Saturday, March 29, 2008

Novak - Peel Session 14th April 1999 >>>Request<<<

Novak formed in Birmingham around 1996. Their debut single "Silver Seas" was released as a seven inch through Earworm Records in November 1996 and if I remember correctly the early copies came in some kind of cloth sleeve. Just the kind of marketing that I always fall for. Next came a string of perfectly good singles on the Choosy label before the bands one and only album appeared in April 1999. This session was first broadcast a couple of weeks before the album was released and presents the band at the peak of their powers. You would have thought then that this session would contain four tracks from the album in a bid to promote the record but in true Peel Session fashion actually contains two new tracks which as far as I'm aware have never seen the light of day. Novak's was short and sweet, something i'm never sure about in music, I mean is it better to release a set of great singles, produce a brilliant debut and then combust or ....
Anyway enjoy the session and thanks to Alex for making me listen to it again.

Adele Williams - Vocals/Xylophone
Tasmin Snell - Accordian/Xylophone/Harmonica
Kirsten Morely - Bass
Jeremy Hepburn - Guitar
Phillip Robinson - Drums
Jane Smith - Guitar
David Gerrard - Percussion/Keyboards

1. Hotter Is Faster
2. Lord Of The World
3. Relief Rain
4. Peggy's Well

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Playlist 54

1. Fosca - I’ve Agreed To Something I Shouldn't Have (But Is It Art) Taken from the bands long awaited third album “The Painted Side Of The Rocket”.
2. Cheeky Cheeky & The Nosebleeds - Slow Kids (Tired & Lonesome) Debut 7″ single from the Suffolk five piece.
3. Adorable - Sunshine Smile (Cherry Red) Taken from the album “Footnotes 1992-1994″.
Buy Here
4. Bobmo - Get’em, Junior (Institubes) Taken from the “3000% Yes” 10″ e.p.
Buy Here
5. The Afternoon Naps - Can’t Stop The Weather (Cloudberry) New single.
6. Cassettes Won’t Listen - Freeze & Explode (Self-Released) Taken from the new album “Small-Time Machine”.
Buy Here
7. Sarantis - Mediate (Black Acre) 12″ Vinyl and very nice indeed.
Buy Here
8. Port Royal - Stimmung (Ulrich Schnauss Remix) (Resonant)Taken from the album “Flared Up : Port Royal Remixed. Out 7th April.
Buy Here
9. Shelley's Children - The World Turned Upside Down (Damaged Goods) Taken from the album “Everything” which contains….well everything that the band ever recorded. This is one of the tracks on the cd which I had never heard, at least not by Shelley’s Children. Loads of people have done versions of this song in the past but I really do like this one.
Buy Here
10. Conscript - Mekasoreal Mekasoreal (Noise Attack) It’s about time music got nasty again and it doesn’t get much nastier than this. This is one of four Conscript tracks on a new split e.p. which they share with Gruuthaagy. This believe it or not isn’t the best track on here. I’ll be playing that in a future program.
11. The Orb - Vuja De (Gaudi Remix) (Butterfly)
12. Four Tet - Ringer (Domino)
Taken from the bands new four track e.p. I must admit I’ve never been particularly impressed by the works of Four Tet but I think this e.p. is great. Out 21st April.
13. The Winchell Riots - The Man Who Mapped The Ocean (Andrew The Great) Taken from the bands new “Histories” e.p.
14. 65daysofstatic - Goodbye 2007 (Monotreme) Taken from the new e.p. “The Distant & Mechanical Sound Of Eastern European Dance Parties”. This is really good. If I’m honest (and it has been known) I wasn’t terrifically impressed by the last 65daysofstatic album so this e.p. is a real return to form of the kind Kevin Keegan might be hoping for. Out 7th April.
Buy Here
15. Daniel Bless - So Pure (Promo CD) Taken from the “Rude Boy Riddim” CD. Great stuff!
16. Auburn Lull - Arc Of An Outsider (Darla) Final track from this weeks featured artist. From the album “Begin Civil Twilight” which although it’s been available on import for some time is finally to get a British release. Well worth a sniff.
17. The Sweet Serenades - I Can Never Die (Self-Released) Taken from the Swedish bands “First Taste” e.p. The bands debut album is expected to be released in September.
18. Frightened Rabbit - I Feel Better (Fat Cat) I thought this was the debut album by Frightened Rabbit but it seems they managed to sneak one out last year without me noticing. This then is from their second album “The Midnight Organ Fight” which will be released through Fat Cat on 14th April. Buy Here

Monday, March 24, 2008

Half Man Half Biscuit - The Peel Sessions

This is pretty much the complete Half Man Half Biscuit Peel Sessions. I think there is probably a couple of tracks missing here and there but nobody's perfect. If you're not familiar with Half Man Half Biscuit, and I've heard that such beings exist then this is a great place to start.

Nigel Blackwell - Guitar/Vocals
Simon Blackwell - Lead Guitar
Neil Crossley - Bass/Vocals
David Lloyd - Keyboards
Ken Hancock - Guitar (24-48)
Paul Wright - Drums (1-19)
Carl Alty - Drums (20- 23)
Carl Henry - Drums (24-44)

1. D’ye Ken Ted Moult
2. Arthurs Farm/All I Want For Christmas Is A Dulka Prague Away Kit
3. The Trumpton Riots
4. Old Tige
5. The Bastard Son Of Dean Friedman
6. I Left My Heart In Papworth General
7. Reasons To Be Miserable (Part 10)
8. Rod Hull Is Alive…Why?
9. The Best Thing In Life
10. Dickie Davies Eyes
11. I Was A Teenage Armchair Honved Fan
12. Yipps (My Baby Got The)
13. Ordinary To Enschede
14. Our Tune
15. Prag Vec At The Melkweg
16. Mars Ultras (You’ll Never Make The Station)
17. 4AD 3D CD
18. Floreat Interria
19. Goodnight Irene
20. Song Of Encouragement For The Orme Ascent
21. Mr Cave’s A Window Cleaner Now
22. Get Kramer
23. CAMRA Man
24. Bad Review
25. Deep House Victims Minibus Appeal
26. Dead Men Don’t Need Season Tickets
27. A Shropshire Lad
28. Paintball’s Coming Home
29. Monmore Here’s Running
30. Tonight Matthew I’m Going To Be With Jesus
31. Prs Yearbook The Quick Drawbridge
32. He Who Would Valium Take
33. Four Skinny Indie Kids Drinking Weak Lager
34. You’re Hard
35. Secret Gig
36. Moody Chops
37. Uffington Wassail
38. Gubba Look-alikes
39. Bottleneck At Capel Curig
40. Twenty Four Hour Garage People
41. Them’s The Vagaries
42. The Light At The End Of The Tunnel (Is The Light Of An Oncoming Train)
43. Song To The Siren/Vatican Broadside
44. Breaking News
45. Asparagus Next Left
46. For What Is Chatteris
47. Epiphany
48. Joy Division Oven Gloves

Broadcast Dates:-

1-4 20/11/85
5-7 3/3/86
8-11 8/9/86
12-15 4/4/90
16-19 27/6/92
20-23 5/8/95
24-28 14/10/96
29-32 2/2/97
33-36 24/2/98
37-40 9/9/99
41-44 3/9/02
45-48 16/11/04

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Playlist 53

Well it's finally here. Just yesterday I became the proud owner of the new album by The Fall. For the last two months I've been waiting impatiently for it to arrive and finally the day has come. On first listen it's well up to standard and already I prefer it over last years "Reformation" album. This playlist would probably have been online yesterday were it not for the fact that I had to re-jig it to include a track from the new Fall album "Imperial Wax Solvent". There are two tracks on it which I think will be in most people's lists at the end of the year. There's a great little number called "I've Been Duped" which I've been singing to myself for the last twelve hours or so and then there's "50 Year Old Man" which is kind of seperated into three sections and comes in at over ten minutes long and which will probably appear in the next playlist. Anyway apart from The Fall this week also includes some great stuff from Kyte, Sarandon, Tokyo Police Club and Ruby Suns to name just four. Don't forget if you have anything to say about anything then get over to the forum and goddam say it!

1. Aiden John Moffat - Nothing In Common (Chemikal Underground) Taken from the former Arab Strap frontman’s new album “I Can Hear Your Heart”. There's some really interesting stuff on here and I hope Aiden continues to make records. Buy Here
2. Sarandon - Joe’s Record (Slumberland) Taken from the album “Kill Twee Pop”. Out 22nd April. Buy Here
3. Ruby Suns - There Are Birds (Memphis Industries) First track from this weeks featured artist Ruby Suns. Their debut album “Sea Lion” is quite simply brilliant and to prove it there will be two more tracks before the end of the program. What's great about it is the amount of different styles all crammed into one record. It really shouldn't work but.... Buy Here
4. Tokyo Police Club - In A Cave (Memphis Industries) Taken from the bands debut album “Elephant Shell”. Out 5th May. Buy Here
5. The Fall - Wolf Kidult Man (Castle) Taken from the new album “Imperial Wax Solvent”. I've spent the last two months looking forward to this and in true Fall fashion it is no disappointment at all. The hardest thing was deciding which track to play in this program. I think next week I'll include "50 Year Old Man" which is much expanded to the live versions I've been listening to. The album will be released through Castle on 28th April. Buy Here
6. Benga - Go Tell Them (Tempa) Taken from the fine album “Diary Of An Afro Warrior”. Buy Here
7. The Skatalites - One Armed Bandit (Aim) Taken from the album “On The Right Track”. Buy Here
8. Natural Snow Buildings - Cockmotherfighting (Students Of Decay) Taken from the album “Laurie Bird”. This is actually the shortest track on here.
9. Ruby Suns - Kenya Dig It (Memphis Industries) Second track from this weeks featured artist. Taken from the album “Sea Lion”. Buy Here
10. Discosavedmygirl - Standing In Line Is For Cunts (Self Released) Taken from the album “Lovestruck & Scared”.
11. Melys - Chinese Whispers (Transformed Dreams) I think it's about time we had a new record from Melys. This track is a fair few years old now. Still sounds great though. Buy Here
12. Dartz - Fantastic Apparatus (Xtra Mile) Taken from the bands new 10″ e.p.
13. Kyte - Boundaries (Kids) Taken from the bands self titled debut album. Buy Here
14. Reassemble - Final Say (Unsigned)
15. Ross Phelps - Can’t Sleep (Unsigned)
16. The Photographic - Mille Rode To Heaven On The Back Of An Orca (Galaxica)
Taken from the new album “Pictures Of A Changing World”. Buy Here
17. Isosceles - Kitch Bitch (Art Goes Pop) Apparently this is the second single from Glasgow's Isosceles. I don't own the first one so if anyone knows where I can find one please get in touch. "Kitch Bitch" will be released through Art Goes Pop on 21st April.
18. Ruby Suns - Ole Rinka (Memphis Industries) Final track from this weeks featured artist. Takenm from the fine album “Sea Lion”. Buy Here
19. Team Genius - Sing Song () Taken from the album "Hooray".
20. Los Campesinos! - You! Me! Dancing! (Wichita) Taken from the brilliant album "Hold On Now, Youngster". It's a slightly different version to the one which appeared on last years e.p. Buy Here

Thursday, March 20, 2008

<<>> The Orb - Kiss E.P. <<>>

This was the very first e.p. from The Orb. Released back in 1989 on Wau Mr Modo records it was apparently based on samples from New York City's Kiss FM. While it's not a classic it's definately worth a listen. Later that year the twenty minute monster "A Huge Ever Growing Pulsating Brain That Rules From The Centre Of The Ultraworld" would be released and confirm The Orb as ambient masters. Like I say, this is not a classic but it's an interesting place to start.

1. Kiss Your Love
2. Kiss Your Love (Suck My Kiss Mix)
3. The Roof Is On Fire
4. Kiss Your Love (Ambiorix Mix)

The Jesus & Mary Chain - The Roundhouse, 12th March 2008

Great set from the Reid brothers.

01. Taste Of Cindy
02. The Hardest Walk
03. Head On
04. Far Gone And Out
05. Sidewalking
06. Snakedriver
07. Dead End Kids
08. Happy When It Rains
09. Some Candy Talking
10. Between Planets
11. Cracking Up
12. Blues From A Gun
13. All Things Must Pass
14. Cherry Came Too
15. Just Like Honey
16. Sometimes Always
17. Vegetable Man
18. Darklands
19. Nine Million Rainy Days
20. Reverence

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Casiotone For The Painfully Alone - Tommy's Bar, Cardiff, 15th March 2008

This set was recorded live in Cardiff just a few days ago. I had the pleasure of seeing Casiotone in York last week and to be honest I wasn't expecting too much but on the night they (or to be more precise he) were great and I'm glad I made the effort to go. This set is pretty similar to the one played that night and if you like it I would recommend you track down some of the records of which there are quite a few but the best place to start is probably with their latest release "Etiquette" which is avaliable in The Burning World Record Shop. The picture above was taken at the York gig by Vincent who managed to get through the whole gig without consuming any beer, strange boy...

1. Cold White Christmas
2. Nashville Parthenon
3. White on White
4. Streets of Philadelphia
5. Scattered Pearls
6. White Corolla
7. Ice Cream Truck
8. Old Panda Days
9. Love Connection
10. Casiotone for the Painfully Alone in a Green Cotton Sweater
11. Bobby Malone Moves Home
12. New Years Kiss
13. Young Shields
14. Calloused Fingers Won't Make You Strong, Edith Wong
15. Sunday Street
16. Graceland

Monday, March 17, 2008

Playlist 52

Another week, another set of great tunes. This weeks featured artist is the awesome Carsick Cars from Beijing. Their debut album is totally brilliant but I get the impression it might be a bit tricky to track down. Other highlights this week include a track from the new These New Puritans ep, a track from the new and suprisingly good Chumbawamba album and a couple of oldies from Babes In Toyland and the mighty Half Man Half Biscuit a new album from whom must be due soon. You might have noticed the link at the top of this page to the new Burning World Record Shop where you can purchase most of the records included in these playlists and please do use the shop and support new music and this site. The shop is basically affiliated through Amazon so it's as safe as houses. Burning World does get a tiny percentage of any sales which is just as well because webspace and hardrives don't grow on trees and I am far from rich so your support is always appreciated.
Also please use the forum to talk about stuff and let us know if there is anything you want to see on the site. I have been asked to post some old Peel Sessions on here since The Perfumed Garden is no longer alive so again if there are any in particular you want to hear just pop onto the forum and let us know.

Anyway, on with the tunes......

1. Baltic Fleet - 3 Dollar Dress (Blow Up) Taken from the bands self titled debut album.
2. Mount Eerie - Domesticated Dog (P.W. Elverum & Sun) Taken from the 10″ album “Black Wooden Ceiling Opening”
3. Carsick Cars - Kindliness (Maybe Mars) First track from this weeks featured artist. Carsick Cars are one of my favorite bands at the moment for sure and their debut album makes one hell of a sound. The first time I heard it I was reminded of Sonic Youth at their best, but this lot are even better than that. I’m not sure if this is a proper release or not but you really must track one down.
4. Tatact - W.U.W.H. (Zanzatraxx) 12″ Vinyl.
5. Belong - Beeside (St Ives)
Another track from the fine “Colorloss Record” e.p.
Buy Here
6. My Disco - / (Stomp) Taken from the very impressive debut album from the Melbourne band “Paradise”.
7. The Cribs - I’m A Realist (Postal Service Remix) (Wichita) I’ve never been particularly overawed by The Cribs but I do like this remix of the new single.
8. These New Puritans - fff (Domino) This is one of the b sides of the recently re-issued “Elvis” single.
9. Babes In Toyland - Catatonic (Southern) Taken from the 1991 mini album “To Mother”.
10. Bobmo - Legally Dead For 4′31 (Institubes) Taken from the “3000% Yes” 10″ e.p.
Buy Here
11. Carsick Cars - Rock ‘n’ Roll Hero (Maybe Mars) Second track from this weeks featured artist.
12. Chumbawamba - I Wish That They’d Sack Me (No Masters) Taken from the new album “The Boy Bands Have Won”.
13. Boys Noize - Let’s Buy Happiness (Proxy Remix) (Last Gang) Taken from the “Oi Oi Oi Remixed” album. Out 25th March.
14. Fjord Rowboat - Paragon (Quince) Taken from the Toronto bands debut album “Saved The Compliments For Morning”. I’m not entierly sure where you can buy a copy of this but check out the bands My Space page
HERE and you may well find out.
15. Ruby Suns - Tane Mahuta (Memphis Industries) Taken from the album “Sea Lion”.
16. Black Francis - The Seus (Infadels Remix) (Cooking Vinyl)
17. Half Man Half Biscuit - Blood On The Quad (Probe Plus)
Taken from the 2003 e.p. “Saucy Haulage Ballads”.
18. Carsick Cars - Panda (Maybe Mars) Final track from this weeks featured artist. Rest assured you’ll be hearing a lot more from Carsick Cars on this site.
19. Marybell Katastrophy - Hidden Agenda (Merger) Taken from the new e.p. “You Are The Two”.
20. Sea Dweller - Every Inch (Upsidedown)

Friday, March 14, 2008

Bogshed - Peel Session 26th October 1987

Bogshed came blasting out of deepest darkest Yorkshire in 1985 with their debut 12 inch "Let Them Eat Bogshed" on Vinyl Drip Records. Their second single was released the following year on Starfish Records and preceded the bands classic debut album "Step On It" which appeared later that year.Bogshed recorded a total haul of five Peel Sessions before their demise in 1987. This was their last.

Phil Hartley - Vocals
Mark Mcquaid - Guitar
Mike Bryson - Bass
Tristan King - Drums

1. Six To One And Likely
2. Into Me
3. From The Stubble To The Rubble
4. Duck Fight/US Bands/Wally Wallah

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Sarandon - Kill Twee Pop

Kill Twee Pop? Seems a strange thing to say when your signed to a label responsible for some of the twee'est moment in twee history. Perhaps they're working on it from the inside and soon Slumberland will be a twee free zone. Either way this is a record you won't forget in a hurry not least because it comes on a lovely ten inch slab of blue vinyl which looks ever so pretty (but not twee) rotating on the turntable. Slumberland say this is the bands debut album but I'm almost sure there was an album a couple of years ago. Much like The Fall they seem to change band members on a fairly frequent basis. The album starts as it means to go on with the angst fueled title track "Kill Twee Pop" the geezer shouts in a demented fashion. I have to say it sounds great cranked up as loud as your system will allow although I got the impression my neighbours disagree when they started banging on the walls. Oh well, perhaps they like twee pop!

Kill Twee Pop! will be released on April 22 on 10" blue vinyl, digital download and CD. Buy Here

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Playlist 51

Another week, another great set of tracks. This weeks featured artist is Stars & Sons who are an unsigned band from Brighton. Their first offering is a seven track e.p. called "The Goat Show" which you can download in it's entierety free from the bands My Space page . Loads of good stuff this week, if you don't find something you like then you should seek immediate medical advice. Please feel free to use the new forum to air your views on the site or any music related matters or if you want to ask us anything about the site. There is now a request section on there because quite a few people have been asking for re-posts of long deleted files.
Anyway on with the fun.

1. Black Francis - Seus (Cooking Vinyl) After starting last weeks program with Kim Deal’s Breeders I thought it only fair to put fellow former Pixie Black Francis in the same position. This track comes from the big man’s new album “Svn Fngrs” which apparently is all about Irish mythological hero Cuchulainn who by all accounts had seven fingers and seven toes. There are also seven tracks on this album and although Dark Frank (next album maybe?) seems to be freewheeling these days there is enough good stuff on this record to render a trip over to Amazon. “Svn Fngrs” will be released through Cooking Vinyl on 3rd March. Buy Here
2. Team Waterpolo - Letting Go (Moshi Moshi) Debut 7″ single from the Preston band. Buy Here
3. Stars & Sons - Fights Already Fought (Unsigned) First track from this weeks featured artist. It comes from a seven track e.p. called “The Goat Show e.p.” which if can download scott free from the bands My Space page HERE.
4. Andre Dazzo - I Wanted (Thorntree) Another track from the “Minimal Club Sessions Vol 1″ compilation. Buy Here
5. Superman Revenge Squad - Idiot Food (God Is In The TV) This is the current offering from the God Is In The TV singles club. I think I may have featured this track before but it doesn’t really matter. If you pop over to the G.I.I.T.T.V. website HERE you can download the b sides as well which are also brill.
6. Ocrilim - Part 3 (Hydra Head) Taken from the album “Annwn”. This is actually one of the shorter tracks on here! Buy Here
7. High Places - Universe (E Music) Taken From the album “03/07 - 09/07″. Buy Here
8. Lance De Sardi - Itch (Bang The Box)
9. Golden Smoke - Sick Fuzz (Somnambulist Sound System)
Taken from the bands self titled debut album.
10. Stars & Sons - Out Of View (Unsigned) Second track from this weeks featured artist.
11. Experimental Aircraft - Overseas (Graveface) Taken from the bands new album ”Third Transmission”. Buy Here
12. The Von Bondies - 21st Birthday (In The Act) Taken from the new e.p. “We Are Kamikazes Aiming Straight For You”. Buy Here
13. Decomposure - Hour 5 (Blank Squirral Musics) Another track from the album “Vertical Lines”. Buy Here
14. Strawberry Whiplash - It Rains On Other Planets (Matinee) Taken from the “Who’s In Your Dreams” e.p. Buy Here
15. Cud - Only (A Prawn In Whitby) (Imaginary) I didn’t realise until I was trying to find a place where you can buy Cud’s classic “Elvis Belts” album from where this track is procured is about to be re-issued together with the bands other albums “Leggy Mambo” & “Showtime” through Cherry Red Records. I haven’t got any of the new issues yet but I think I will if only for the extra tracks. There’s no less than 27 tracks on the new issue of “Elvis Belts”, bargin or what!! Buy Here
16. Stars And Sons - Empty Hands (Unsigned) Final track from this weeks featured artist. Don’t forget you can download the whole e.p. for free from their My Space page HERE
17. Tatanka Meets Headhunterz - Call It Music (DJs United) 12″ vinyl. Buy Here
18. Team Genius - I’m Just An Idiot (Team Genius) Taken from the Hooray e.p. Buy Here
19. These New Puritans - Navigate Navigate (The Loving Hand Remix) (Domino) It seems we just can’t get enough of the Puritans at the moment. Originally issued last year the eleven minute beast has returned having been given the Tim Goldsworthy remix treatment. Still sounds great but I think I still prefer the original. Buy Here
20. The Fall - Idiot Joy Showland (Cog Sinister) Taken from the 1991 album “Shiftwork”. Buy Here

Sunday, March 09, 2008

The Primitives - The Coventry Demo's

This is a re-post by popular request, well one person has asked for it anyway and why not because I think these demo's are great. This is The Primitives at their best, around the time of the recording of their first few singles which were bundled together on an album called "Lazy 86-88" at some point but I think that too may take some finding now. These demo's were recorded on 31st October 1985 in Coventry oddly enough. I mean how good did they sound before the hype set in.

1. Thru The Flowers
2. Crash
3. All The Way Down
4. Thru The Flowers (different version)
5. Spacehead
6. As Tears Go By
7. Across My Shoulder
8. Stop Killing Me
9. Shadow
All of the early Primitives works can be found on the excellent "Primitives Anthology" compilation cd. Buy Here

Saturday, March 08, 2008

The Fall - Bilston 3rd March 2008

This was recorded on the first night of the latest Fall tour. I think the tour was supposed to coincide with the release of the new album "Imperial Wax Solvent" which was originally schedueled for a March release. The album will now be released on 28th April through Castle. This set has had mixed reviews on the Fall forums but I think it sounds pretty good and features several tracks from the new album. "I've been duped" is my particular favorite and I'm really looking forward to hearing the album version.

1. Exploding Chimney
2. My Door Will Never
3. Pacifying Joint
4. Latch Key Kid
5. Alton Towers
6. Wolf Kidult Man
7. Fall Sound
8. I've Been Duped
9. What About Us
10. Theme From Sparta FC
11. Wings
12. Tommy Shooter
13. Blindness

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Playlist 50

So we've made it to our half century of playlists and I think this is one of the best. There isn't a featured artist this week for reasons which I'm not going to go into here but there are some great tracks. The band who have probably taken up the most time on the Burning World i-pod this week is a band from Beijing called Carsic Cars. Their self-titled debut album is just mint. There's a good chance that they will be featured artist on Playlist 52. Anyway I hope you find something you like on this one. Please go over to the forum let us know what you think or if you have any questions.

1. The Breeders - Walk It Off (4AD) Taken from the new album “Mountain Battles”. Out 7th April. Buy Here
2. Belong - Late Night (St Ives) This is a fantastic e.p. Four tracks, all cover versions of 60s Psychedelic tracks. Not that you would possinbly recognise any of them from these versions. This track was originally done by Syd Barrett. Buy Here
3. Ladies On Mars - Munna (Thorntree) This is a track from a German compilation cd simply entitled “Minimal Club Sessions Vol 1″. I’m not sure how widely avaliable is is but there’s some great stuff on here.
4. Bubblegum Lemonade - The Tomorrow People (Matinee) Taken from the new e.p. “Ten Years Younger”. Buy Here
5. The Takeovers - Little Green Onion Man (Off) Title track from the Portland band’s new ep. Buy Here
6. Decomposure - Hour 2 (Blank Squirral Musics) Taken from the album “Vertical Lines”. Buy Here
7. Moose - Jack (Hut) A classic and no mistake. Taken from the “Jack” 12″ e.p. released back in 1991.
8. Mes Memoires - A Picture, A Person (Unsigned) Mes Memoires come from Southampton and this track is from a c.d. Vince picked up while when they were supporting The Delays in York a couple of weeks ago. Apparently there is going to be a proper e.p. released in the not too distant future.
9. Sea Dweller - Underwater Town (Upsidedown) Title track from the Italian outfit’s debut e.p. I have no idea where you could pick up a copy of this record which was released last month. I’ll have a scout about this week and see if I can find a retailer because you really should own a copy of this.
10. Joe Jean & The Jing Jang Jong - Lonely Bouy (Vertigo) New Single. Out 10th March.
11.Polarkreis 18 - Operation Sun (Motor Music) Taken from the Dresden bands fine debut album. Buy Here
12. The Black Keys - Lies (Nonesuch) The new Black Keys album is called “Attack & Release” and for me is their best work for years. Out 1st April. Buy Here
13. Naked Souls - Winter Kills Me (Lost) Taken from the 1995 album “Shady Ways Anticlockwise”.
14. Kyte - Home (Kids) Kyte just might be one of the bands to keep an eye on this year. This track comes from the bands rather snazzy self-titled debut album which is avaliable now and can be purchased from their My Space Page.
15. Earth - Engine Of Ruin (Southern Lord) Taken from the album “The Bees Made Honey In The Lions Skull”. Buy Here
16. Sam Gillespie - Plastic Summer (Unsigned)
17. Fuck Buttons - Bloody Little Shoulder (ATP)
I think this is the only Fuck Buttons track which has been released and doesn’t appear on the “Street Horrrsing” album. This track is the b-side of their “Bright Tomorrow” single. The album will finally hit the streets on 17th March. Buy Here
18. Carsick Cars - Stick (Self-Released) Really getting into this record. It’s actually been around for some months but I’ve only just got a copy. Extraordinary stuff. Carsick Cars will be playing at the ATP Vs Pitchfork festival at Camber Sands on 10th May. You’ll be hearing lot’s more from these in these programs that’s for sure.
19. Deckmonster - Miss U (Super Flu & Ron Flatter Remix) (Thorntree) Another track from the “Minimal Club Sessions” compilation.
20. Zombie Zombie - Texas Rangers (Versatile) Taken from the album “A Land For Renegades”. Out 3rd March.

Hold On Now.....

The very nice people over at Insound have a limited edition version of Los Campesinos! "Hold On Now Youngster" album avaliable on their site. It's a 2cd version which includes a three track bonus disc which is basically "The International Tweexcore Underground" e.p. which was released a couple of months ago. As if that isn't enough you also get a 11 x 17" poster and two 2 x 4" stickers. And to top it all off if you use the coupon code below when you checkout you'll get 10% off!!! Now that's a bargin. Don't forget though this is a limited package and once it's gone it's gone and you will have to live the rest of your life wondering what might have been.

Coupon Code: loscampblog10

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Los Campesinos! - Black Session

This is really good. It's a recording from French radio of a mighty performance from the brilliant Los Campesinos! It was recorded and broadcast live just a couple of days ago on 3rd March on the Lenoir show. The set is made up mostly of material from the bands debut album "Hold On Now Youngster" which was released last month through Wichita and can be purchased HERE. One of the highlights on here though is the cover version of Pavements "Frontwards" which sounds just totally excellent. I know Los Campesinos! are getting a lot of press at the moment but I think they deserve every bit of it.

1. Broken heartbeats sound like breakbeats
2. Don't tell me to do the math(s)
3. Death to Los Campesinos!
4. This is how you spell "Hahaha, we destroyed the hopes and dreams of a generation of faux-romantics"
5. Drop it doe eyes
6. The international tweexcore underground
7. Knee deep at ATP
8. My year in lists
9. Frontwards
10. We are all accelerated readers
11. ... and we exhale and roll our eyes in unison
12. You! Me! Dancing!
13. We throw parties, you throw knives
14. Sweet dreams, sweet cheeks

Burning World Needs YOU

Right then, it's time for you to have your say. The brand new Burning World forum is now open. Please pop over there and discuss whatever you like about music, bands new or old or Burning World in general. It's also probably the best place to ask for old files to be re-posted if there's anything you want or just to comment on the current crop of stuff avaliable on the site.

Now get to it!!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Times New Viking

This fine gig was recorded at New York's Bowery Ballroom just last week on 25th February. "Rip It Off" is one of my most favoritist records of the year thus far. They were supporting Super Furry Animals on this particular night and sound great. I think the possibility exists that the tracks may not all be in the correct order as they were played on the night due to the fact that I put the files together after consuming rather too much achohol but it doesn't really matter.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

My Bloody Valentine - Vancouver 1992

Well it's almost upon us. After fifteen years of apparent inactivity one of the greatest bands ever to grace this planet are about to return....and muggins here hasn't got a ticket. I'm gutted I must admit but the prospect of a new album will hopefully make up for it. The reformation of My Bloody Valentine is not something I ever expected would really happen what with all the promises and false rumours over the years. The band are playing across three towns in the UK, London, Glasgow & Manchester. All the UK dates have now sold out but as soon as I can get a decent quality recording of any of these gigs I'll put it on this site for all to enjoy.

This is probably the best sounding My Bloody Valentine bootleg I have. It was recorded back in 1992 on the famous Loveless tour and sounds absolutely blissfull. It does sound best at super high volume but if your neighbours are either elderly or prone to bouts of extreme violence it's probably best not to.