Thursday, February 21, 2008

Playlist 48

Here we go then with the 48th installment of ear sizzling goodness. This weeks featured artist is the wonderfull Be Your Own Pet whose second album "Get Awkward" is already poised to be one of the most important releases of the year. Of course we still have the new Fall to come which is now going to be called "Imperial Wax Solvent". I think it's schedueled for March release through Castle so all being well we won't have much longer to wait. Anyway back to this weeks playlist and it's fair to say that there is some pretty awsome stuff on this one. In particular the new tracks by Strawberry Whiplash and Bubblegum Lemonade are worthy of Brits...arf arf...did you watch that shambles on the telly. Nothing but a bunch of back patting caviar snorting media darlings who wouldn't know talent if Mark E Smith was stood in front of them.

1. The Jet Age - Dumb (Sonic Boomerang) Taken from the bands second album “What Did You Do During The War Daddy?”. Buy Here
2. The Pedaljets - Small Towns (Oxblood) Taken from the bands new self-titled album. Buy Here
3. Born Ruffians - Foxes Mate For Life (Warp) Taken from the new album “Red, Yellow & Blue”. Out 12th May. Buy Here
4. Autechre - Steels (Warp) Two Warp records in a row? Anyone would think we were on the payroll. This track comes from Autechres fine new album “Quaristice”. Buy Here
5. Be Your Own Pet - Twisted Nerve (XL) First track from this weeks featured artist. The album “Get Awkward” will be released through XL on 17th March. Buy Here
6. Trash Fashion - Why Can’t We Be Friends (Mason Storm’s 2 Hottie Mix) (Propaganda) The new E.P. “Why Can’t We Be Friends” should be hitting your favorite place of purchace on 10th March. Buy Here
7. Strawberry Whiplash - Who’s In Your Dreams (Matinee) One of my favorite records at this moment in time. Taken from their new “Who’s In Your Dreams E.P.” which will be released through the mighty Matinee Records on 17th March. Buy Here
8. Camera Obscura - Your Sound (And More Sound) This was the scottish popsters debut 7″ back in 1998. I think it was quite hard to get hold of for a while but it appears along with a lot of other rare Camera Obscura stuff on the album “Rare UK Bird” which was released last year through Elefant Records of Madrid. Buy Here
9. Marybell Katastrophy - Hey Frank (Merger) This is a track from the Danish bands second e.p. "You Are The Two" which will be released through Merger Records next month on both twelve inch vinyl and digital download formats.
10. Meat Beat Manifesto - Hellfire (Metropolis) Taken from the new album “Autoimmune”. Out 8th April.
11. The Dead Bodies - I Love The Way (Quite Scientific) Taken from the album “Cock Cock Cock Cock Xanadu Xanadu”.
12. Lupen Crook - Young Love (Tap n Tin) Taken from the album “Iscariot The Ladder”. Buy Here
13. Be Your Own Pet - Becky (XL) Second track from this weeks featured artist. I Can’t recommend this album enough. Buy Here
14. Vex’t - 3rd Choice (Loefar Remix) (Planet Mu)
15. The First Division - On The City (Cloudberry)
New single on the fantastic Cloudberry label. Buy Here
16. Bubblegum Lemonade - Ten Years Younger (Matinee) Bubblegum Lemonade come from Glasgow and this track comes from the bands debut E.P. for the mighty Matinee label. Limited to 1000 copies, out 17th March. Buy Here
17. Decomposure - Hour 1 (Blank Squirrel Musics) Taken from the album “Vertical Lines A”. Decomposure is basically a guy called Caleb Mueller. I think the press release will explain things a little better, thus:-"With a stack of 60-minute cassettes and tape recorder in tow Mueller recorded his average day to capture and preserve the unique sound signature that would have otherwise evaporated. Over the course of the year following that recorded day, he worked through a detailed process of digitally deconstructing each hour-long slur of sound into hundreds of individual clicks and thumps and pings. Then he built songs from them." So there you go. Out 1st May. Buy Here
18. Constantines - Hard Feelings (Arts & Crafts) New single from the Toronto based artists. Well quite new anyway. It was actually released last month as a limited edition seven inch.
19. Be Your Own Pet - You’re A Waste (XL) Final track from this weeks featured artist. The new record is called “Get Awkward” and will be avaliable from 17th March. Buy Here
20. Destroyer - Dark Leaves From A Thread (Merge) Taken from the album “Trouble In Dreams”. Out 17th March. Buy Here

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