Thursday, March 13, 2008

Sarandon - Kill Twee Pop

Kill Twee Pop? Seems a strange thing to say when your signed to a label responsible for some of the twee'est moment in twee history. Perhaps they're working on it from the inside and soon Slumberland will be a twee free zone. Either way this is a record you won't forget in a hurry not least because it comes on a lovely ten inch slab of blue vinyl which looks ever so pretty (but not twee) rotating on the turntable. Slumberland say this is the bands debut album but I'm almost sure there was an album a couple of years ago. Much like The Fall they seem to change band members on a fairly frequent basis. The album starts as it means to go on with the angst fueled title track "Kill Twee Pop" the geezer shouts in a demented fashion. I have to say it sounds great cranked up as loud as your system will allow although I got the impression my neighbours disagree when they started banging on the walls. Oh well, perhaps they like twee pop!

Kill Twee Pop! will be released on April 22 on 10" blue vinyl, digital download and CD. Buy Here