Sunday, February 17, 2008

Playlist 47

Another top quality playlist for you this week. Things are really hotting up now with 2008 shaping up to be a blinding year.

This weeks featured artist is Lemuria who come fighting out of Buffalo, New York with one hell of an album. To be honest this is the first record I've heard from the band but I'm certainly going to try and track down some of their previous stuff. Anyway this weeks playlist contains three tracks from the new album and gives a good account of the rest of the record which I hope you will consider buying when it's released on 26th February.

Please feel free to leave comments on the site. You all seem to have gone a bit quiet recently. It's always good to get some feedback about the tracks on these playlists whether it's to compliment a track or even to say what a load of bollocks it all is. While I'm on the subject you might want to have a look at Vinces My Space page which he has just set up. There's some links to Burning World in the blog section including some lists...yes that's right...LISTS...and besides he hasn't got any friends.

1. Clark - New Year Storm (Warp) Taken from the fine album “Turning Dragon”. Buy Here
2. You Slut! - Pie To The Death Faced Indie Kid (Stressed Sumo)
3. Lemuria - Lipstick (Asian Man)
First of three tracks in this program from this weeks featured artist. Lemuria come from New York and have made a truly refreshing album. Apart from the fact that there is not a bad track on here it all just sounds so…well…natural I suppose. I really hope Lemuria make the trip over to the UK soon because I can only imagine that live they will sound fantastic. The new album is called “Get Better” and until I had a look at their My Space page and it seems there is a previous album called “The First Collection” which I guess is fairly self explanitary but the point is that I don’t own it and until I do I will remain tormented by the possibility that I am missing out on some great stuff. Buy Here
4. Orphan Boy - The Salesman (Concrete) Taken from the album “Shop Local” Out 7th April but I still can’t find a place where you can pre-order it.
5. Somatic Responses - Human Bass (Hymen) Taken from the album “Digital Darkness”. The band consists of two brothers John and Paul Healy. According to their website they seem to have released (or at least being involved in) millions of records over the last few years. This however is the first thing I’ve heard from them and it sounds like a bloody good place to start. Buy Here
6. Fuck Buttons - Bright Tomorrow (ATP) The album is called “Street Horrrsing” and will be an essential part of your record collection for years to come, sublime….Out 17th March. Buy Here
7. Pacific UV - Need (Warm) Taken from the bands second album which they have cunningly titled “Longplay 2″. I don't think I have a copy of the first album and may well have to find one. Buy Here.
8. Superman Revenge Squad - Idiot Food (God Is In The TV) Another track from the forthcoming free downloadable single by the wonderfully named Superman Revenge Squad. I’m thinking I need a t-shirt bearing that moniker before I’m very much older. The single will be released through the God In The TV singles club which in itself is a great idea and I hope to see many more of this kind of singles club in the near future. All three tracks should be avaliable by the time you read this. It’s supposed to be released on 18th February but regardless there are some great previous singles there by the likes of Time.Space.Repeat, The Sailplanes and Small Crew who were featured on this site not so long ago. Website Here
9. The Ruling Class - Sleeping Beauty (Fandango) Check ou the bands My Space Page for more details.
10. Lemuria - Pants (Asian Man) Second track from this weeks featured artist. Can’t get enough of this album. Out 26th February. Buy Here
11. Be Your Own Pet - The Kelly Affair (XL) You may remember back in 2006 I was banging on rather enthusiasticly about the debut album by Nashville’s Be Your Own Pet. I still regard their self-titled debut as one of the best records of recent years. So now they are about to hit us with their second album “Get Awkward” which will be released through XL on 18th March. It’s always hard to follow a brilliant debut with anything that measures up to the expectation but Be Your Own Pet have done themselves proud. I’ve heard the album five times now and it just gets better every time. The band are playing some gigs around the UK at the end of March, see the bands My Space page for more details. I’ll certainly be making the effort to get to at least one of them. Buy Here
As for the odds on Be Your Own Pet being next weeks featured artist……. you can bet your left testical they will!!!
12. Astrid Williamson - World At Your Feet (One Little Indian) Taken from the album “Boy For You” which will be re-issued next month. Originally released in 1997 it was the debut album from the former Goya Dress singer. I must confess I missed it first time round so… better eleven years late than never. Buy Here
13. Eskimo - Residents
14. Gorinhaled - Symphony Of The Depraved (Nice To Eat You) Taken from the album “The Art Of Sickness”. I think this album is probably avaliable now but again I’m not sure where to find one. Well worth tracking down though.
15. The Flashbulb - Leaving Georgia (Alphabasic) Taken from the album “Soundtrack To A Vacant Life”. There are no less than thirty one tracks on this album and to be fair it does drive you a bit potty if you consume it all in one go. There is some excellent stuff on here though and despite being from Chicago the band will be playing at the Bangface Weekender at Camber Sands on 26th April. Buy Here
16. Downliners Sekt - Panic! Sonic Monk (Self-Released) Oh my word!! I just think this is almost too good. This track comes from the new Downliners Sekt album “The Saltire Wave”. This band are about as non commercial as they come because they are quite happy to give al their music away for free which is a damn fine attitude in my opinion. The bands previous two albums are also avaliable for nowt on their website and I’m really looking forward to hearing them. Download Here
17. Marybell Katastrophy - Hip (Merger) This track comes from the bands first E.P. “This Is The One” which was released back in December. I really like the sound of this lot and there will be a track in next weeks program from the bands new E.P. “You Are The Two” which will be released next month. I think we’ll be keeping an eye on this band, they sound as if they’ll either do really well or break into your house and nick your record collection.
18. Let’s Wrestle - I Won’t Lie To You (Stolen) Taken from the London bands latest release “In Loving Memory Of… EP”. I can see this bunch making a few waves this year. Buy Here
19. Lemuria - Wardrobe (Asian Man) Third and final track from tis weeks featured artist. The album “Get Better” will be avaliable from 26th February. Buy Here
20. Tim Vanhamel - Until I Find You (Loud Tongues) Taken from the album “Welcome To The Blue House”.


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