Sunday, March 09, 2008

The Primitives - The Coventry Demo's

This is a re-post by popular request, well one person has asked for it anyway and why not because I think these demo's are great. This is The Primitives at their best, around the time of the recording of their first few singles which were bundled together on an album called "Lazy 86-88" at some point but I think that too may take some finding now. These demo's were recorded on 31st October 1985 in Coventry oddly enough. I mean how good did they sound before the hype set in.

1. Thru The Flowers
2. Crash
3. All The Way Down
4. Thru The Flowers (different version)
5. Spacehead
6. As Tears Go By
7. Across My Shoulder
8. Stop Killing Me
9. Shadow
All of the early Primitives works can be found on the excellent "Primitives Anthology" compilation cd. Buy Here


  1. Weren't they from Coventry, hence why they may have recorded their demos there?
    Anyway, great post. They were good back in those days, and went downhill almost as soon as fame beckoned after Crash went massive. 1988 playing big venues, a few years later back on the toilet circuit.

  2. Anonymous7:49 pm

    is there any chance of these tracks being re-uploaded? I'd love to hear them! First heard about the band when i picked up Sounds with the EP with 'Nothing Left' on it, back in 1987 I think!

  3. I second the above comments! A re-posting would be really welcome when you have some time. Christ, but don't you have some cool stuff!!!