Monday, December 29, 2008

Pod Fodder (Volume Twenty One)

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1. Titus Andronicus - Every Time I See The Light (Part One) (Merok)
Take from the seven inch single "Titus Andronicus". The band are going to be on tour with Los Campesinos in the states throughout January after which...

18th February - Monbeliard, Generiq Festival
19th February - Evreux, Abordage
20th February - San Maolo, Route Du Rock Festival
22nd February - London, Shepherds Bush Empire
23rd February - London, Hoxton Bar & Grill
24th February - Manchester, Night & Day
25th February - Glasgow, King Tuts
26th February - Leeds, Cockpit
28th February - Amsterdam, Paradiso
1st March - Groningen - Vera
2nd March - Nijmegan, Merleyn
4th March - Berlin, Bang Bang Club
5th March - Hamburg, Molotow
6th March - Dresden, Beatpol
8th March - Frankfurt, Elfer
9th March - Koln, Tsunami
10th March - Brussels, Botanique

2. The Ruling Class - Flowers (Shelflife)
Originally issued as a seven inch single through Fandango Records earlier in the year "Flowers" now finds itself on the brilliant "Tour De Force" E.P which can be ordered from the Shelflife website.

6th January - London, Pandamonium @ Dublin Castle

3. Copy Haho - Pulling Pushups (Big Scary Monsters)
I think it was Mr Vincent who first put me onto this bunch of Scots last year through his fantastic "North Of The Border" playlist. This by far is their best work to date though. It comes from their new five track E.P. "Bred For Skills & Magic" which will be available sometime in February.

4. Tack Till - Would That It Were (Years Without Art)
This is a track from the debut single from the St Albans based band. Available on seven inch vinyl and download.

5. BBB - Basebuster (High Grade)

6. Safeashome - Keen (Safranin Sound)
Taken from the album "Not What Happens".

3rd February - London, Bardens Boudoir

7. Helen Love - Calm Down Dad (Elefant)
Most bands start out with all the best intentions. The debut album is full of top tunes penned over the first couple of years of the bands existence. From there nine times out of ten it's a downward spiral with the music maturing and degrading to such an extent that they become Genesis. Helen Love are one of the few bands which have avoided that trap. They've been knocking out top pop songs for over a decade without any sign of maturing or drifting off in any other boring direction. This is the title track from their new single which will be released through Elefant Records of Madrid on 26th January. I have to say I think this record is pretty much perfect and is already my favorite track of 2009. The b-side "John Peel Roadshow" is great as well.

8. The Twilight Sad - That Summer, At Home I Had Become The Invisible Boy (Fat Cat)
Taken from the new album "The Twilight Sad Killed My Parents And Hit The Road".

9. Rektchordz - Bassbin Tactics (High Grade)
12" vinyl

10. Primal Scream - Velocity Girl (Creation)
I don't think any sane person could argue against this track as one of the finest pop songs in the history of history.

11. The Howling Bells - It Ain't You (Independiente)
Taken from the new album "Radio Wars" which will be released through Independiente on 9th February.
12. Shrag - Intelligent Theft (Where It's At)
Another track from the Brighton bands brilliant debut album which will be available from 19th January.

9th January - London, Twee As Fuck @ Buffalo Bar
12th January - London - Rough Trade In Store
22nd January - Manchester, Day & Night
26th February - Brighton, Artrocker
28th February - Paris, La Fleche d'Or

13. Built By Snow - Algometric Touch (CD-R) Built By Snow are a four piece from Austin, Texas and this track comes from their rather good debut album "Mega" which will be available from 20th January. It could be worth keeping an eye on these guys in 2009.

2nd January - Austin, Mohawk
6th January - Austin, Beauty Bar
8th January - Austin, Beauty Bar
24th January - Austin, Club DeVille
25th February - Austin, Emos

14. Stickboy - Forget Yourself (Self Released)
This comes from Stickboy's latest offering "EP 3" all of which can be downloaded for free from his MySpace page.

15. Orzelda - Succulent (Winning Sperm Party)
Yet more top quality stuff from the W.S.P. crew. The full five track E.P. can be downloaded, as always for free from the Winning Sperm Party website.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Asobi Seksu - Urbana, Canopy Club, 20th September 2008

Excellent set from Asobi Seksu recorded earlier in the year. Most of the tracks come from their "Citrus" album but there are a couple of new songs on here which will hopefully be included on the new album which will apparently happen sometime in 2009.

1. New Years
2. Pink Cloud Tracing Paper
3. Strings
4. Me & Mary
5. Thursday
6. I'm Happy But You Don't Like Me
7. Cocteau
8. Strawberries
9. Red Sea

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Richard Youngs - Three Handed Star

This is without doubt one of the best records of 2008. Released about a month or so ago and limited to just fifty copies an released through his own No Fans label Richard Youngs "Three Handed Star" is a masterpiece. There's just so much going on here, every time you listen to it you pick up something else. There aren't any proper track titles but who needs them. Richard Youngs has been releasing records for donkeys years and I must confess I own few of his earlier records but on the strength of this I think some serious investigation is in order.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Pod Fodder (Volume Twenty)

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1. Sky Larkin - Pica (Wichita)
The Leeds band debut album which has now acquired a title "The Golden Spike" will finally see the light of record shops next month and I'll be very surprised if by this time next year the whole world aren't talking about them. They will also be releasing a new single "Beeline" next month which apart from the normal download format will also be available as a watch.... That's right a watch... One of those things you put on your wrist. If you get yourself over to the Sky Larkin website post haste you'll be able to pre order one of these soon to be highly collectible artifacts.

January 22nd - Bristol, Louisiana
January 23rd - Cardiff, Barfly
January 24th - Nottingham, The Bodega
January 26th - Glasgow, King Tuts
January 27th - Manchester, Night & Day
January 28th - Oxford, The Bullingdon
January 29th - London, ICA
January 3th - Brighton, Audio
January 31st - Leeds, Brudenell Social Club

2. Max Cooper - Tinderbox (Autist)
This is taken from "The Crushbox E.P." which also features a track called "The Fuckwit" which was the one I was originally going to use in this fodder just because it's got a great title. This track however is just to good not to be included.

3. The Loves - The Ex Gurlfiend (Fortuna Pop)
The Loves will soon release their third album, cunningly entitled "Three" along with three three track EP's.

7th January - London, Track & Fields Winter Sprinter @ The Luminaire
24th January - London, Zonono! @ The Windmill, Brixton
7th February - No One Died @ The Enterprise, Camden
14th February - Cardiff, Twisted By Design/Freakshow @ Dempseys

4. The Orb - High Noon (Butterfly) Taken from "The Dream".

5. The Present - World I See (Lore)
Title track from the current album by Rusty Santos's best project. My preferred track is "Heavens On Ice" but at thirteen minutes might be a bit too much at this time of the year. There will apparently be a new record in the spring.

6. Burning Hearts - The Galloping Horse (Shelflife)
Taken from the new album "Aboa Sleeping" which will be released in February.

7. Fleeting Joys - Don't Go (Thompson Sounds)
Another track from what I'm sure will be one of the best records of 2009. "Occult Radiance" will be released 22nd January.

8. FreQ Nasty Vs Propa Tings - Peacemaker (Dub)

9. Plastic Sound - Fac 51 (Gastspiel)
Nice electro out of Germany. I think this track was probably named after a catalogue number. Under the Factory Records system all kinds of things got catalogue numbers and FAC 51 just happened to be the legendary Hacienda club.

10. Exlovers - Just A Silouette (Chess Club)
Magnificent debut single by the London five piece. Just a great track, nuff said. There are only five hundred of these seven inch single though so you might want to get your ass in gear.

31st December - London, Macbeth
4th January - London, Notting Hill Arts Club
8th January - London, The Windmill
30th January - London, No Fiction @ Powers (Free Entry)
13th February - London - Year Zero @ Bar Rhumba
14th February - Oxford, The Cellar

11. Milky Wimpshake - (If You Wanna Know The Time Ask A) Policeman (Fortuna Pop)
Taken from the EP "One Good Use For My Heart".

12. Masonic - I Won't Back Down (Self Released)
Another track from the album "The Human Blade".

13. Talkbook - New Blood (Winning Sperm Party)
This is a track from the excellent "Cry Parrot 2" compilation which can be found on the Winning Sperm Party website along with a new E.P. by The Japanese War Effort. Talking of which...

14. The Japanese War Effort - Punk Is Not Dead (Winning Sperm Party)
This is from The Japanese War Effort's second E.P. "Snowbird" which is also available for free from the mighty Winning Sperm Party. Those guys must be due some kind of M.B.E.

6th February - Edinburgh, Trampoline @ The Wee Red Bar
19th February - Glasgow, Winning Sperm Party @ O' Henrys

15. The Wedding Present - White Christmas (Vibrant)
Right that's it! I'm now officially sick to death of Christmas records. This year has produced a huge glut of Christmas educed strummings and there are only so many mince pies you can eat before you turn into a fat bastard so this will be the last Christmas record on this site this year. Baaaaa Humbug

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Pod Fodder (Volume Nineteen)

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1. Poptastic - Hold Me (Seeland)
A little bit strange but incredibly good. It reminds me a little bit of the first Adventures In Stereo album. I'm not sure exactly when this is released but it's well worth checking out. The album is called "The Teen Pop Noise Virus" and will be released, if it hasn't been already through Seeland Records.

2. Stars For The Innocent - I Can See You (Rusted Lung)
There's nothing like a blast of white noise to get your day off to a winning start. This track comes from an album called "It's You And Them".

3. Shrag- Mark E Smith (Where It's At)
Excellent stuff. This is a track from a record you'll be hearing a lot more from in 2009. Shragare yet another great band to come out of Brighton which is a place I've never been to but it must be great judging by the quality of bands it produces. The Manchester of the south? The debut album from Shrag is released through Where It's At on 19th January.

9th January - London, Twee As Fuck @ Buffalo Bar

22nd January - Manchester, Night & Day

26th February - Brighton, Artrocker

4. Ultra Vivid Scene - Special One (4AD)
Classic slab of wax from 1990

5. Future Loop Foundation - The Sea & Sky (Trenchman Remix) (Just Music)

6. The Joy Formidable - Cradle (Kyte Remix) (Try Harder)
This track is one of four on a double 7" pack which features Cradle/The Last Drop on the first platter and remixes of the above on the second. I actually prefer the remixes and in particular this one. If you pop over to the Try Harder websiteyou can pre order your copy which will be released on 12th January.

7. The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart - Everything With You (Slumberland) Currently supporting The Wedding Present on tour.

8. Pilot Cloud - Star Redoubt (Self Released)
Taken from the album "In Transition" which it seems you can acquire simply by going here.

9. Sexy Kids - Sisters Are Forever (Slumberland)
Great single.

10. South Central - Higher State Of Consciousness (mp3)

11. Miss Halliwell - Doggers Dog (Shabby)
This track was apparently recorded at some point in August when the weather was warm and the lager was cold.

27th December - Birmingham, Tropical Hotdog Christmas @ The Victoria

14th January - Walsall, Modus Vivendi

17th January - Birmingham, The Moseley Arms

6th March - Birmingham, 444 Club @ The Rainbow Digbeth

12. Richard Youngs- Track 3 (No Fans)
This record really is too damn good. From the album "Three Handed Star". I still need to find out if this is going to get a proper release. If not I'm gonna give you the whole damn thing!

13. Bubbegum Lemonade - My Dreams Of You (Matinee)
Another track from the brilliant debut "Doubleplusgood".

14. The Monroe Transfer - Silent Night

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Pod Fodder (Volume Eighteen)

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1. Fleeting Joys - You Are The Darkness (Thompson Sounds)
Already my favorite record of 2009. If you liked last years "Despondent Transponder" album then I'm here to tell you this is even better. The album is called "Occult Radiance" and will be released sometime in January. Someone told me it's only going to be released in Japan but I think (and hope) that that is nothing more than verbal diarrhea.

2. Lord Skywave - Something (TRG's 95 Remix)

3. Peasant - Raise Today (Daytrotter Session)
This track is from Peasants recent Daytrotter session which can be downloaded in full from the Daytrotter website.

4. Sonic Youth - She Is Not Alone (SST)
Taken from the 1982 self-titled EP.

5. Psapp - I Want That (Domino)
Taken from the album "The Camels Back".

6. Like Honey - Tiles (Hybris)
Another track from brilliant album "Leaves".

7. The Homosexuals - Slow Guns (Serious Business)
This track comes from a new 10" EP by The Homosexuals which apparently is their first release since sometime in the 1980's and I have no reason to disbelieve that. This is the interesting bit... It has initially been issued as a limited run of 300 hand numbered copies. Bruno Wizard has written a story across all 300 copies, different words and sentences on each so if you want to actually make any sense of it all you would have to buy all 300 copies. Nice idea.

8. The Strange Boys - Woe Is You & Me (Promo)
This is just fantastic. The Strange Boys come from Austin, Texas which is a small problem when you're hoping they'll soon be playing a venue near you and you live in England. This track comes from the Boys new (and possibly debut) album "And Girls Club" or more specifically a sampler for it. They sound great and the sooner I can lay my filthy mitts on a full version the longer the sun will shine. This track is the first track on it and while it was playing it put me in mind of a band from a few years ago called Country Teasers which is no bad thing at all.

9. Country Teasers - Let's Have A Shambles (Guided Missile)

10. Gravenhurst - Nightwatchmans Blues (Warp)

11. Sportsday Megaphone - LA (Sunday Best)
I know this has been around a while now but it's new on me. There is an album called "So Many Colours/So Little Time" but I don't own a copy as yet.

18th December - Bristol, Start The Bus
19th December - London, Mile End, Drop Dynamite @ The Victoria

12. The Fall - LA (Beggars Banquet)
Well... I'm sure you saw that one coming.

13. Kyte - Eyes Lose Their Fire (Kids)
Taken from the new EP "Two Sparks, Two Stars" which I think became available just last week. I think this is the best work yet to come out of the Leicestershire quintet.

26th January - Oh Inverted World @ Madam Jo Jo's
13th February - London, Year Zero @36
26th February - London, Moshi Moshi Night @ Hoxton Bar & Grill

14. Polly Scattergood - Nitrogen Pink (Mute)

26th February - London, Solo Review Bar

15. The Wedding Present - Holly Jolly Hollywood (Vibrant)
Christmas is in full swing now and I really can't remember a year which has produced as many Christmas records as this one.

15th December - Newcastle, Academy
16th December - Leeds, University
17th December - Bristol, Academy
18th December - London, Forum
20th December - Thessaloniki, Liebe
21st December - Athens, Tiki
12th March - Tokyo, O' Nest
13th March - Tokyo, O' Nest

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Pod Fodder (Volume Seventeen)

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1. Shiema - On The Double (Promo)
Taken from the new EP "Make Them Swing Till It Hurts".

2. Their Hearts Were Full Of Spring - Winterlong (God Is In The TV)
Aaah lovely. Some of you might remember The Pixies doing a rather good version of this Neil Young track some years ago. Well this version is better, totally beautiful if it comes to an arguement and comes to you absolutely free courtesy of those nice people who refer to themselves as God Is In The TV. Their Hearts Were Full Of Spring come from that little backwater called London and if you pop over to their website there are quite a few tracks you can have a listen to. This track along with another called "White Winter Hymnal" will be available from the God Is In The TV website from 15th December.

20th December - London, The Fox

3. Rocha & Lewinger - Dub Screamer (SCI+TEC Digital Audio)
Let's face it, any track which choses to call itself "Dub Screamer" is always going to find a home on this site.

4. The Kilimanjaro Dark Jazz Ensemble - Twisted Horizons (Ad Noiseam)
Taken from the bands recent "Mutations EP".

5. Burningpilot - Starter Pack (Transgressive)
Taken from the debut album "Cold Caller"

6. Richard Youngs - Track 2 (No Fans)
This is a bit strange really. Apparently there are only 50 of these albums in existence which if true (and i have no reason to argue) is completely mental because this is a fantastic record and every soul alive should have the chance to experience it at least once. It's called "Three Handed Star" and if there are no plans for it to be made more widely available then you may well hear the whole thing right here. None of the tracks seem to have proper titles so "Track 2" will just have to do.

7. Mudhoney - Touch Me I'm Sick (Sub Pop)

8. It Hugs Back - Remember (4AD)
Let's face it, "It Hugs Back" is not a fantastic name for a band and "Inside Your Guitar" does not exactly inspire as an album title but if you can get beyond that this is actally a really good record. "Inside Your Guitar" will be released through 4AD on 19th January.

9th December - Manchester, The Deaf Institute

9. Bubblegum Lemonade - Penny Fountain (Matinee)
Another track from the Glasgow bands debut album "Doubleplusgood"

10. Bill Baird - Christmas In Jail (Indiecater)
The Christmas songs are now appearing by the tonload but the best I've heard so far is an album on Indiecater records cunningly entitled "An Indiecater Christmas" which instead of containing groups of Chimpanzees destroying what we are constantly told are Christmas classics is full of new tunes by good bands!! I kid you not, and some pretty damn good stuff as well. This track is probably my favorite at the moment. It costs just 6.50 euros from the indiecater website. A bargain I hear you shout.

11. Twinbeat - Don't Touch My Dog (Original Mix) (LTD007)
This is great. I like the bit on about 5m26s when the whole thing starts to sound unstable.

12. Masonic - Lifetime Of Deception (?)
According to the press release this album is not an album, it's a "Maxi EP" whatever the devil one of those is. Probably some kind of strange American jargon that the rest of the occupied world find baffling. Then again maybe I'm just a bit thick. Whatever it is it contains ten tracks and goes under the name "The Human Blade" and is really good.

13. Quitzow - New York Haunting (Young Love)
Taken from the new EP "Animal Nature".

14. Lukestar - White Shade (Flameshovel)
Taken from the album "Lake Toba".

15. Galaxy 500 - Listen The Snow Is Falling (Rough Trade)
Taken from the 1990 album "This Is Our Music".

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Pod Fodder (Volume Sixteen)

Download Here

1. Bubblebum Lemonade - I'll Never Be Yours (Matinee)
This is a track from the long awaited debut album by Glasgow's Bubblegum Lemonade.

2. Paperplain - 11.30 (Too Pure)
Another blinder from the Too Pure Singles Club.

3. The Longest Day - Slow Motion World (Feral Media)
Taken from the album "Night Falls".

4. Anderson Noise - Shibuya (Harthouse)
It's good to see Harthouse are still doing the business.

5. Mambo Taxi - Super Trooper (Clawfist)
I had completely forgotton how entertaining this single is. It was issued in 1994 through Clawfist and has Th' Faith Healers version of SOS on the other side.

6. Fox Gut Daata - Endless Hissy Fits (Winning Sperm Party)
You may (or may not) recall earlier o=in the year we included a couple of tracks from a compilation called "Cry Parrot" which was available for free download from the eternally gorgeous Winning Sperm Party website. Well they have just issued a follow up, cunningly entitled "Cry Parrot 2" and it's even better than the first one, packed from floor to ceiling with top new tunes. (andit's free). This is one of the tracks I keep coming back to.

7. Video Nasties - Albatross (Dead Again)
Video Nasties come from London and this is the first record I've heard from them. I bet they sound great live and loud. This is the title track from the bands current ep which if I'm not mistaken (and I usually am) is be available as we speak.

14th January - Cardiff, Barfly
15th January - Wrexham, Central Station
16th January - Barrow In Furness, The Canteen
17th January - Liverpool, Korvova
20th January - Glasgow, King Tuts
21st January - Newcastle, Academy 2
22nd January - Aberdeen, Club Snafu
23rd January - Leeds, Cockpit
24th January - Leicester, The Charlotte
26th January - Wolverhampton, Little Civic
27th January - London, Cargo
28th January - Brighton, Prince Albert
29th January - Kingston, New Slang
30th January - Hastings, The Crypt

8. ILIKETRAINS - Friday, Everybody Goodbye (Fantastic Plastic)
This is a track from the new ep "The Christmas Tree Ship" which was released last week. I don't know how many copies there are but apparently it's limited, which could of course mean limited to 50,000 but I'm sure it doesn't.

5th December - Hastings, The Crypt
6th December - Norwich, Arts Centre
7th December - Bristol, Louisiana
9th December - Southampton, Joiners
10th December - London, 93 Feet East
11th December - Leeds, Brudnell Social Club
13th December - Manchester, Ruby Lounge
14th December - Dundee, Dexters
15th December - Glasgow, King Tuts
16th December - Newcastle, The End

9. Like Honey - Telling Lies (Hybris)
This is without doubt the most played record in the Waaahhousehold this week. The band are called Like Honey which you might think is a Jesus & Mary Chain reference andyou'd probably be right. The band come from Malmo in Sweden andthis track comes from their debut album "Leaves" which is a record which every living person on the planet should own. The bandhave also just released a single called "Five Minute Dream" which is on the album but might have b sides that are not so hopefully I'll be able to track one of these down before the weekend.

10. Pig & Dan - Twisted Lip (Original Mix) (Hedgehog)
A fine release from the Hedgehog stable. The catalogue number on this is HOGG 1. I hope HOGG 2 is as good, can't wait.

11. The Field Mice - Sensitive (Sarah)

12. The Phantom Band - Left Hand Wave (Chemikal Underground)
From the debut album "Checkmate Savage" which will be released in the new year.

13. Cold Cave - Sex Ads (Hospital Productions)
This is one of three tracks on a 7" single which has a really rather fetching sleeve.

14. Peggy Sue & The Pictures - Once We Were Strangers (Broken Sound)
Formerly known as Peggy Sue & The Pirates. This is a track from the new EP by the Brighton band. It's called the "First Aid EP" and will be available fromnext week. The release will be celebrated with an EP launch gig at the 12 Bar Club in London on 11th December.

15. Spacemen 3 - Big City (Fire)
For some reason every time it snows I get this record out. Just one of those weird things. Galaxy 500 often put in an appearance as well.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

My Bloody Valentine - Dortmund Live Station, 3rd April 1989

Here you go then Robert. I don't normally do requests but I'm in a good mood today. York City FC have a new manager and hopefully he will be the man to turn things around and get us into the play-offs by the end of the season.... has anyone seen my pig? It appears to have flown off!
Anyway this is actually a really good recording of the pre-"Loveless" My Bloody Valentine. Personally I prefer Loveless over Isn't Anything but that's not to say the latter isn't a brilliant record.

Download Here

1. Emptiness Inside
2. You Never Should
3. Cigarette In Your Bed
4. Sueisfine
5. Cupid Come
6. Lose My Breath
7. Nothing Much To Lose
8. Thorn
9. I Can See It (But I Can't Feel It)
10. Soft As Snow (But Warm Inside)
11. Feed Me With Your Kiss
12. (When You Wake) You're Still In A Dream
13. Slow
14. You Made Me Realise
15. Lovelee Sweet Darlene
16. Paint a Rainbow

Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Fall - Manchester, Band On The Wall, 23rd August 1978

Someone mentioned the other day that all of the Fall bootlegs on this site are very similar in regards to setlist and performance so I think it's high time we heard a really old one. This set was recorded at Manchester's legendary Band On The Wall back in the mists of time and is a great example of a young fresh faced Fall. Mark even sounds in a good mood from time to time.

1. Rebellious Jukebox
2. Psycho Mafia
3. Mother Sister
4. Like To Blow
5. Repetition
6. Industrial Estate
7. Mess Of My
8. Stepping Out
9. Brand New Cadillac
10. Frightened
11. Futures & Pasts

Monday, November 24, 2008

Pod Fodder (Volume Fifteen)

Download Here

1. Bad Party - Feathered Hair & Tightass Jeans (Animal Disguise)
This is a track from the album "Coming Out Slowly" which has been around since the summer but I've only just got a copy.

2. The Felt Tips - The Love That Never Spoke It's Name (Wee Pop)
This track is one of the b sides on the new single "Bought & Sold".

3. Sky Larkin - Molten (Wichita)
The Leeds bands debut album will be available sometime in January and is going to be probably the first really important record of 2009.

24th November - London, Goldsmiths SU (with Those Dancing Days)
25th November - Leeds, Cockpit (with Those Dancing Days)
27th November - Sheffield, Fuzz Club (with Those Dancing Days)
28th November - Lancaster, Lancaster Library (with Those Dancing Days)
30th November - Glasgow, Captains Rest (with Those Dancing Days)
12th December - Cork, The Pavillion (with Stereolab)
14th December - Belfast, Black Box (with Stereolab)
16th December - London, Hoxton Bar & Grill (Wichita Christmas Party)

4. Stereolab - Low Fi (Too Pure)
I just thought, what with Sky Larkin supporting Stereolab next month it might be nice to remember the time when Stereolab made really good records. This is the first track from their 1994 "Low Fi" E.P.

5. True Widow - Corpse Master (End Sounds)
True Widow come from Dallas, Texas and this is a track from their rather excellent self titled debut album which was released last week.

6. Shooting At Unarmed Men - Peristalsis (Too Pure)
Taken from what I thought was the second album from Melbourne's Shooting At Unarmed Men. It's called "Triptych" and turns out to be their fourth which means there are two albums which I don't have. Damn!

7. Peasant - Impeccable Manners (Paper Garden)
This is a great record. The album is called "On The Ground" and will be released through Paper Garden at the end of January. I think you'll be hearing more from this album on Buring World before then but this is the track I keep coming back to at the moment. I particularly like the line "I am the man that I once found revolting". Peasant are currently on tour in the states and if you pop over to the Paper Garden website you will undoubtedly uncover all the info your heart could possibly require.

8. Official Secrets Act - Do Not Be Alarmed (One Little Indian)
This is the B side of the current single "So Tomorrow".

1st December - Glasgow, King Tuts
2nd December - Manchester, Dry Bar
3rd December - Nottingham, Bodega
4th December - Runcorn, Underground
5th December - Birmingham, Barfly
6th December - Leeds, Cockpit
8th December - Southampton, Hamptons
9th December - London, Barfly (single launch)
11th December - Bristol, Start The Bus

9. One Dove - Transient Truth (Boys Own)
12" single from 1992.

10. Weenliz - Cub (Winning Sperm Party)
This is a track from another free to download bundle of joy brought into the world care of the nice people at Winning Sperm Party and some mad Scots who call themselves Weenliz.

20th December - Glasgow, Stereo
9th January - Glasgow, 13th Note

11. Time. Space. Repeat - Future Song (Samu)
This is a track from the new Time. Space. Repeat. album which was released just last week and can be purchased from . It only costs a fiver and four pounds of that will be donated to Shelter so you can buy a bloody good record and do a good deed all at the same time, perfect.

12. Break The Box - Prostitutes & Video Games (Nothing's Remix) (Breakin Even)

13. Mutators - Trick Animals (Nominal)
Yet another track from the box of brilliance that is "Secret Life". As this record is so hard to get hold of I am considering putting the whole damn thing on here as some kind of life improving excersise. Oh wait!! Their might be a second pressing coming up... on BLACK vinyl.

14. The Ape Drape Escape - Broke My Hip (to the beat) (Promo)
I can't tell you anything about this track other than it's by Sheffield band Ape Drape Escape and it kicks ass. What more do you need to know?

29th November - London, Shorditch, London Catch

15. Xylos - In The Bedroom (Self Released)
This track comes from the New York bands new "Bedrooms EP" which you can download for free from the bands website HERE.
20th December - New York, Piano's

The Field Mice - Londres, The Dome 21st November 1991

This is actually one of my all time favorite bootlegs. The sound is far from perfect but I think you get a great "feel" from this one. There just aren't enough Sarah bootlegs around.

Download Here

1. This Is Not Here
2. Coach Station Reunion
3. New Pop Song
4. Below The Stars
5. Quiet & Loud
6. Five Moments
7. Star Of David
8. Untitled
9. Of The Perfect Kind
10. End Of The Affair

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Pod Fodder (Volume Fourteen)

It's that time of year again when you need to start thinking about your favorite tracks of the year. This is probably going to work the same as last year simply send an email to containing a list of your top tunes (any amount) and around Christmas time a downloadable top thirty will appear as if by magic. The only rule is that it has to have been released in 2008 and isn't a re-issue. I think it's been a great year and I'm really looking forward to seeing your lists. On with the fodder.....

Download Here

1. No Age - Revolving Credit For Kitty (Tour 7")
This is the No Age contribution to the Shred Yr Face tour 7".

2. Burningpilot - Automatic Text Generator (Transgressive)
I've been looking forward to this album ever since I played the last single "Accelerate" on a previous Fodder. The album is called "Cold Caller" and does exactly what you would want it to. My only slight critisism is that it sounds just a little bit too well produced but it's well worth a sniff.

21st November - London, Hope & Anchor
28th November - St Albans, The Horn

3. Boyracer - The Heartbreaker (555)
Boyracer have been around for ages. They used to be the black sheep of Sarah Records and they are still ploughing their own furrow. The latest album is called "Sunlight Is The Best Antiseptic" and sounds as raw as ever. I'm not sure how available this record is but if you pop over to the 555 website I'm sure you'll be able to furnish yourself with more info than you could possibly need.

4. Clinic - Tomorrow (DFA Remix) (Domino)
Originally a track on "Do It" which seems like ages ago "Tomorrow" is been released as a single. This is the most exiting part though, the DFA remix which takes it from a record you probably should buy to a record which you need to own. The single also includes a new song called "Hijack" and will be available from 24th November. They have some gigs coming up which sound very interesting. They are calling these happenings "Planetarium Of The Soul", a collaboration between Clinic and animator Clemens Habicht. According to the poster you will witness live music and animation bleeding together in a contemporary vortex of psychedelic sight and sound, so I think we can expect slightly more than a bloke with a slide show. If anyone gets to one of these gigs please let me know all about it. I'm intrigued.

18th November - Manchester, Deaf Institute
19th November - Glasgow, The Arches
20th November - Birmingham, Factory Club
22nd November - Leeds, Brudnell Social Club
23rd November - London, Scala

5. Bob - Skylark (House Of Teeth)
Taken from the 1990 "Tired EP"

6. Be Invisible Now - I Fiori Devono Moririe (Kill Shaman)
This comes from a split EP which Be Invisible Now share with Expo 70 Good stuff.

7. The Manhattan Love Suicides - Jonny Boy (Squirrel)
This is a band who really should have been featured more on Burning World escpecially as they come from just twenty miles down the road in Leeds. Taken from the album "Burnt Out Landscapes". I really must make an effort to catch them live. I bet they sound great.

1st December - London, Hoxon Bar & Kitchen (with Asobi Seksu)
13th December - Leeds, The Cockpit (with The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart)
17th December - London, The Lexington (with The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart)

8. Plaaaydoh - Cambodia (Winning Sperm Party)
Plaaaydoh are back with yet another free EP. It's called the "Friend EP" largly because it contains for cover versions of songs by their friends, or more specifically Dirty Summer, Grozny, Orzelda & Triple School. The whole EP can be downloaded completely free from the Winning Sperm Party website..... You still here????

9. Dance Me Pregnant - Possession (No Dancing)
This is a track from the split 7" Dance Me Pregnant share with Ladyfinger.

10. The Child Molesters - I'm Gonna Punch You In The Face (Sympathy For The Record Industry)
Back when I was a teenager (not all that long ago) I used to collect 7" singles on the Sympathy For The Record Industry label. To be honest most of them were pretty average but they always came on nice coloured vinyl with some great artwork on a fold out sleeve. This is one of my favorites. I think this was originally released back in 1978 and re-issued by Sympathy but I don't have an original copy so I could be wrong. This particular version comes from a double 7" pack which is on beautiful, almost translucent blue vinyl. There are a few scratches in places but I think this still sounds great.

11. Norma - God's Will (Promo)
Taken from the forthcoming album "Book Of Norma" which will I think may be available now.... and yes, they come from Sweden.

12. LOL - Love Leaves No Scar (Hixxy Remix) (All Over The World)
It's been ages since any quality happy hardcore has come my way. Fear not, that wait is at an end. This comes from the new LOL single and is definitly my favorite mix.

13. Astrobrite - Booster (Vinyl Junkie)
Taken from the album "One Hit Wonder".

14. Decomposure - Excerpt 7 (Blank Squirrel)
This track comes from the new Decomposure album "Humidity Patient Guide" which can be downloaded for free from the Blank Squirrel Music website.

15. Youthmovies - Become An Island (Blast First)
Taken from the "Polyp EP" which was released last week.

19th November - Liverpool, Barfly Loft
20th November - Glasgow, King Tuts
21st November - Edinburgh, Caberet Voltaire
22nd November - Carlisle, Brickyard

The Fall - York, The Duchess, 13th November 2008

It's always good when The Fall play in your home town. I had been looking forward to this gig for ages and then disaster struck. I wasn't going to be in York. While the majestic M.E. Smith was gracing a stage just down the road from my house I would be in a shitty hotel in Birmingham. Typical isn't it, the first time I have had to go anywhere overnight all year and it had to fall on this week. Anyway all is not lost thanks to the superb and creatures who call themselves The Consortium and did a fine job of recording this gig. Listening to it only makes me more angry about not being there but I suppose there's always next time. That's one of the great things about The Fall, you never have long to wait before the next gig.

1. Intro
2. Chino Splashback
3. Fall Sound
4. Wolf Kidult Man
5. Wings
6. 50 Year Old Man
7. I've Been Duped
8. Funnel of Love
9. Tommy Shooter
10. Carry Bag Man
11. White Lightning
12. Reformation
13. Outro
14. Blindness

Monday, November 10, 2008

The Primitives - Liverpool RCT, 28th April 1988

1. Dreamwalk Baby
2. I'll Stick With You
3. Buzz Buzz Buzz
4. Thru The Flowers
5. Run Baby Run
6. Across My Shoulder
7. Have You Heard
8. Way Behind Me
9. Nothing Left
10. Take Those Who Hate Me Away
11. Ocean Blue
12. Don't Want Anything To Change
13. Out Of Reach
14. Carry Me Home
15. Crash
16. Everything's Shining Bright
17. Really Stupid
18. Shadow
19. We've Found A Way To The Sun
20. As Tears Go by
21. Stop Killing Me

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Pod Fodder (Volume Thirteen)

Download Here

1. Le Reno Amps - Send Me On My Way (Drift)
This is a track from the Glasgow bands new single which will be available from 8th December.

13th November - Glasgow, The Flying Duck
15th November - Forres, Mosset Tavern
29th November - Paisley, Crow Bar
13th December - Coatbridge, The Academy
18th December - Glasgow, Brel

2. Noisia - B.R.U.L. (Division)
This is a track from a 12" single which has this track from Noisia on one side and an equally good work by Feed Me on the other.

3. The Alexandria Quartet - Into The Light (Nettwerk)
There isn't much information available about The Alaxandria Quartet. This is one of two tracks on a promo cd which presumably is going to be released in the near future.

4. The Paddingtons - What's The Point In Anything New (Mama Bear)
Taken from the Hull bands second album "No Mudane Options".

9th November - Leeds, Cockpit

5. Atomic Hooligan - Electro Ain't Electro (Rico Tubbs Mix) (Botchit & Scarper) Great new 12" from Atomic Hooligan.

9th November - Cardiff, Crobar
15th November - Bristol, ???

6. Mutators - Siamese Skulls (Nominal)
Another track from the brilliant "Secret Life" album.

7. Lovvers - No Fun (Wichita)
Taken from the Northampton bands current ep "Think" which is available now through Wichita.

18th November - Glasgow, ABC 2 (with Jay Reatard)
19th November - Manchester, The Deaf Institute (with Jay Reatard)
20th November - Leeds, The Faversham (with Jay Reatard)
21st November - Liverpool, Korova (with Jay Reatard)
22nd November - Nottingham, Bodega Social (with Jay Reatard)
23rd November - Bristol, The Cooler (with Jay Reatard)
28th November - Brighton, Engine Rooms (with Jay Reatard)
29th November - Reading, The Kings Tavern
1st December - London, Old Blue Last (with Abe Vigoda)
2nd December - Birmingham, The Sunflower Lounge
3rd December - Worcester, The Firefly (with Mika Miko)
4th December - Liverpool, Korova (with Abe Vigoda)
5th December - Nottingham, Bogoda Social (with Abe Vigoda)

8. Revolver - Heaven Sent An Angel (Hut)
No real reason for including this track other than I was playing the 12" ealier in the week and I think it still sounds great. Taken from the 1991 "45 ep". You can see some of the video for this track on their Myspace page

9. Tronik Youth - Live Cry Laugh Die (Back Yard)

10. The Notwist - Boneless (City Slang)
This is a track from the current single.

17th November - Bristol, Thelka
18th November - Manchester, Club Academy
19th November - Glasgow, King Tuts
20th November - Birmingham, Barfly
21st November - London, ULU

11. Los Campesinos - Death To Los Campesinos (Napoleon III Remix)
So as the mighty Shred Yr Face tour continues to roll around Europe to huge acclaim. I've yet to hear anybody say it was anything other than a treat it's probably high time we heard a track from the tour 7". It's basically a seven inch single which contains one track from each band (Los Campesinos, New Times Viking & No Age). These are guaranteed to be collectors items in years to come so if you have one look after it and keep it away from the cats (mine are particularly fond of batting piles of singles to see how far they can make them fall).

12. Sky Larkin - Beeline (Wichita)
I think pretty likely that the debut album from Leeds based Sky Larkin could well be an early contender for the best albums of 2009. The five track sampler I have is simply stunning and gets played at least twice daily in my house. The album is as far as I know self-titled and should be with us in January.

21st November - Bristol, Thelka (with Those Dancing Days)
23rd November - Leeds, Cockpit (with Those Dancing Days)
24th November - London, Goldsmiths S.U. (with Those Dancing Days)
25th November - Sheffield, Fuzz Club (with Those Dancing Days)
27th November - Newcastle, Other Rooms (with Those Dancing Days)
28th November - Lancaster, Lancaster Library (with Those Dancing Days)
16th December - London, Hoxton Bar & Grill (Wichita Xmas Party)
18th December - Paris, Maroquinerie (Wichita Xmas Party with Los Campesinos, Those Dancing Days & Lovvers)

13. The Phantom Band - Folksong Oblivion (Chemikal Underground)
This is a great track. It comes from the debut Phantom Band record "Checkmate Savage" which will be released through The Delgadoes Chemikal Underground label on 26th January. I think we'll be hearing a lot more from this bunch of Glasweigans in 2009. Talking of next year you will soon need to vote for your favorite tracks of this year in our bigger than ever end of year spectacular. I say spectacular, it's just a download really comprising of your favorite tunes of the year and I promise not to cheat and re-arrange things to suit my mood. As long as there is at least two Fall tracks in there I'll be a happy man. Talking of happy men you could make Mr Vincent a lot more cheereful by popping over for a look at his new book review blog "Mr Ripleys Enchanted Books" and if you leave a comment you'll make his day. Anyway back to The Phantom Band. You can catch them live at...

15th November - Edinburgh, Voodoo Rooms
14th December - Dundee, Dexters (with ILIKETRAINS)
15th December - Glasgow, King Tuts (with ILIKETRAINS)
16th December - Newcastle, The End (with ILIKETRAINS)
19th December - Glasgow, Fairfield Club (with Malcolm Middleton)

14. The Legends - Seconds Away (Labrador)
Yes I know we've featured this track before but so what. It's bloody great (escpecially at mind numbing, skull bending volume). It's also the bands new single which was released just last week and is well worth a purchase.

15. Japanther - I The Indigene (Wantage)
Taken from the new album "Tut Tut Now Shake Ya Butt".

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The Fall - London, Hackney Empire 31st October 2008

1. Intro
2. Chino Splashback
3. Fall Sound
4. Wings
5. Wolf Kidult Man
6. Tommy Shooter
7. 50 Year Old Man
8. I've Been Duped
9. Reformation
10. (break)
11. Jack The Ripper
12. Latch Key Kid
13. Outro

Monday, November 03, 2008

The Jesus & Mary Chain - London,Forum 27th October 2008

As requested, a fine set from the Reid brothers recorded just last week at The Forum. The sound on this is great. Many thanks to the bootlegger, whoever you are.

1. Snakedriver
2. Head On
3. Between Planets
4. Blues From A Gun
5. Sidewalking
6. Cracking Up
7. Some Things Must Pass
8. Some Candy Talking
9. Halfway To Crazy
10. Taste Of Cindy
11. ?
12. Up Too High
13. Sometimes Always
14. Just Like Honey
15. Reverence
16. Male Wife Universal Plan

Friday, October 31, 2008

Pod Fodder (Volume Twelve)

1. Aldo Vanucci & Featurecast - Walk Like A Man (fdel remix) (Funk Weapons)
12" Vinyl. Taken from the "Blue Grassed Devil" EP.

2. A. Armada - The Moon Shifts The Sea The Sea Shapes The Shore The Shore Shakes The Sand The Sand Sinks The Ship (Hello Sir)
Now that's what I call a song title. Taken from the album "Anam Cara".

3. Japanther - Bumpin' Rap Tapes (Wantage)
This track comes from the new Japantgher record "Tut Tut Now Shake Ya Butt" which can only be described as excellent.

4. The Mountain Goats - Sarcofago Live (4AD)
This is one of the tracks from the bands new "Satanic Messiah" EP which although you can buy it as a download is also avaliable as a limited edition double 7" pack which is limited to just 666 copies and can only be aquired from their shows. That's buggered me up then.

5. Mr Scruff - Donkey Ride feat. Quantic (Ninja Tune)
It's been ages since we last had a Mr Scruff album to pick out noses to. This long awaited new offering "Ninja Tuna" carries on pretty much in the vein of previous material mash ups, breakbeats and jazzy bits.

1st November - Manchester, Keep It Unreal @ Music Box
6th November - Swansea, Sin City
7th November - London, Matter
8th November - Bristol, Academy
13th November - Leamington, Assembly
14th November - Sheffield, University Students Union
15th November - Cambridge, The Junction
20th November - Edinburgh, Liquid Rooms
21st November - Glasgow, The Arches
22nd November - Dundee, Okupa
5th December - Brighton, Concord 2
6th December - Manchester, Keep It Unreal @ Music Box
11th December - Cardiff, Solus @ Cardiff Uni
12th December - Nottingham, Stealth
16th December - Val D' Isere, Dicks Tea Bar

6. Blueboy - The Joy Of Living (Sarah)
Taken from the 1994 album "Unisex".

7. Maikotobranco - (Small Finger)
Another track from the fine album "Star".

8. Subterra - Serengeti (Frequency)

9. The Great Shakes - Chinatown (Lap)
The great Shakes appear to have two single out at the moment. "It Won't Stop" on the fantasic NRONE label from Norwich and this on on Lap records from somewhere else. I'm not sure which one I prefere but we've played plenty of NRONE stuff recently so...

11th November - London, Oh Inverted World @ The Old Queens Head
12th November - Liverpool, Korova
18th December - Norwich, NRONE calling @ The Waterfront (with The Barlights, Rosalita & Tinman)

10. Foot Village - Urination (Tome)
Taken from the album "Friendship Nation" which was released months ago and I heard for the first time last week. How can something like this slip through the net?

11. Submorphics - Stray Bullets (Future Retro)
If you want to get your tune on Burning World just get hold of a load of old western movies and drop samples into your tracks. Works every time.

12. Cody - Rounder (Shinkansen)
Bit of a forgotten classic this one. It's the lead track from the "Rounder EP " which was released through the Matt Haynes Shinkansen Records in 1999.

13. The Rulers - Wrong Embryo (Trojan)

14. Windy & Carl - Forever (Kranky)
Taken from the album "Songs For The Broken Hearted".

15. Champagne Riot - Scandinavian Warfare (Shelflife)
More top tunes from the Shelflife crew. Champagne Riot are, as you might expect Scandinavian and therefore have the natural genetic qualities required to make perfect indiepop tunes. This track is the first on their new ep "Paris & I" which is available on CD and 7" although I don't know if you get all six tracks on the vinyl version.... and you do need all six tracks.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Darling Buds

A few of you said you wanted to hear the other two Darling Buds bootlegs. Well.... fill yer boots.

The Darling Buds - Glasgow Rooftops 12th January 1989

1. Valentine
2. Pretty Girl
3. Things We Do For Love
4. If I Said
5. Burst
6. She's Not Crying
7. When It Feels Good
8. Shame On You
9. That's The Reason
10. Human Fly
11. Big Head
12. Let's Go Round There
13. Hit The Ground
14. You've Got To Choose
15. The Other Night
16. It's All Up To You

The Darling Buds - London School Of Oriental & African Studies, 26th February 1988

1. Spin
2. Burst
3. Shame On You
4. The Other Night
5. (break)
6. When It Feels Good
7. Mary's Got To Go
8. Think Of Me
9. Uptight
10. Just Say So
11. If I Said
12. Valentine
13. Love Me Tender
14. It's All Up To You
15. Just To Be Seen
16. Shame On You

Monday, October 27, 2008

The Wedding Present - Loughborough University, 30th October 1985

This is definitely one of the earliest Wedding Present performance I've ever heard. Probably one of the earliest in existence. Recorded back in 1985 in the refectory at Towers Halls of residence at Loughborough University where the Leeds based outfit were supporting Television Personalities. I don't have a recording of their set but I suspect the Weddoes may just have been the highlight of the night.

1. Living & Learning
2. Every Mothers Son
3. Once More
4. My Favorite Dress
5. The Moment Before
6. You Should Always Keep In Touch With Your Friends
7. At The Edge Of The Sea
8. Go Out & Get Em'
9. Felicity

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Pod Fodder (Volume Eleven)

Another fine fodder for you again this week. Please feel free to use the message box thingy on the side of this page if there is anything you wish to get off your chest. It's good to talk (apparently).

Download Here

1. Cop On The Edge - Semi-Engaged (Demo)

7th November - London, Semi-Conductor Archives @ Cross Kings
14th November - Oxford, Quickfix Recordings @ The Wheatsheaf
21st November - London, Search & Destroy @ The Monarch
28th November - London, This Is Modern Love @ New Cross Inn
10th December - London, Eclectic Bizzare @ Star Of Bethnal Green

2. Cranes - Invisible (Dadaphonic)
Taken from the new self-titled album.

3. Last Gang - Youth Run The City (Self-Released)
Well if it's just a good tune you're looking for then you won't need to look much further than the new EP by Last Gang who come from just down the road in Wakefield. The new EP is produced by a certain Steven Street who if memory serves produced some pop gems with The Darling Buds years ago.

25th October - Leeds, Cockpit
26th October - Stoke, Sugarmill
27th October - Brighton, Engine Rooms
28th October - Cambridge, Portland Arms
29th October - Nottingham, Bodega
3rd November - London, Water Rats

4. Asia Fields - Save Me (Frank Records)
This one will please Mr Vincent. This is the first track on a 12" released in 1990 on Frank Records of Oldham.

5. Situationists - Onwards & Upwards (Tough Love)
This is the title track from the new Situationists EP which will be released in the UK on 10th November. You can get this as a 10" Vinyl and CD set (yes that's right, you get both) for a very reasonable five English pounds from the Sheffield bands Myspace page.

6. Skank Sinatra - Auto (Blynky Remix) (RMD)
My preferred mix of the new single. Out 17th November.

7. Marnie Stern - Steely (Kill Rock Stars)
Another track from the album "This Is It And I Am It And You Are It And So Is That And He Is It And She Is It And It Is It And That Is That" which seems to get better every time I play it.

8. The Golden Silvers - Magic Touch (Bronze)
Track from the London bands new single which will be available from 4th November.

23rd October - London, Astoria (with Mystery Jets)
25th October - Glasgow, QMU (with Mystery Jets)
26th October - Manchester, Academy (with Mystery Jets)
27th October - Birmingham, Glee Club (with Mystery Jets)
28th October - Portsmouth, Wedgewood Rooms (with Mystery Jets)
30th October - London, Matter
13th November - Glasgow, Academy (with Wombats)
15th November - Cardiff, SWN
16th November - London, Coronet (with Wombats)
17th November - London, Forum (with Wombats)
18th November - London, Shepherds Bush Empire (with Wombats)
22nd November - Liverpool, Echo Arena (with Wombats)
25th October - Glasgow, QMU (with Mystery Jets)
27th October - Birmingham, Glee Club (with Mystery Jets)
28th October - Portsmouth, Wedgewood Rooms (with Mystery Jets)
30th October - London, Matter
13th November - Glasgow, Academy (with Wombats)
15th November - Cardiff, SWN
16th November - London, Coronet (with Wombats)
17th November - London, Forum (with Wombats)
18th November - London, Shepherds Bush Empire (with Wombats)
22nd November - Liverpool, Echo Arena (with Wombats)

9. The Low Miffs - Cressida (Art Goes Pop)
This is one of twenty three tracks on a new compilation from the Leeds based label Art Goes Pop which is cunningly titled " The Glasgow School Of Art Goes Pop" which, if you've not already guessed contains tons of bands from north of the border. Visit the Art Goes Pop website where I'm sure you'll be able to furnish yourself with all the information your brain can handle. "The Glasgow School Of Art Goes Pop" will be released on 1st December.

10. Nicole Moudaber - The Slap (Original Mix) (Azuli)

11. To The Bones - Sonic Mammoth (Medici)
This bunch of Lancastrians almost slipped through the net. Everyone except Joe Soap here seems to know all about To The Bones. As far as I know this is their latest single and even this has been around a couple of months now. The debut album "Duke Type A" was released at the end of September. I haven't got a copy yet but judging on this track it's about time I found one.

27th October - London, Camden Barfly
31st October - Salisbury, The Barn
6th November - Doncaster, The Leopard
10th November - London, The Old Blue Last
14th November - Leeds, Cockpit
21st November - Winchester, The Railway
25th November - Manchester, Night & Day Cafe
27th November - Mansfield, The Town
29th November - Wakefield, Escobar
2nd December - Hull, The Lamp
4th December - Guilford, Boiler Room
5th December - London, Meat Market @ The Fly
10th December - Leicester, The Firebug
11th December - Birmingham, The Rainbow
12th December - Brighton, Engine Rooms
18th December - Manchester, Ruby Lounge
19th December - St Albans, The Horn

12. Foot Village - Club Trax I-III (Too Pure)
This is the best record you'll hear this week so turn it up as loud as you can because your neighbours will love it too (or they might call the police). Wooooooooo

13. Jared Mees & The Grown Children - Bees (Tender Loving Empire)
Taken from the album "Caffeine, Achohol, Sunshine, Money".

14. Mutators - Psychic Tapes (Nominal)
Taken from the brilliant album "Secret Life" which has barly left the turntable this week. Every home needs a copy of this record but alas there are only 820 in existence at the moment, 412 on red vinyl, 408 on blue vinyl. As far as I know there are still copies available so do yourself a favor and get along to the Nominal records website and make that purchase.

15. Reamer - Maniac (Reaction)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Half Man Half Biscuit - London, The Forum, 16th October 2008

Half Man Half Biscuit bootlegs are like Half Man Half Biscuit gigs, all too scarce (which is probably why) so it's always nice when one does come along. This is a blistering two hour set recorded recently down in the capital. The sound quality is ok but it does sond as though it was recorded from the back and the bootlegger's mate has a very annoying habit of rabbiting on about crap. Apparently he thinks he was the youngest person in there. If anyone knows who the big mouthed t**t is could you please give him a prod in the nostril from me.
Great gig though.

Download Here

1. Intro
2. Restless Legs
3. Fuckin' Ell It's Fred Titmus
4. Took Problem Chimp To The Ideal Home Show
5. Lock Up Your Mountain Bikes
6. Four Skinny Indie Kids
7. Petty Sessions
8. Shit Arm, Bad Tattoo
9. Bob Wilson Anchorman
10. Look Dad No Tunes
11. The Best Things In Life (reprise)
12. All I Want For Christmas Is A Dulka Prague Away Kit
13. Used To Be In Evil Gazebo
14. Ode To Joyce
15. Tending The Wrong Grave For 23 Years
16. Bad Losers On Yahoo Chess
17. Trumpton Riots
18. Vatican Broadside
19. Blue Badge Abuser
20. We Built This Village On A Trad. Arr Tune
21. Give Us Bubblewrap
22. A Country Practice
23. Everything's AOR
24. Twenty Four Hour Garage People
25. National Shite Day
26. (break)
27. For What Is Chatteris
28. Electricity
29. Joy Division Oven Gloves

>>>>>>>>Upcoming Dates<<<<<<<<> November - Norwich, Waterfront
13th November - Leicester, The Charlotte
11th December - Leamington Spa, The Assembly
30th January - Manchester, The Academy