Sunday, December 30, 2007

Playlist 2007

This playlist very nearly didn't happen. My home computer decided that Boxing Day would be the day when it finally gave up the ghost and died. A pretty catastrophic event because tons of stuff has been lost including the most recent 134 albums which people have sent in to Burning World in digital format. I feel really bad about this because people and bands have been good enough to send me them and clearly have their lives involved in these things and now in the blink of an eye...all gone. This playlist was originallyprepared last week and so was also lost in what has become known in my house as Black Thursday. This also means that I can no longer retrieve e-mail from the old e-mail address so for the time being the address has changed to .

So to the final playlist of 2007. Many thanks to all of you who have been in touch with your votes and suggestions for the tracks which should be included in this. Originally I was just going to go with a top twenty but it soon became clear that ould be almost impossible. Getting the list down to thirty was painful enough. I've included as many of your votes as possible and the playlist is in a rough order according to those tracks which gained multiple votes. I have however deviated slightly and included a few of my favorites here and there but I think the overall effect is pretty much representative of the year although I would have liked to see a bit more electronic stuff and maybe some reggae in there.

1. Wild Billy Childish & The Musicians Of The British Empire - Joe Strummers Grave (Damaged Goods) Taken fro the album “Punk Rock At The British Legion Hall” Buy Here
2. Sister Vanilla - K To Be Lost (Chemikal Underground) Taken From the album “Little Pop Rock”. Buy Here
3. Air Formation - I Can’t Remember Waking Up (Club AC30) Taken from the album “Daylight Storms”. Buy Here
4. Fuck Buttons - Sweet Love For Planet Earth (Download)
5. Tilly & The Wall - The Freest Man (Moshi Moshi)
7″ single. Buy Here
6. Amusement Parks On Fire - A Star Is Born (V2) Taken from one of the finest 12″ ep’s of the year. Buy Here
7. Von Sudenfed - The Rhinohead (Domino) Taken from the album “Tromatic Reflexxions”. The first of two appearances by Mark E Smith in this years finest list. Buy Here
8. Gravenhurst - Trust (Warp) Great single from back in the summer. It also appeared on the brilliant “Western Lands” album which if you don’t have is well worth the price of admission. Buy Here
9. The Orb - Vuja De (Butterfly) I know my mate Vince will approve of this one. The album is called “The Dream” which regular listeners to this program will be well aware. It was released earlier this year in Japan, thus it’s qualification for inclusion here. It will finally be released in the UK on 18th February through Butterfly Records. Buy Here
10. Lovvers - Near Enough For Jazz (Jonson Family) 7″ single.
11. The Courteeners - Cavorting (Loog) Currently been touted by the music press as one of the bands to watch in 2008. Buy Here
12. The Fall - Over Over (Slogan) What can you say….an end of year list without The “Mighty” Fall would be quite pointless. Taken from this years album “Reformation Post TLC”. Buy Here
13. Los Campesinos - The International Tweexcore Underground (Wichita) Another band who are getting quite a bit of press coverage at the moment. Buy Here
14. Camera Obscura - If Looks Could Kill (Elefant) Lead track from their “If Looks Could Kill” ep. Buy Here
15. Hadouken - That Boy, That Girl (Kitsune) 7″ single
16. Tall Pony - I’m Your Boyfriend Now (Cherryade) Great single. I’m looking forward to hearing more from this lot in 2008. Buy Here
17. My Teenage Stride - To Live & Die In The Airport Lounge (Becalmed) One of the greatest pop moments of the year. The album is called “Ears Like Golden Bats” and never fails to cheer me up. Buy Here
18. Cut City - Ashes Like Millions (GSL) Taken from the album “Exit Decades”. Buy Here
19. A Sunny Day In Glasgow - Lists, Plans (Notenuf) Taken from the album “Scribble Mural Comic Journal”. Buy Here
20. Liechenstien - Stalking Skills (Fraction Discs) 7″ single
21. Trembling Blue Stars - Beautiful Blank (Elefant) Taken from the “Exploring The Shadows” ep. Buy Here
22. The Piskie Sits - Lotta Bad Things (Wrath) I saw this bunch supporting The Fall in Leeds earlier in the year but they seem to have gone a bit quiet since then. This comes from the bands debut album “The Secret Sickliness”. Buy Here
23. Papercuts - Exit This Topic (Demo) Nice…
24. Cosmicdust - Bird Cries (Self-Released) Taken from the album “Snow Noise Assemblage”.
25. Suicidal Birds - No Way (Tocado) Taken from the album “Vs Life”.
26. Thrushes - Heartbeats (Birdnote) Taken from the album “Sun Come Undone”. Buy Here
27. The Harrisons - Man Of The Hour (Melodic) Taken from the debut album “No Fighting In The War Room”. Buy Here
28. Ports Of Call - Claire () One of my favorites from 2007. Taken from the debut album “Like Thieves…”.
29. Rumskib - Dreampoppers (Darla) From their brilliant self-titled debut. Buy Here
30. Good Shoes - Smalltown Girl (Brille) Buy Here.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Playlist 40

This lot should keep you sizzling over Christmas.
This weeks featured artist is Philadelphia's Ports Of Call. If you've been paying attention you will recall that I played a couple of tracks from their brilliant debut album "Like Thieves..." some time ago. The truth is I don't know if the record is avaliable or indeed where from but I shall make some enquiries and let you know because it really is one of the best things I've heard this year and for it to pass into history largly ignored would be wronger than the wrongest thing in the land of wrongness.
Next weeks playlist will be the end of year list which I have spent the last week agonising over. It doesn't seem to matter what system I use I just can't seem to get it below 52 tracks and with only 30 required for the final list......
On with the tunes.

1. State Of Mind & Chris SU - Hangover (Advanced) 12″ vinyl. Awesome or what! Buy Here
2. Foals - Balloons (Transgressive) New Single. Buy Here
3. Love Is All - Busy Doing Nothing (Optimo Remix) I must confess my world has never been set alight by the work of Love Is All. This track comes from a remix album cunningly titled “Love Is All Mixed Up” and it is pretty excellent. Out 21st January.
4. Blood Red Shoes - Wish I Was Someone Better (V2) Current 7″ Single. Buy Here
5. Ports Of Call - Here We Are (Self-Released) First track from this weeks featured artist. The album is called “Like Thieves…” and is certainly one of the high points of the in my house. I’m not quite sure where you can pick up a copy of this but if you can search one out it’s well worth the effort.
6. Amit & Klute - Kunt Kicker (Commercial Suicide) 12″ Vinyl. Despite what you might think this is the correct speed.
7. Rebekah Higgs - Love Is (Outside) Another track from the delf-titled debut album. Buy Here
8. Prolapse - Deanshanger (Radarscope) Taken from the 1997 album “The Italian Flag”.
9. Verbose - The People Below Unawares (Moamoo) One of the best things I’ve heard this week. The album is called “Wonder” and can be found here.
10. The Shackletons - The Ship (Loveless) Just can’t stop playing this album at the moment. As soon as I discover where you can actually purchase a copy I’ll let you know. I’m led to believe it’s going to be avaliable at the end of January. Watch this space.
11. Appleblim - Vansan (Skull Disco) 12″ Vinyl
12. Ports Of Call - Claire (Self-Released) Second track from this weeks featured artist. This track is one of the finest moments of 2007 and no mistake.
13. The Wombats - Moving To New York (Colin Hobbs Remix) (Kids) I think this is probably my favorite mix of the current Wombats offering.
14. Hot Club De Paris - Will You Still Be In Love With Me Next Year (Moshi Moshi) Brilliant, excellent, love it….I think that just about sums up how I feel about this record. There’s only 500 of the 7″ format so you’d better get your skates on if you want one of those. There is a digital version too though so no-one has an excuse for not buying this record. Buy Here
15. Eric Sneo - Both Sides Of The Story (Patterns) 12″ Vinyl, very nice.
16. These New Puritans - Numerology (aka Numbers) (Angular) Another fine moment from last week’s featured artist. The album is called “Beat Pyramid” and will be avaliable from 28th January. Buy Here.
17. Ra Ra Riot - Dying Is Fine (V2) 7″ single
18. Mudhoney - Let It Slide (Sub Pop) Taken from the 1991 album “Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge”. Buy Here
19. Ports Of Call - Quiet Tide (Self-Released) Final track from this weeks featured artist. The album is called “Like Thieves…” and as soon as I discover where you can get one I’ll let you know.
20. Rocker T - New Revelation ()

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Playlist 39

This weeks featured artist are the mighty These New Puritans. On the strength of the singles they've released this year I have been really looking forward to this album. It's called "Beat Pyramid" and will be released on 28th January. I'm sure you'll be hearing a lot more from these guys in 2008.
The week after next will see our best of 2007 playlist go live. I must admit I'm having a bit of a headache compiling this. I just can't seem to get the list below 52 tracks. Thanks to all those who have been in touch with suggestions for the list, as many of your selections as possible will be on there. If you have any particular tracks which you believe should be on this playlist then please get in touch before Friday 21st December and I'll try and include as many as possible.
On with the tunes....

1. The Shackeltons - Tremble (Loveless) Taken from the bands self titled debut album which should be released at the end of January. I think you’ll be hearing a lot more from this lot on these playlists in the future.
2. Atlas Sound - A Ghost Story (Kranky) Taken from the album “Let The Blind Lead Those Who Can See But Cannot Feel” which I’m led to believe will be in the shops on February 19th.
3. Reverend & The Makers - Open Your Window (Club Mix) (Wall Of Sound) I must confess I’ve never been that impressed by the works of Reverend & The Makers but I do rather like this mix of their current single which can be found on the CD version. Buy Here
4. These New Puritans - Swords Of Truth (Angular) First offering from this weeks featured album. Following on from their brilliant “Colours/Numbers” single a couple of months ago the Southend-On-Sea four piece are finally ready to unleash their debut album “Beat Pyramid” on a suspecting world on the 28th January. Two more tracks before the end of the playlist. Buy Here.
5. No Name On The Bullet - Now I Warn You (Self-Released) I’m really into these guys at the moment. This comes from their latest offering the “Physician EP”. I’ve also managed to track down their earlier “John Gant” ep which is equally brilliant and if I remember I’ll include a track in next weeks playlist.
6. The Agony Scene - Preditation (Century Media) Taken from the album “Get Damned”.
7. Fuck Buttons - Colours Move (Download) Current favorites in my house. Can’t wait for some new stuff.
8. Chris T-T - In The Dressing Room (Xtra Mile) One of the extra tracks on the current “This Gun Is Not A Gun” ep. For some reason I could have sworn I had already played you the title track in a previous program but scanning back through previous tracklistings this appears not to be the case so memory permitting I’ll stick it in next weeks program. Buy Here
9. Rebekah Higgs - Parables (Outside Music) Taken from the cunningly titled album “Rebekah Higgs”. Buy Here
10. Tad - Jack Pepsi (Sub Pop) Classic 7″ single.
11. Shady Bard - Penguins (Static Caraven) Taken from the album “From The Ground Up”. Buy Here
12. These New Puritans - 4 Pounds (Angular) Second track from this weeks featured album “Beat Pyramid”. Out 28th January. Buy Here
13. We Are Terrorists - Ground Zero
14. Boxcutter - J Dub (Planet Mu)
Taken from the album Glyphic. Buy Here
15. Cilvaringz - Death To America
16. Kiss Kiss - Iris & Eye (Eyeball)
Taken from the album “Reality Vs The Optimist”. Buy Here
17. Kitchens Of Distinction - Quick As Rainbows (One Little Indian) Kitchens Of Distiction are one of the most underrated bands ever. Their 1990 album "Strange Free World" still sound excellent today and if you have never heard this band I would recommend you start here. Buy Here.

18. These New Puritans - Mkk3 (Angular) Final track from this weeks featured album. “Beat Pyramid” will be released on 28th January. Buy Here.
19. The Fun Years - D>>2 () TAken from the album “Life Sized Psychoses”. Buy Here
20. The Yarrows - Time To Go (Empyrean) Taken from the new album “Plum”. Buy Here

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Playlist 38

Firstly let me apologise for the lack of a playlist last week. This was because the gods of misfortune had decided to remove my internet access. This coupled with the fact that the fingernail on my left little finger is on the brink of falling off due to a freak housework accident made me the grumpiest bloke in the town. All sorted now although the fingernail is still giving me cause to swear loudly at innocent passers by every time the whim takes me.
Back to business then and a pretty fine bunch of tunes for you this week. Please let me know your comments, I'm always interested as to whether you like any of the stuff which appears on here. This weeks featured album is the current offering from Japancakes on which the band have very courageously decided to re-record My Bloody Valentine's "Loveless" album in it's entierety. I'm toying with the idea of having a featured unsigned band instead of album starting maybe early next year so if you want your band featured then please get in touch.
The end of the year is almost upon us and in a couple of weeks time I'm going to put a playlist together consisting of some of the finest musical moments from 2007. I have to say it's been a particularly good year for music and the task of choosing a set of tracks is going to contain some very tough choices, which is where you come in. If you have any particular favorites which you would like to see in the playlist then please drop me a line at and I'll try and include as many of your favorites as possible.
On with the show...

1. No Name On The Bullet - I Use My Gun For Money, And I Don’t Like To Work For Nothing (Self Released) Taken from the “Physician EP”. Good shit and no mistake.
2. Operator Please - Just a song about ping pong (Brille) I think this has probably been around for a couple of months but It’s new on me. Buy Here
3. Arthur & Yu - 1000 Words (Memphis Industries) Taken from the excellent debut album “In Camera”. Buy Here
4. Japancakes - Only Shallow (Darla) This is the first track from this weeks featured album. Many bands do cover versions but few actually cover an entier album. Japancakes are one of the few and My Bloody Valetines “Loveless” is their chosen quarry. The problem is that Loveless was something resembling perfection in the first place so any re-working would be quite futile. Japancakes then are clearly not the kind of folks to sherk a challenge and have covered every track on the album in order. To be quite honest I don’t think any of these versions match up to the originals but it is quite good to hear the tracks from a different perspective and I think you have to give Japancakes credit for even attempting such a project. Buy Here
5. The Fall - Fit & Working Again (Rough Trade) It seems like an age since we last heard The “mighty” Fall on Burning World. No particular reason for playing this track except that the possibility exists that there are people in this world who have never heard The Fall or at least not some of the older stuff, therefore it could be argued that by including this track I am doing a service to mankind by enriching lives according to the gospel of Mark E Smith. Apparently there will be a new Fall album in the not too distant future. I tremble at the thought!!!!! Buy Here
6. The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart - Doing All The Things That Wouldn’t Make Your Parents Proud (Self Released) Buy Here
7. Loop - Arc-Lite (Beggars Banquet) Taken from the 1990 album “A Guilded Eternity”. Buy Here
8. Murder Mystery - Love Astronaut (Self Released) Taken from the album “Are You Ready For The Heartache Cause Here It Comes”. Buy Here
9. Lymbyc Systym - Love Your Abuser (Mush) Taken from the album “Love Your Abuser”. Buy Here
10. Maher Shalal Hash Baz - A Big Hug (K) Taken from the album “L’ Autre Cap”. Buy Here
11. Japancakes - To Here Knows When (Darla) Second track from this weeks featured album. In it’s original My Bloody Valentine form it was, and still is one of the most beautiful creations known to man. So what do you make of this? Buy Here
12. Gellers - Buscape (Compare Notes) Taken from the debut album “Gellers”.
13. Marco Mahler - Design In Quick Rotation (Marco Mahler) Buy Here
14. The Bell - Do You Know How To Feel (Badman Recording Co.) Another track from the excellent debut album “Make Some Quiet”. Buy Here
15. Sian - Spook (Defrag Sound Processing) This is Sian’s contribution to a 12″ he shares with Glitches which appears to be called “Splitters 01″. Well worth tracking down.
16. Heavy Winged - Varcolec 01 (Cut Hands)
17. Bola - Waknuts (Skam)
Taken from the album “Kroungrine”. Buy Here
18. Japancakes - Soon (Darla) Last track from this weeks featured album. I don’t know about you but it makes me want to go and dig out the original again. To be fair it wouldn’t take much digging out as it is never far from my person. Buy Here
19. Dark Captain Light Captain - Mid-Session Interval (LOaF) This is actually the b side of the current single but is my prefered track. Buy Here
20. Growing - Swell (The Social Registry) This is the first track the on new ep by Growing. Recently signed to The Social Registry label is scheduled for release early next year.