Sunday, March 02, 2008

My Bloody Valentine - Vancouver 1992

Well it's almost upon us. After fifteen years of apparent inactivity one of the greatest bands ever to grace this planet are about to return....and muggins here hasn't got a ticket. I'm gutted I must admit but the prospect of a new album will hopefully make up for it. The reformation of My Bloody Valentine is not something I ever expected would really happen what with all the promises and false rumours over the years. The band are playing across three towns in the UK, London, Glasgow & Manchester. All the UK dates have now sold out but as soon as I can get a decent quality recording of any of these gigs I'll put it on this site for all to enjoy.

This is probably the best sounding My Bloody Valentine bootleg I have. It was recorded back in 1992 on the famous Loveless tour and sounds absolutely blissfull. It does sound best at super high volume but if your neighbours are either elderly or prone to bouts of extreme violence it's probably best not to.


  1. patrick3:47 pm

    hello - thanks for this and other playlists and stuff.
    i've got a question: were you involved in the wah club (i think it was the wah club) in york in the late-ish 80s? i remember flatmates and choo choo train and maybe even inspiral carpets before they were famous being put on there. i think i might know you if so. cheers, patrick

  2. I know I keep asking for re-postings, but some of these are f**king crucial finds!! Can you do it again, please? I'll give you loadsa beer and chocolate if I ever meet you!

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