Friday, February 29, 2008

Playlist 49

Who would have thought it. 2008 and old time renegade Nick Cave returns with a bloody good album. I've never being particularly into Nick Cave but I did enjoy some of his records around the turn of the nineties. So when a new Nick Cave album came spinning in my direction I had to spend some time deciding what would be the best use for it. Only some days later did I risk introducing it to a cd player and then only because I'd just cleared up some cat poo and was trying to think what could be worse. Enter "Dig!!! Lazurus Dig!!!" which is the title of both the new album and the single hence. The track itself is great and can be heard in the program below but the album is a bit of a corker and see's Mr Cave in great form. It may well be the last great thing he does but if so then what a way to go.
Also this week three tracks from the new album from Japanese Nintendoheads YMCK. A track from the new Clinic album which is called "Do It" and see's the scousers doing exactly the same thing they've been doing for the last ten years, but if it works in some kind of shit hot fashion then why stop? Some great pop moments from Let's Wrestle, The Bird & The Bee and O Fracas to name but three and a classic track from King Missile. You know the one, it's the one where the poor guy has lost his todger and after much searching buys it back from some trader on the street. Classic!!!

1. Let’s Wrestle - Song For Man With Pica Syndrome (Stolen) Taken From the “In Loving Memory Of…E.P.” Buy Here
2. Clinic - Tomorrow (Domino) Taken from the new album “Do It!”. Out 7th April.
3. YMCK - Major Swing (Avex) First track from this weeks featured artist. Taken from the new album “Family Genesis”.
4. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Dig!!! Lazarus Dig!!! (Mute) New single by the cheerful one on which Mr Cave seems to have found a bit of mid season form. The new album which is also called “Dig!!! Lazarus Dig!!!” will be released through Mute on 3rd March. Buy Here
5. The Bird & The Bee - Birthday (Blue Note) Taken from the new “One Too Many Hearts E.P.” which was released as far as I can make out on digital formats only on Valentines Day.
6. High Places - Shared Islands (Self-Released) Taken from the album 03/07 - 09/07. This is a great record. It’s basically a compilation of singles the band have released over the past year of so. I don’t actually have any of the singles which is a shame but they certainly work well together as an album and I’m sure we’ll be hearing more from them. Remindes me of the first Adventures In Stereo album in many ways but I’m sure Jim Beattie doesn’t have anything to do with this one.
7. Excepter - Shots Ring (Paw Tracks) Taken from the bands fourth album “Debt Debt”. Out 25th March. Buy Here
8. Duels - The Healing (This Is Fake D.I.Y.) Taken from the new album “The Barbarians Move In”. Buy Here
9. Boris - Message (Diwphalanx) Taken from the album “Smile”. Out 7th March.
10. Ipso Facto - Harmonoise (Disc Error) Seven inch single. Limited to a thousand copies as well so there are only nine hundred and ninety nine left out there.
11. Pacific UV - Tremolo (Warm) Taken from the album “Longplay 2″. Buy Here
12. YMCK - Starlight (Avex) Second track from this weeks featured artist. From the album “Family Genesis”.
13. The Big Sleep - Bad Blood (French Kiss) Taken from the album “Sleep Forever”. Buy Here
14. O Fracas - Factfinding (I Can Count) This is the debut single from a new band from Leeds. It comes as a rather snazzy ten inch e.p. It’s limited to five hundred and if you get one of the first hundred you’ll find it is signed as well!!! Buy Here
15. King Missile - Detatchable Penis (Atlantic) Taken from the classic 1993 album “Happy hour”. Buy Here.
16. Shimura Curves - Just Like Friends (My Space) This is a new band as far as I know. I just stumbled across them while I was messing about on My Space last week. The thing about this track is that it has quite a lot of wah wah guitar especially in it’s later stages and I’m a right sucker for wah wah guitar. My Space Page
17. The Black Keys - Strange Times (Nonesuch) Great new single. The new album “Attack & Released” will be released on 1st April. Buy Here
18. Downliners Sekt - Kaiden (Self Released) Taken from the fantastic album “The Saltire Wave” which you can download in it’s entierety further down this page.
19. YMCK - Future Invasion (Avex)Final track from this weeks featured artist. From the album “Family Genesis”.
20. Ricardo Villalobos - Enfants (Chants) (Sei Se Drum) Yes I know it’s seventeen minutes long but you have to admit, it is a bit on the good side.

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