Saturday, March 29, 2008

Novak - Peel Session 14th April 1999 >>>Request<<<

Novak formed in Birmingham around 1996. Their debut single "Silver Seas" was released as a seven inch through Earworm Records in November 1996 and if I remember correctly the early copies came in some kind of cloth sleeve. Just the kind of marketing that I always fall for. Next came a string of perfectly good singles on the Choosy label before the bands one and only album appeared in April 1999. This session was first broadcast a couple of weeks before the album was released and presents the band at the peak of their powers. You would have thought then that this session would contain four tracks from the album in a bid to promote the record but in true Peel Session fashion actually contains two new tracks which as far as I'm aware have never seen the light of day. Novak's was short and sweet, something i'm never sure about in music, I mean is it better to release a set of great singles, produce a brilliant debut and then combust or ....
Anyway enjoy the session and thanks to Alex for making me listen to it again.

Adele Williams - Vocals/Xylophone
Tasmin Snell - Accordian/Xylophone/Harmonica
Kirsten Morely - Bass
Jeremy Hepburn - Guitar
Phillip Robinson - Drums
Jane Smith - Guitar
David Gerrard - Percussion/Keyboards

1. Hotter Is Faster
2. Lord Of The World
3. Relief Rain
4. Peggy's Well

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  1. Phil Robinson9:45 pm

    Hello, and thanks for the posting of the session. I've only got a copy taped off the radio when it first got aired, so it's nice to have in on MP3. Where did you get hold of the tracks from??