Monday, January 07, 2008

Playlist 41

1. Young & Restless - I Pointed At You And You Burst Into Flames (Dot Dash) Taken from the self-titled debut album. Not sure how you would get a copy but goddam you need one!
2. Los Campesinos - Broken Heartbeats Sound Like Breakbeats (Wichita) Taken from the long awaited (by me anyway) debut album “Hold On Now Youngster” which will be in the shops on 18th February.
3. Foals - Cassius (Transgressive) I’ve no idea exactly what this is. It’s the first track from a two track promo CD. New single perhaps? Anyway the Oxford lads seem to have hit the target with their usual accuracy and I’ll play the other track from this CD in next weeks program.
4. This Will Destroy You - Threads (Magic Bullet) Taken from their self-titled debut album which will be released on 28th January. Buy Here
5. Plasticines - Pop In, Pop Out (EMI) First track from this weeks featured artist. This album has been around a while apparently but I only got my paws on one the other week and it turns out to be rather excellent even though it has quite possibly the worst sleeve I’ve seen for some time. Buy Here
6. Chris T-T - This Gun Is Not A Gun (Xtra Mile) I seem to recall promising to play this a while back. Taken from the current e.p. of the same name. Buy Here
7. The Mountain Goats - Sax Rohmer #1 (4AD) This is the first track on the new Mountain Goats album. I’ve only listened to the whole thing a couple of times but it’s a bit of a stormer. The album is called “Heretic Pride” and will be released on 18th February. Buy Here
8. The Shop Assistants - Big E Power (Avalanche)
9. Black Mountain - Angels (Jagjaguwar)
Taken from the new album “In The Future” which will be released on 21st January. Buy Here
10. The Reverse - My Lifelong Psychological Experiment (Run Out) These guys just don’t make enough records. They seem to have been around for ages and yet this is only their third e.p. Apparently this is the final e.p. in the trilogy. I certainly hope this doesn’t mean they won’t be making any more records. Would it be too much to ask for an album in 2008? This CD is limited to 500 copies so you’d better get your skates on. Buy Here
11. Dillinja - Tunnel Grinder (Valve) Taken from the “Diggin In Ya Crate” 12″ep. Kicks ass. Buy Here
12. The Magnetic Fields - Too Drunk To Dream (Nonesuch) One of the first classic tunes of 2008. Taken from the new album “Distortion”. I expect to hear this sang at football grounds up and down the country. Out 14th January. Buy Here
13. Plasticines - Shake (Twist Around The Fire) (EMI) Second track from this weeks featured artist. The album is rather inspiringly called “LP1″. Buy Here
14. Destroyalldreamers - My Eyes Were On The Dance Floor (Where Are My Records) Taken from the album “Wish I Was All Flames”. Buy Here
15. The Shondes - Your Monster (Self-Released)
16. Disconcerts - Books, Chairs, Thoughts (Self-Released)
Title track from the Chichester bands latest ep. I must have played this record six times today, excellent.
17. The Belltower - In Hollow (Ultimate) Taken from the 1992 album “Popdropper”. Buy Here
18. Randall & Vapour - Angels Warning (Mac II) 12"
19. Plasticines - Human Rights (EMI) Final track from this weeks featured artist, from the album “LP1″. Buy Here
20. Marcus Guentner - Oceans Day (Kompakt) Taken from the “Pop Ambient 2008″ compilation. Apparently this compilation is some kind of annual event with a new one released each year. This is the first one I’ve heard and there certainly is some good stuff on here more of which will appear in future programs. Buy Here

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