Thursday, March 06, 2008

Playlist 50

So we've made it to our half century of playlists and I think this is one of the best. There isn't a featured artist this week for reasons which I'm not going to go into here but there are some great tracks. The band who have probably taken up the most time on the Burning World i-pod this week is a band from Beijing called Carsic Cars. Their self-titled debut album is just mint. There's a good chance that they will be featured artist on Playlist 52. Anyway I hope you find something you like on this one. Please go over to the forum let us know what you think or if you have any questions.

1. The Breeders - Walk It Off (4AD) Taken from the new album “Mountain Battles”. Out 7th April. Buy Here
2. Belong - Late Night (St Ives) This is a fantastic e.p. Four tracks, all cover versions of 60s Psychedelic tracks. Not that you would possinbly recognise any of them from these versions. This track was originally done by Syd Barrett. Buy Here
3. Ladies On Mars - Munna (Thorntree) This is a track from a German compilation cd simply entitled “Minimal Club Sessions Vol 1″. I’m not sure how widely avaliable is is but there’s some great stuff on here.
4. Bubblegum Lemonade - The Tomorrow People (Matinee) Taken from the new e.p. “Ten Years Younger”. Buy Here
5. The Takeovers - Little Green Onion Man (Off) Title track from the Portland band’s new ep. Buy Here
6. Decomposure - Hour 2 (Blank Squirral Musics) Taken from the album “Vertical Lines”. Buy Here
7. Moose - Jack (Hut) A classic and no mistake. Taken from the “Jack” 12″ e.p. released back in 1991.
8. Mes Memoires - A Picture, A Person (Unsigned) Mes Memoires come from Southampton and this track is from a c.d. Vince picked up while when they were supporting The Delays in York a couple of weeks ago. Apparently there is going to be a proper e.p. released in the not too distant future.
9. Sea Dweller - Underwater Town (Upsidedown) Title track from the Italian outfit’s debut e.p. I have no idea where you could pick up a copy of this record which was released last month. I’ll have a scout about this week and see if I can find a retailer because you really should own a copy of this.
10. Joe Jean & The Jing Jang Jong - Lonely Bouy (Vertigo) New Single. Out 10th March.
11.Polarkreis 18 - Operation Sun (Motor Music) Taken from the Dresden bands fine debut album. Buy Here
12. The Black Keys - Lies (Nonesuch) The new Black Keys album is called “Attack & Release” and for me is their best work for years. Out 1st April. Buy Here
13. Naked Souls - Winter Kills Me (Lost) Taken from the 1995 album “Shady Ways Anticlockwise”.
14. Kyte - Home (Kids) Kyte just might be one of the bands to keep an eye on this year. This track comes from the bands rather snazzy self-titled debut album which is avaliable now and can be purchased from their My Space Page.
15. Earth - Engine Of Ruin (Southern Lord) Taken from the album “The Bees Made Honey In The Lions Skull”. Buy Here
16. Sam Gillespie - Plastic Summer (Unsigned)
17. Fuck Buttons - Bloody Little Shoulder (ATP)
I think this is the only Fuck Buttons track which has been released and doesn’t appear on the “Street Horrrsing” album. This track is the b-side of their “Bright Tomorrow” single. The album will finally hit the streets on 17th March. Buy Here
18. Carsick Cars - Stick (Self-Released) Really getting into this record. It’s actually been around for some months but I’ve only just got a copy. Extraordinary stuff. Carsick Cars will be playing at the ATP Vs Pitchfork festival at Camber Sands on 10th May. You’ll be hearing lot’s more from these in these programs that’s for sure.
19. Deckmonster - Miss U (Super Flu & Ron Flatter Remix) (Thorntree) Another track from the “Minimal Club Sessions” compilation.
20. Zombie Zombie - Texas Rangers (Versatile) Taken from the album “A Land For Renegades”. Out 3rd March.


  1. trave1er5:38 am

    Breeders -Kim and Kelly of the Pixies, its good to hear her familiar voice.

    Ladies on mars sounds like my irregular heartbeat, kinda scary. I'm guessing it's Spanish.

    Bubblegum Lemonade's Tomorrow People is pleasant for me because I was just listening to the Byrd's second album, how serendipitous!

    My friend grows onions that have been passed down for generations in his family, the Takeovers, along with bubblegums, sound like they are playing something passed down from the 60s. IF you didn't tell me otherwise I would have sworn these guys were from your side of the pound. That's no problem with me, i can never get enough of that stuff on my plate.

    Decomposure sounds white, werd. I'd like to see him nama.

    shoegaze coming after rap is what my father's friend Toots would call a pressure drop. MmmmMMMmmmM Yeah =)

    Polarkreis 18 is emo-electro? Should i trust my feelings?

    Sam Gillespie is somebody I want to know more about, unfortunately his myspace is rather sparse, no events =(.

    Carsick Cars is indeed extraordinary. Guess they have to be if they are the best from china.

    Thank you very much burning world!