Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Downliners Sekt

As far as attitudes towards music go Downliners Sekt are in a class of their own. To say they are non-commercial is an understatement. It's music purely for the love of it and let's share it with everyone. Record label bosses must be scratching their heads in puzzlement of such an novel stance. I really wish more bands would see the benefits of giving music away in order to get it heard by the largest possible audience instead of being all poncy. The band have just released their second album and I must admit if I had to pay ten quid on Amazon for it I would not be dissapointed for it is a work of art. It's called "The Saltire Wave" and the band are actively encouraging people to download it and share it in any way they feel free. If you go to the bands website you can still download the first album as well which I must admit I've not heard yet but plan to do so later tonight accompanied by a nice bottle of red.

Anyway Download, Enjoy, Share...