Sunday, January 13, 2008

Playlist 42

This weeks program features The Magnetic Fields in the much coveted featured artist slot. The three tracks come from "Distortions" their new album which will be flying out of stores up and down the country as we speak. The record has had mixed reviews with people either loving or hating it, without much middle ground. Personally I think it's the best material the band have produced thus far and I hope it does very well for them. Also in this weeks program new stuff from Blood Red Shoes whose long awaited debut album will finally materialise in the spring, another track from the best ep I've heard for ages. I'm talking of course about Disconcerts who I really hope are not just going to be one of those bands who make one excellent record and then walk off the edge of a cliff never to be heard from again. Anyway I can't sit around here chatting all day..................

1. Disconcerts - David Bowie (Self-Released) My new favorite band.
2. Oh No Ono - Keeping Warm In A Cold Country (Morningside) Taken from the album “Yes”. Out next week. Buy Here
3. Facebreaker - Slowly Rotting (Pulverised ) Taken from the new album “Dead, Rotten & Hungry”. Out 31st January. Buy Here
4. The Magnetic Fields - California Girls (Nonesuch) This weeks feaured artist are The Magnetic Fields who are about to release what is by far their finest work to date. The album is called “Distortion” and will be available from Monday. Two more tracks before the end of the program. Buy Here
5. Luca Bernardi - Boca Do Inferno
6. Blood Red Shoes - Take The Weight (V2) Taken from the Brighton bands debut album “Box Of Secrets” which will be in the shops sometime in the near future although I know not when.
7. The Orb - Towers Of Dub (Perpetual Twilight Of Dawn)
8. Kap Bambino - Mess In The Ruins (Wwilko)
I played you a track from this album last year then promptly forgot all about it until Vince mentioned it in the pub last week. The album’s called “Zero Life, Night Vision” and is bloody brill. Buy Here
9. Envelopes - Put On Hold (Brille) Taken from the new album “Here Comes The Wind” which will be released 28th January.
10. All - Sag Alles Ab (Kompact) Another track from the “Pop Ambient 2008″ compilation. I must admit I’m not a big fan of compilations (even though I produce one every week) but this one is especially good. Buy Here
11. The Magnetic Fields - Please Stop Dancing (Nonesuch) Second track from this weeks featured artist. Buy Here
12. Torpedo - Rabbit In The Headlight (Knievel) From the album “In The Assembly Line”. Buy Here
13. Foals - Redsox Pugie (Transgressive) This is the second track from a two track promo cd, the first of which I played in last weeks program. I can’t wait for the album from these guys which apparently is not too far away. Oxford at it’s finest.
14. DHS - House Of God (Hangman) Classic with a capital CLASS. Time for a re-issue me thinks.
15. Tender Forever - Doves Vs Pigeons (K) From the album “Wider”. Buy Here
16. Black Mountain - Stay Free (Jagjaguwar) The album “In The Future” will be released on 21st January. Buy Here
17. Bongwater - Nick Cave Dolls (Shimmy Disc) I used to love this album. Not just for it’s musical content but also because it used to wind my dad up like nothing else. “Get that bloody pornography off” he used to shout upstairs. The album in question is the cult classic “Power Of Pussy” and every home should have one.
18. The Magnetic Fields - Drive On Driver (Nonesuch) Final track from this weeks featured artist. The album “Distortion” will be out next week. Buy Here
19. Intervurt - Translucent (Dead Planet) This is the title track from the London bands forthcoming ep. Out 28th January.
20. The Fall - Why Are People Grudgeful (Permanent) The new album should be with us in March. It’s called “Latch Key Kid” and I for one won’t sleep until it is in my possession. This track is from 1993 and can be found on the 2006 re-issue of “The Infortainment Scan”. Buy Here

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