Sunday, February 10, 2008

Playlist 46

1. Ketchup Mania - Welcome To Paradise (Download)
2. Sambassadeur - Final Say (Labrador)
New single from the Gothenburg quartet. Lifted from last years album “Migration”. Buy Here
3. Goodtimes Goodtimes - Kids (Unsigned) First track from this weeks featured artist. Goodtimes Goodtimes come from London and is basically the work of Franc Cinelli who despite living in London is as Italian as his name suggests. Three more tracks before the end of the program. Website
4. Cazals - To Cut A Long Story Short (Vicarius Bliss Dance Mix) (Kitsune) I think this is the best mix of the current single. Buy Here
5. Thee Outlaws - What’s Your Problem (Download) I dunno. I jussdiggit.
6. Die Die Die - Blue Skies (SAF) Taken from the album “Promises Promises”. Buy Here. All the way from New Zealand they are going to be playing some gigs in the UK in April. I recommend you try and catch them as you never know when they will pass this way again.
2nd April : Leeds - Josephs Well
3rd April : Manchester - Roadhouse
4th April : Birmingham - Rainbow
5th April : Liverpool - Evol
7th April : Brighton - Ocean Rooms
8th April : London - Artrocker @ Buffalo Bar
7. James Severy - Do The Circus Circus (Art Goes Pop) This is going to be released as a Ltd edition 7" single on 25th February. Apparently the single will come with free CD called "Eighteen Minutes At The Circus Circus" which I would love to hear. Buy Here
8. Goodtimes Goodtimes - Desire (Unsigned) Second track from this weeks featured artist. Website
9. The Bugs - Fuckin’ A Right (Hovercraft) I went to see these just last week. Well that’s not entierly true, I actually went to see Trumans Water and The Bugs were supporting them. Consisting of just two people (one of whom is actually in Trumans Water) they make a great noise. Vince very kindly bought me the album while we were there, 180 grams of top quality vinyl no less and every track is a winner. I’ve got a seven inch as well which I haven’t heard as yet but I’ll get around to that sometime this week and possibly put a track in next weeks program. I strongly advise you to try and catch this band while they’re in the country cos they really are great fun. Buy Here
10. Bromheads Jacket - Poppy Bird (Marquis Cha Cha) Taken from the 2006 album “Dits From The Commuter Belt”. I think it’s about time we had some new stuff from this bunch of reprabates. Buy Here
11. Taken By Cars - The Blackout (Party Bear) Taken from the album “Endings Of A New Kind”.
12. mmfan316 - Communication Breakdown (555) This is actually one of Vince’s CD’s. He sent away for a load of 555 and Red Square Records stuff and this is one of the items which arrived. Released in 1992 this is the first I’ve heard from mmfan316 (great name by the way). It reminds me a bit of Kid 606 and it’s high time we had some more stuff from him as well.
13. I Was A Cub Scout - We Were Born To Love You (Rough Trade) Yes I know they’re press darlings and everything but then so were The Fall at one point and they survived unscathed. The debut album is called “I Want You To Know That There Is Always Hope” and will hit the shops on 18th February. Buy Here
14. Goodtimes Goodtimes - Sea Shanty (Unsigned) Third track from this weeks featured artist.
15. Folklaw - The Vet () This is a track I keep coming back to. Is it just me or is this almost exactly the same tune as Carter USMs “Say It With Flowers” from the “30 Something” album.
16. Clinic - Free Not Free (Domino) New single. You can download this for free just by going HERE
17. The Grand Archives - Sleepdriving (Sub Pop) Taken from the album “The Grand Archives”. Out 18th February. Buy Here.
18. See See Rider - Snowfall (Lazy) I had almost forgotten abot See See Rider. As far as I’m aware they only released two four track E.P.s, both on the legendary Lazy Records. This track comes from the first of those releases simply entitled the See See Rider E.P. was released back in 1990.
19. Born Ruffians - Barnacle Goose (Warp) Taken from the brilliant new album “Red Yellow & Blue”. I’ve just played this three times in a row. We’re only in February and already we have had five albums which can only be called classics and we still have the new Fall album to come. Out 12th May. Buy Here.
20. Goodtimes Goodtimes - Sunshine (Unsigned) Final track from this weeks featured artist. I’m sure this wont be the last we’ll be hearing from them.

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