Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Don't you just love bands which it is virtually impossible to get any info on! If you've been downloading the playlists over the last couple of months you'll already be quite familiar with Disconcerts who's "Books, Chairs, Thoughts" E.P. still gives me palpitations every time it hijaks my i-pod. They play a brand of quirky pop punk not unlike The Fire Engines or The Fall (new album coming soon!) and are playing a gig in London with These New Puritans next month which if it didn't happen to be 200 miles away I would certainly be attending. I saw These New Puritans last week and they were very good although a slightly longer set wouldn't have gone amiss. I think they played for about 28 minutes, but it was a very good 28 minutes.
The London gig is at The Metro on 20th March and if you can make it I'd like a report. Make sure you cheer loudly for Chichesters finest!

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  1. Anonymous10:21 am

    Apparently there is a new ep on its way :)

  2. Anonymous10:22 am

    Apparently there is a new ep on its way :)

  3. Really?
    I've not heard about this but if so I can't wait to get hold of a copy.

  4. Anonymous7:04 pm

    They should do a gig for us in York!!!
    What do you think!

  5. Anonymous9:07 pm

    Well from what i was told they were either considering a new ep to be released or it would be a mini album still titled Books.Chairs.Thoughts

  6. I don't really care if it's a new ep or an album. I just need MORE!

    Certainly agree about the gig in York though. How far is it from Chichester?

  7. Anonymous9:37 pm

    errm i think it is lower south than london, and is york the other end of the country, can't see it happening soon unless they tour supporting anyone or if they have a random self tour which i have no idea how may people would go...i hope so though.

  8. vincent7:03 pm

    I have had an email from the band and
    this is it......

    Hi, we are working on our new ep which we still have no name for, it will contain 3 songs, with one song being written by each member of the band.

    we would definately be up for playing in york, summer time hopfully if we can arrange a tour, or if not hopefully we can get a support up there.

    speak soon

  9. Anonymous7:52 pm

    Televised crimwave were amazing and disconcerts were really good tooo, lightspeed champion even played aswell!! overall it was a really good night.

  10. Anonymous10:37 am

    the ep is on there myspace

  11. mister castle2:58 pm

    disconcerts are bloody good. saw them up in london at the victoria - visceral, unmerciful pop. good stuff.

    their from a scene of pretty good bands too from the looks of things. i don't know what's going on with MARCO, but they're damn good too ( and that joe dunn kid definitely has talent..

    mister castle