Friday, March 14, 2008

Bogshed - Peel Session 26th October 1987

Bogshed came blasting out of deepest darkest Yorkshire in 1985 with their debut 12 inch "Let Them Eat Bogshed" on Vinyl Drip Records. Their second single was released the following year on Starfish Records and preceded the bands classic debut album "Step On It" which appeared later that year.Bogshed recorded a total haul of five Peel Sessions before their demise in 1987. This was their last.

Phil Hartley - Vocals
Mark Mcquaid - Guitar
Mike Bryson - Bass
Tristan King - Drums

1. Six To One And Likely
2. Into Me
3. From The Stubble To The Rubble
4. Duck Fight/US Bands/Wally Wallah