Blah Blah Blah" which is sure to brighten up your day. Unless of course you're a York City supporter in which misery is the only answer judging by the season we've had this year. Buy Here
11. The Last Army - Submit To The Chemical (Self Released) The Last Army come from London and on the 21st April will be playing a special gig in celebration of the release of a song called "Dead". Anyway this gig will take place at their apparently secret headquaters in "Punk" which I'm told can be found at 14 Soho Street, London, W1. The cost of admission is totally free if you e-mail your names to management@thelastarmy.co.uk otherwise it's going to cost you a fiver on the door. Oh and apart from The Last Army you'll also be able to enjoy the sounds of Me, My Head and The Art Goblins, neither of which I'm familiar with but if anyone want's to send me a CD...........
12. Scuba - Ruptured (Hot Flush) Taken from the album "A Mutual Antipathy". Buy Here
13. Slurp Dogs - Chesterfields Of Fire (Sloow Tapes) Taken from the album "Postal Licks" which is another one of those limited edition cassette releases which seem to be increasing in popularity.
14. The Chesterfields - Nose Out Of Joint (Damaged Goods) Well ok so it was a little bit predictable. Taken from the Chesterfields compilation "Electric Guitars In Their Hearts". Buy Here
15. The Ladies - I'm The Worst (Riff Raff) This is total quality. It's about time someone kicked the attitude back into punk instead of it being the domain of middle class college kids. This is more like it.
16. Jah Melody - Rude Boy Anthem (Promo)
17. Muscles - Ice Cream (Modular)
New Single
18. Brincando De Deus - My Pillow Book (Self)
19. Kromestar - Budwise (Dubting) Lovely 12" Vinyl. The B side "Heavy Mental" is quality as well.
20. Herman Dune - I'd Rather Walk Than Run (Source) They just never let you down do they. This is one of five tracks on their latest EP "I Wish I Could See You Soon". Buy Here

Monday, April 14, 2008

North Of The Border

This was all Mr Vincent's idea. A series of regional playlists showcasing new and exiting bands from different parts of the UK. Vince has decided to start with Scotland and I must say the ten tracks he has selected are seriously good. The one I keep coming back to is "Yorkshire" by Nacional. This is the first track I've heard by the Glasgow five piece who apparently are signed to the mighty Art Goes Pop label along with fellow Scots Isosceles anongst others.

1. Dirty Summer - Friday Night At The JJB (Unsigned) My Space
2. Copy Haho - Cutting Out The Bad (Unsigned) My Space
3. Isosceles - Get Your Hands Off (Art Goes Pop) This was the first single from the Glasweigan quartet released on 7" a while back. The bands new single "Kitch Bitch" which featured in a recent playlist is utterly fantastic and will be released through the equally brilliant Art Goes Pop label on 21st April. Buy Here
4. We Were Promised Jetpacks - Quiet Little Voices (Unsigned) Bebo Page
5. Dananananaykroyd - 1993 (Holy Roar) Taken from the "Sissy Hits" EP which seems to have been around for ages and yet is scedueled for release on 9th June. I'm sure this EP first appeared last year, then again there's every chance I just dreamed it. Buy Here
6. The Xcerts - Listen Don't Panic (Mannequin Republic) This track is one of three on the Aberdeen trio's new single "Do You Feel Safe" which is released this very week.
7. There Will Be Fireworks - Talking Backwards (Unsigned) My Space
8. Damn Shames - Dancing In The Aisles (Golden Eagle Recordings) I think this track was released last year as a 7" single. Sounds good to me.
9. Nacional - Yorkshire (Art Goes Pop) I think this track sounds excellent. I don't know if they have released anything yet but you can bet your left butt cheek I'm gonna find out. My Space
10. Zoey Van Goey - We All Hide In Basements (Unsigned) My Space

Saturday, April 12, 2008

The Would Be's - Peel Session 19th March 1990

The Would Be's were one of those bands who could have done so much more. They were four kids from Ireland (Dublin I think, but I could be wrong) who released one of the best singles of 1990. Their debut single "I'm Hardly Ever Wrong" reached number 12 in that years Festive 50.Unfortunatly the band only released one more single, a four track e.p. called "Silly Songs For Cynical People" before breaking up in 1991. I did hear from someone that the band re-formed a couple of years ago so if anyone has any more information about that I'd really like to know.

Julie McDonnell - Vocals
Aidin O'Reilly - Trombone/Tenor Saxophone
Mattie Finnegan - Lead Guitar
Paul Finnegan - Guitar
Eamonn Finnegan - Bass
Pascal Smith - Drums
1. Must It Be
2. Funny Ha Ha
3. My Radio Sounds Different In The Dark
4. All This Rubbish Is True

Friday, April 11, 2008

Playlist 57

Two playlists in one week? What is the world coming to?
Tunes Tunes and more TUNES!!!!!!!!

Well after all this is what it's all about. Some blinding stuff in this one including a track from the brand new Disconcerts EP which has made my week.

1. Lovvers - Search For God (Jonson Family) This is the b side of the recent 7" single from Lovvers who I'm looking forward to seeing next week when they support Los Campesinos! in Bradford.
2. Air Waves - Shine On (Catbird)
3. The House Of Love - Shine On (Fontana)
I used to quite like The House Of Love at one point. The debut album was totally brilliant and the second, from which this track is taken was nearly as good. The problem was they weren't able to hit quite the same heights with their later work. Buy Here
4. Dubchild - Mount Zion (Distance Remix) (Storming Productions) 12" Vinyl. Buy Here
5. Shit & Shine - Charm & Counter Charm (Southern) Another track from the great new album "Cherry". Out next week. Buy Here
6. Disconcerts - Selsey Bill (Self Released) At last, a new EP from Chichesters finest. There are three great tracks on here and you can sample the lot on the bands My Space Page. I really need to see them live as soon as possible.
7. Industrial Terror Squad - Freedoomed (Arena) This little gem comes from a 12" called the "First Strike Policy EP" which I think is a French Import. I really love the samples and I wish I could get my hands on more hardcore of this calibre. The B side is pretty good as well, a track called "Worldwide Attack". BANGIN' (as we used to say) Buy Here
8. Ham Sandwich - St. Christopher (Route 109) Taken from the Irish bands debut album "Carry The Meek".
9. St. Christopher - You Deserve More Than A Maybe (Sarah) St. Christopher came from my home town of York. Someone did tell me that they still play and record but I don't know if that's just a dirty rumour. They certainly released some great records though during their time on the legendary Sarah Records. This was one of their earliest releases back in 1989.
10. Surkin - Kid Gloves (Institubes) I think I've fallen in love with this 12" EP! Surkin come from Paris but sound really British, if there is such a thing as a British sound. The EP is called "Next Of Kin" and as far as I know is avaliable now although I know not where. They have a few dates coming up on this side of the channel:-
---2nd May - London - Ins999 @ Fabric
---9th May - Manchester - Bugged Out
---28th June - London - Together @ Scala
11. Claire Angel - Song Of The Lord (Rootspirit) 7" single. Buy Here
12. Dancing Mice - Wounded Women (Squeak Audio) Taken from the album "Eroded".
13. Soundpool - The Divides Of March (Aloft) Taken from the album "Dichotomies & Dreamland" which is the debut album from the New York five piece.
14. The Nightjars - Second Guess (Reveal) This comes from a mini album which came out towards the back end of last year called "Towards Light" and I managed to miss it completely so many thanks to Ollie for being kind enough to send me a copy. Great stuff. Buy Here
15. Logistics - 96 (Hospital) Taken from the album "Reality Checkpoint". Buy Here
16. Seal Beach - In Dramatic Depths, Twinking Pale Ocean
17. Conscript - I've Seen God (Noise Attack)
Another blistering track from the EP which they share with Gruuthaagy.
18. Caustic Window - Popcorn (Rephlex) Taken from the "Joyrex J4" EP originally issued in 1992. Richard James at his finest!
19. Resplandour - Breath () Taken from the new album "Pleamar" which is apparently their third album.
20. Rusko - Gone Too Far (Sub Soldiers) 12" Vinyl.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Playlist 56

Another fine selection for you this week. I think we're going to have to have to start publishing these playlists even more frequently because there is just so much good stuff around at the moment it's impossible to fit it all into just twenty tracks week and there are so many new bands and artists who simply aren't getting heard.
To change the subject completely we are looking into the possibility of putting some bands on in York. Obviously things are at a very early stage but if any bands would be interested in playing at such an event please get in touch and we'll see if we can get something together.
Right then I think that's it for the time being ...oh before I forget please use the
forum to let us know what you're listening to or if there is anything in particular you want to see (or hear) on the site, to talk about football or even which are your favorite biscuits.

1. Daniel Bless - Pure (Promo)
2. The Tough Alliance - No Violence (Playground)
3. The Fall - I've Been Duped (Castle)
From the latest Fall masterpiece "Imperial Wax Solvent". Buy Here
4. Brincando De Deus - The Best On You
5. Boris - Floorshaker (Southern Lord)
This is the latest offering from the Japanese noise merchants. There seems to be quite a scene in Japan at the moment for this kind of stuff and long may it continue. Quite Excellent.
6. The Notwist - Alphabet (City Slang) Taken from the new album "The Devil, You & Me". 7. Renegade Soundwave - Probably A Robbery (Mute) Ok, so it sounds a tad dated these days but it's still the only song I know of to use the word "skulduggery".
8. Hallelujah The Hills - Cataloguing Candy's Demise (Download) This is a track from the bands new EP which is called "Prepare To Qualify" all of which can be downloaded for free from the bands website HERE.
9. Herman Dune - I Wish I Could See You Soon (Source) This is a track you may well already be familiar with as it was one of the highlights of the brilliant "Giant" album from what seems like ages ago now. Anyway it's now being released as part of a new Herman Dune ep and it still sounds great. There's another great track on here as well called "I'd Rather Walk Than Run" which I'll put in a future program. Buy Here
10. Popof - Chicken Flavour (Turbo) 12" Vinyl. Fingerlickin' good....
11. Fire Star - Put It Down (Promo)
12. Disconcerts - 73 (My Space)
This is a brand new track from the brilliant Disconcerts which is available on their My Space page. There is a new EP called "Ships In Bottles", a track from which will be in the next program.
13. The Indelicates - Our Daughters Will Never Be Free (Weekender) You may recall we first featured The Indelicates on Burning World last year with their great pop single "Julie We Don't Live In The 60's". Well now they have completed their debut album "American Demo" which will be released through Weekender Records next week. Highly recommended, it even cheered me up (a bit) after York City's 1-6 drubbing at the hands of Crawley last week. Possibly the most embarrassing result in the clubs history. Buy Here
14. Laromlab - Phat & Phunky (Pt1) (Mushpot)
15. Still Crescent - Violet Gloaning (Make Mine Music)
This comes from a CD called "The Railway Terminus, The October Twilight, The Circulatory System" which is apparently limited to just fifty copies. Get one while you can. Buy Here
16. The Rice Twins - For Penny & Alexis (Kompact) This is the other side of that Orb 12" I played you in the last playlist. Buy Here
17. John Ralston - White Spiders () Title track from John Ralston's new EP
18. Action Painting - Laying The Lodger (Damaged Goods) 7" single on beautiful white vinyl.
19. Twin Tigers - If (Self-Released) Taken from the EP "Curious Faces/Violet Future". Out 10th June. Buy Here
20. Conscript - Tangshan 76 (Noise Attack) I could listen to this all day. In fact I might!

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Playlist 55

Here we go then another twenty of the best. I really don't feel like talking today because my stomach feels like it's got a whole army of badgers bouncing around in it. I wonder if it might have something to do with the brown sauce I put on my fish & chips the oher day which was best before sometime in 2004.
Anyway enjoy the tunes and don't forget to pop over to the
forum for a natter.

1. Distimia - Never Again (Wicked Area) Taken from the e.p. “Breakcore Hates Girls”.
2. Kim Gordon & Thurston Moore - Come Across (?)
3. Sarandon - The Completists Library (Slumberland)
This little gem comes from the new Sarandon album “Kill Twee Pop” which is utterly fantastic and will be avaliable from 28th April. Buy Here
4. 65daysofstatic - Dance Parties (Mechanised) Taken from the Sheffield bands new E.P. “The Distant & Mechanical Sound Of Eastern European Dance Parties” which will be released through Monotreme on 7th April. Buy Here
5. The Fall - 50 Year Old Man (Castle) The new album “Imperial Wax Solvent” hits the shops on 28th April and once again we can worship at the alter of Mark E. Smith. I think it’s a better record than last years “Reformation” album which itself was no slouch. This track is definitely one of the highlights of the new record and sees Smith at his lyrical best. Buy Here
6. Mr King - Never Do You That (Promo)
7. Jakes - Titan (H.E.N.C.H) 12″ vinyl.
Buy Here
8. Shit & Shine - Am I A Nice Guy (Southern) Taken from the superb new album “Cherry”. Out 14th April. Buy Here
9. Air Waves - Lightning (Catbird) Taken from the Brooklyn bands new five track e.p. Buy Here
10. My Disco - An Even Sun (Stomp) Produced by the legendary Steve Albini this record has some of the best guitar sounds you’ll hear this year and this track is particularly monsterous. It comes from the Melbourne bands second album “Paradise” which seems to have taken up residence on my i-pod. I read a review somewhere which said that this album is quite minimal compared with the first. If that’s the case I really will make an effort to track that elusive debut down. Buy Here
11. Emperor - My Lady (Promo)
12. Algernon Cadwallader - Motivational Song ()
Taken from the album “Some Kind Of Cadwallader”. There seems to be some kind of buzz about this band at moment....oh wait....no....it's just my tinitus playing up again.
13. Chapterhouse - Pearl (Dedicated) Another request from Mr Vincent. It’s always good to hear this record again. The album “Whirlpool” was re-issued in 2006 through Cherry Red with quite a few extra tracks. The early Chapterhouse stuff really was quite special but I just wish they had split up after the first album instead of spending the next few years churning out what I though was sub-standard material. I think sometimes bands just can’t see when it’s time to call it a day and do something different. I mean just look at The Charlatans to take one example. Back in 1990 they were the dogs gonads. Eighteen years later they’re still at it and their new album is so stale it makes the bread in my cupboard look edible.
14. Shameboy - Heartcore (DIM Remix) (541) Another beautifully manufactured slab of vinyl.
15. Revolution - Who Do You Think You Are (Make Moves Studio) Taken from the album “Fyah Everywhere”. Nice sleeve!
16. Lovvers - Laughing Man (Jonson Family) Latest 7″ single from the mighty Lovvers. I think this might have been around for a while but I’ve only just got a copy of it, or to be more precise Vince has only just got a copy for me. I’m looking forward to seeing these later in the month when they will be supporting Los Campesinos! in Bradford. I hope Lovvers have a t-shirts for sale because my whole body yearns to be decorated with Lovvers. I think it was Vince who was wondering if there’s going to be a Lovvers album. I kind of hope not really because I’d prefer them to keep on releasing 7″ ep’s instead, still no-one ever listens to me so I expect the album will be just around the corner.
17. Why? - Close To Me (?) Yes it is that one…..
18. The Orb - God Less America/Gorgeous (Kompact) This comes from a 12″ issued last year on which you get The Orb on one side and The Rice Twins on the other. Somehow I managed to miss it at the time but better late than never.
19. Our Sleepless Forest - White Bird (Resonant) Taken from the bands self-titled debut album. Out 28th April. Buy Here
20. Tokyo Police Club - Nursey Academy (Memphis Industries) Taken from the album “Elephant Shell” which is growing on me in quite a big way. Out 5th May. Buy Here FILE REMOVED