Monday, February 04, 2008

Playlist 45

1. Muttonheads - Ready (Serial) 12″ single. Buy Here
2. Supermans Revenge Squad - Everyones Dead (God Is In The TV) This is a track from the latest free download release on the wonderful God Is In The TV singles club. The e.p. is called “Idiot Food” and will be avaliable for download from 18th February. In the meantime if you pop along to the God Is In The TV website you can still download the previous three singles club releases. Go Here
3. Correcto - New Capitals (Domino) Taken from the bands debut album. Out 25th February. Buy Here
4. Orphan Boy - Middle Class Roots (Concrete) Orphan come from just down the road in Grimsby, a place I must admit I’ve only ever been to once. It was a couple of years when I was persuaded against my better judgement to go and see Morrissey. I have to admit that it turned out to be a really good gig and a good time was had by all until we got outside and realised that we had left our mobile phones back at the hotel and were not able to call a taxi to get back there. Being a bloke my sense of direction is quite poor and after two hours of walking around Grimsby, and not the nice parts of Grimsby either I finally had to knock on some poor old mans door, scare him half to death and request if it might be possible to use his phone. I haven’t been back to Grimsby since. This of course has nothing whatsoever to do with Orphan Boy whose debut album is a bit of a blinder. It’s called “Shop Local” and will be released on 7th April. The band will be playing up and down the country over the next couple of months. See their My Space page for more details.
5. Times New Viking - The Early 80’s (Matador) First track from this weeks featured artist. This comes from the bands new album “Rip It Off”. Apparently this is not their first release. I’ll have to try and track down their earlier work because I doubt that sleep will come easily until the complete works of Times New Viking are in my possession. Buy Here
6. Clark - Violenl (Warp) Taken from the fine new album “Turning Dragon”. There are a few British dates coming up this month:-
8th February - Glasgow, The Art School
15th February - London, Corsica Studios
16th February - Manchester, Sequence @ Paradise Factory
The album “Turning Dragon” was released last week through Warp Records. Buy Here
7. Louis XIV - Guilt By Assosiation (Atlantic) Taken from the album “Slick Dogs & Ponies”. Buy Here
8. Blood On The Wall - Go Go Go (Social Registry) Taken from the album “Liferz”. Buy Here
9. Peter Tosh - Brand New Second Hand (Columbia) Taken from the 1976 album “Legalise It”. Buy Here
10. Fuck Buttons - Okay, Let’s Talk About Magic (ATP) I must admit when this album finally turned up I almost had a seizure with exitement. The missus doesn’t get it though. She say’s that it sounds like someone been driven slowly demented, which is an idea that I quite like. If this is the sound of madness then I must be one f**ked up git. The album is called “Street Horrrsing” and if I had one critisism it would be that there are just six tracks on it. I know with the average track being about ten minutes long it’s about perfect but still… I WANT MORE!!! I know, that’s just being greedy. “Street Horrrsing” will be released on 17th March through ATP. Buy Here
11. Radar Bros - Happy Spirit (Chemikal Underground) Taken from the new Radar Bros album “Auditorium” which came as a total suprise to me because I actually thought the band were no more. It seems I was wrong as usual (something I make a habit of) and here they are with a new record. To be honest I don’t think this album is quite as strong as some of their previous work but there are enough gems on here to make it well worth the price of admission. “Auditorium” will be released through the legendary Chemikal Underground on 25th February. Buy Here
12. Times New Viking - Drop Out (Matador) Second track from this weeks featured artist. Buy Here
13. Ott - 382 Seaside (Twisted) Taken from the forthcoming album “Skylon” which hit the shops just last week. Buy Here
14. Dananananaykroyd - Cleaning Each Other (Jealous) Can’t tell you very much about this really. Apart from having a name which is a bastard to spell they go and record a top notch e.p. which doesn’t seem to have a release date. The e.p. is called “Sissy Hits” and is supposed to be getting released through Jealous Records but according to some sources on the internet the label is a bit short money and can’t afford to do it right now. I’m not sure how much truth there is in that but this record does need to get out there because it’s just too good not to. Perhaps someone should burn a box full and distribute them via a fleet of steroid fueled carrier pigeons.
15. Pooh Sticks - Indiepop Ain’t Noise Pollution (Fierce)
16. Autechre - Plyphon (Warp)
You always know what to expect from Autechre yet they never fail to impress. They seem to have been doing this for a very long time and they still sound like they have a sack full of new ideas just waiting to be poured out. The new album is called “Quaristice” and will be released through the legendary Warp Records on 3rd March. Buy Here
17. Pete & The Pirates - Knots (Stolen) Taken from the album “Little Death”. Out 18th February. Buy Here
18. Lemuria - Buzz (Asian Man) I’m really quite exited about this lot. The album “Get Better” is brilliant and will be avaliable from 26th February. Buy Here
19. Times New Viking - Off The Wall (Matador) Final track from this weeks featured artist. Taken from the album “Rip It Off”. Buy Here
20. The Reverse - My Lifelong Psychological Experiment (Run Out) Excellent new single. Buy Here


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  2. Ok Ok calm yourself down.

    It was just me being really thick and forgetting to put the link in.



  3. aaah. that's better. lots of noise for a monday.

  4. Railrider11:54 am

    Lets have some blogging done.....
    Have you got the new take that single?if not what about Dog Years from Newcastle...

  5. Err...well...

    I'm not quite sure I can find enough rude words to answer that with.

    Dog Years though are a top prospect for 2008. Unfortunately I've nowt by them so DAMN! You'll just have to console yourself with your Take That greatest hits.