Sunday, January 27, 2008

Playlist 44

Another week, another brilliant record. It seems at the moment there is at least one record a week that makes the world a much nicer place to be. This week the record in question is the debut album by Columbus, Ohio's Times New Viking. Sixteen tracks of guitar spanking goodness. If I were a doctor I would prescribe you a full dose twice daily for your general well being. I think it's pretty certain that they will be next weeks featured artist.
This weeks featured artist however is the superb Eats Tapes who's debut album "Dos Mutantes" I somehow managed to miss last year. There seems to be quite a lot of quality experimental electronic artists coming through now which is very good to see from a scene which in my opinion has stagnated somewhat over recent years. I got an album just yesterday by an artist who celebrates under the name of Clark whose album "Turning Dragon" will be released imminently through Warp Records and reminds me in no small measure of Jeff Mills at his best. There will certainly be a track from that in next weeks program.
The Burning World computer was returned last week all repaired and lovely so the e-mail address has now changed back to if you should like to get in touch, and why would you not?? Talking of which I'm a little dissapointed that my plea for unsigned bands to submit tracks for the featured artist slot has not produced any fruit. I just thought it was quite a good idea for quality unsigned bands to show their wares in these programs and possibly find a way into peoples hearts. If any bands are interested in this just drop me a line at for the postal address if you want to send cd's of you can simply attatch mp3's to your e-mail. Simple...
On with the tunes..............................................

1. Envelopes - Party (Brille) This seems like the perfect way to start a playlist. Personally I think this second Envelopes album is much better than the first one which itself was pretty good. It’s called “Here Comes The Wind” and is released on 28th January. Buy Here
2. Xiu Xiu - No Friend Oh! (Kill Rock Stars) Taken from the new album “Women As Lovers”. Out 28th January.
3. Eats Tapes - Face Shredder (Tigerbeat 6) First track from this weeks featured artist. The album “Dos Mutantes” was actually released almost a year ago but I only got a copy the other week. Buy Here
4. Sons And Daughters - Rebel With The Ghost (Domino) Taken from the new album "This Gift". Out 28th January. Buy Here
5. The Envy Corps - Rhinemaiden (Mercury) Taken from the forthcoming album "Dwell". Out 7th April. Buy Here
6. Why - Good Friday (Anticon) Taken from the album "Alopecia". Out 11th March, Buy Here
7. Small Crew - Getting Up (God Is In The TV) Buy Here
8. The Aphex Twin - Digeridoo (R&S) Classic 12″ from 1991. I can still remember the first time I heard this track and thinking this could be the future of electronic music. Still sounds fantastic even now.
9. I Was A Cub Scout - Pink Squares (Rough Trade) Taken from the album “I Want You To Know There Is Always Hope”. Out 18th February. Buy Here
10. Disconcerts - Ladies First (Self Released) The fourth and final track from this fine cd.
11. Eats Tapes - Full Blast (Tigerbeat 6) Second track from this weeks featured artist. Buy Here
12. Pale Man Made - Stay Pressed (My Space) Yes that’s right, I’ve nicked this track from the bands My Space page. I didn’t even know they existed until I discovered them on Rossy’s fine Just Gimme Indie Rock blog according to which they will soon be releasing an album called “Oh My, Treasured Things” which on the strength of this I can’t wait to hear. They come from Newcastle as well which is only about fifty miles north of my humble abode.
13. Rings - You Remind Me (Paw Tracks) Taken from the album “Black Habit”. Buy Here
14. Turzi - Afghanastan ()
15. Cadence Weapon - Real Estate (Anti)
Taken from the new album ”Afterparty Babies”. Out 4th March. Buy Here
16. New Times Viking - Another Day (Matador) This is quite simply an awesome record. New Times Viking come from Columbus, Ohio and that’s a shame because it means the chances of them playing anywhere near my neck of the woods is slim. Apparently they’re going to be touring with Super Furry Animals in February but according to their My Space page all of the dates are in the states. Oh well, let’s hope they come over to this side of the Atlantic before the year is out. The album is called “Rip It Off” and is also avaliable on vinyl. Buy Here
17. Flying Saucer Attack - Standing Stone (Domino) Classic droners from Bristol. This track comes from the 1994 album “Distance” which was a compilation of the bands early singles. I’m sure I had this track on 7″ it seems to have been lost in the mists of time. Buy Here
18. Eats Tapes - Hotel California (Tigerbeat 6) Final track from this weeks featured artist. Taken from the album “Dos Mutantes”. Buy Here
19. Eight Legs - Freaking Out The Neighbours (Weekender) Taken from the album “Searching For The Simple Life”.
20. Mass Of The Fermenting Dregs - Skabetty (Avocado) …and the prize for band name of the week goes to…This is one of six tracks on the bands debut mini album.

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