Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Playlist 36

1. Aiden Baker - Chainsaw (Gears Of Sand) Taken from the album “Green & Cold”. Buy Here
2. The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart - This Love Is Fucking Right (Self Released) This ep is fucking right as well. As far as I know this is the bands first release and as yet they still have no label in the UK which is just fucking wrong. Buy Here
3. Tunturia - Satellites (Self-Released) Taken from the album “Maps”.
4. Le Loup - To The Stars, To The Night (Hardly Art) Taken from the album “The Throne Of The Third Heaven Of The Nation’s Millenium Assembly”. Buy Here
5. The Royal We - All The Rage (Geographic) Taken from the bands debut self-titled album. Buy Here
6. By The End Of Tonight - Delaware Is Depressing (Temporary Residence) This is the first track from the album “Comlpex Full Of Phantoms” which By The End Of Tonight share with the mighty Tera Melos who appear later in this program. Buy Here
7. By The End Of Tonight - Philthy Collins (Temporary Residence) ….and another one. These tracks go so well together I didn’t want to seperate them. Buy Here
8. A Smile & A Ribbon - Then I Felt Your Cheek (Shelflife) This is one of the tracks on the 7″ single which accompanies the album “The Boy I Wish I’d Never Met”. Buy Here
9. Ecstatic Sunshine - Beetle (Carpark) I somehow managed to miss this album last year but not to worry, better late than never. Buy Here
10. P. G. Lost - Fartyget (Black Star Foundation) From the album “Yes I Am”.
11. Little Man Tate - Boy In The Anorak (Promo) Long awaited new single from the Taties as they are known in my house. This will be released on 10th December and only avaliable for one week. You can pre order your copy HERE
12. Phosphorescent - My Dove, My Lamb (Dead Oceans) I bought this album on the strength of a recomendation. I was, I must confess rather drunk the first time I heard it but I think this track in particular is well worth the price of admission. It reminds me of a single from years ago by the Palace Brothers called “The Ohio River Boat Song” which I know for a fact I have on 7″ single but can I buggery find it anywhere. As soon as I do I’ll stick it in the program. Buy Here
13. Joe Jean & The Jing Jang Jong - Lucio Starts Fires (Young & Lost Club)
14. Dragons Of Zynth - Get Off (Gigantic)
Taken from the album “Coranation Thieves”. Buy Here
15. The Whiskers - Forest Felled, Felled Boxer (Awkward Core) From the bands self-titled debut album.
16. The Real Tuesday Weld - Blood Sugar Love () Taken from the new album “The London Book Of The Dead”.
17. Terra Melos - When Worms Learn To Fly (Temporary Residence) Taken from the album “Complex Full Of Phantoms” which they share with By The End Of Tonight. Buy Here
18. Tindersticks - Her (Island) This comes from their “BBC Sessions” album. Buy Here
19. Ceremony - Dull Life (Safranin Sound) Taken from the new album “Disappear”. Buy Here
20. Los Campesinos - C Is The Heavenly Option (Wichita) I meant to play this a couple of weeks ago but I forgot. Perhaps this could trigger some kind of Sarah Records revival. Buy Here