Sunday, October 21, 2007

Playlist 34

There won't be a program next week cos I'll be staggering about somewhere in Finland. Never been to the country so I'm quite looking forward to it. Hopefully I'll be able to locate some record shops and the some of the results might appear in the next program. I'll try and remember to put that Tinklers album online before I go.

1. Lovvers - Near Enough For Jazz (Jonson Family) 7″ Single. Buy Here
2. Kotki Dwa - Peachlight (Self Released) From the album “Onlyouarenotsleeping”.
3. Tullycraft - One Essex Girl (Magic Marker) Taken from the album “Every Scene Needs A Centre”. Out 23rd October. Buy Here
4. Carnage & Zanthrax - Caged Fury (Part 5) (USR) Taken from the “Unreachable” ep. Buy Here
5. Codes In The Clouds - Distant Streeetlights (Erased Tapes) 7″ single. Buy Here
6. My Little Airport - Frankie Wants To Be Alone (Harbour Records)
7. Cannonball Jane - The Secret Handshake (Gaddycat)
Taken fron the "Knees Up" ep.
8. Sunset Rubdown - The Mending Of The Gown (Jagjaguwar) People keep banging on to me about Sunset Rubdown and it seems I'm probably about the last person in the world to hear them. The new album "Random Spririt Lover" was released just last weel and if you've been reading some rather good reviews of it, well there's a good reason for that amd it has nothing to do with brown envelopes. Buy Here
9. 3.5 Records - Tes La Rok-Darkness Falls Upon Us (3.5 Records) This is a 12" single and I think the artist and lable are both called 3.5 records. The thing is I've spent all week thinking they were called Tes La Rok which sounds like a much more likely name but is apparently not the case. I won't hold it against them though, a quick dig in the ribs should suffice if our paths should ever cross. Fine record though.
10. Torche - In Return (Rock Action) Title track from the new ep Buy Here
11. Bell Hollow - Eyes Like Planets (Five03) Taken from the new album "Foxgloves" Buy Here
12. Scorn - Stripped Back Hinge (Ad Noiseam) It seems like this guy has been making records forever and a day. Long may he continue. This comes from the new album "Stealth".
13. Party Weirdo - Fight (Stitchy Press) 7"
14. Lone Wolf - Slayed By Shadows (NozL) Taken from the 12″ ep “The Tale Of The Rivers Of Shaolin”.
15. Darren Hayman & The Secondary Modern - Elizabeth Duke (Track & Field) There's always a ripple of excitement in my house when a new Darren Hayman record arrives. This I think it's fair to sat contains some of his best work for some time too. I think there are a few gigs coming up around the country in the next few weeks and you could do a lot worse than dragging yourself down to one of them. I think there is one in Leeds at a venue called The Library which I must admit I've never been to but I think I'll try and get there for Mr Hayman. You can find all the details you wan on Hefnet. Buy Here
16. Destroy Tokyo - Little Jem (Self Released)
17. Jakobinarina - It's Monday (Regal)
This is probably the most played record in my house at the moment. Definately one of the finest debuts of the year. The album's called "The First Crusade" and I can't wait for the next one. Buy Here
18. Earl Sixteen - Guide Us Jah (Cultural Warriors) 10" ep....and why not.....

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Playlist 33

1. Math & Physics Club - Baby I’m Yours (Matinee) Lead track from the new ep. Out 1st October. Buy Here
2. Ava Leigh - Keep The Fire Burning (White Label)
3. The Tinklers - Turn The Screw On The Crank (Shimmy Disc)
I rediscovered this album just last week. I had completely forgotten how hillariously brilliant it is. The album is called “Casserole” and was released through Kramer’s Shimmy Disc label (also home to the fantastic Bongwater) back in 1990. I think this album is going to be pretty much impossible to track down these days so perhaps I should post it in it’s entirety.
4. Jakobinarina - It’s Monday (Regal) From the album “The First Crusade”. Out 1st October. Buy Here
5. Greg Gow - Urban Destruction (Restructured) Taken from the “Release” ep.
6. Lovvers - A Good Book (Jonson Family) This has been around for a few months now and really should have been on this site ages ago but in typical fashion I forgot all about it. It comes from a 7″ ep on the fantastic Jonson Family label. There is another 7″ by the Nottingham band as well called “Near Enough For Jazz” which will (memory permitting) feature in next weeks program.
7. The Pyramids - A Gala In The Harbour Of Your Heart (Domino) Frtom the album “The Pyramids”. Out 5th November. Buy Here
8. Napoleon IIIrd - This Is My Call To Arms (Brainlove) From the album “In Debt To”. Out 22nd October. Buy Here
9. Takuya! - Move To The Beat (Demo)
10. The Exploding Boy - Dazed ()
If you google The Exploding Boy you will be informed that they are the greatest indieband from Stockholm, Sweden. While this might be a slight exageration this really is a good record. I don’t know how widely avaliable this is but it can be purchased from the bands website HERE
11. Alcapone - Real Bad Man (Mellow Vibes) 7″
12. Incapacitants - Fund Trap (Alchemy) Taken from the four track ep “73″. If you turn this up loud enough the cat runs for shelter.
13. A Smile & A Ribbon - My Bunny’s Back (Shelflife) From the album “The Boy I Wish I’d Never Met”. Buy Here
14. Barrington Levy - Whom Shall I Be Afraid Of (Revolutionary Sounds) 7″ single. Buy Here
15. Girl Friend - Teenmachine (I Hate Smoke) I think this is probably my favorite track from the Tokyo bands “Pop Secret” ep.
16. Luff - Rigging Slumber (Delicious Noise) Taken from the new album “Blanket Ice”. Buy Here
17. Los Campesinos - International Tweexcore Underground (Wichita) Brilliant new single. Buy Here
18. The Aliens - Robot Man (Riton Rerub) (EMI)
19. His Name Is Alive - How Dark Is Your Dark Side (Reincarnate)
From the album “Xmmer”. Buy Here
20. The Muslims - Future Rock (Demo)

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Playlist 32

1. These New Puritans - Colours (Angular) New single, out 15th October. I must say I can’t wait to hear the bands debut album “Beat Pyramid” which should appear next month and can be ordered HERE. My whole being quakes with anticipation.
2. Little Name - Tracy & I (Sleepy) From the album “How To Swim & Live”. Out 16th October
3. Lee Scratch Perry - I Am A New Yorker (Megawave) Another classic from everyones favorite O.A.P. Taken from the new album “End Of An American Dream”. Buy Here
4. ILIKETRAINS - The Deception (Beggars Banquet) From the new album “Elegies To Lessons Learned”.
5. The Pyramids - Guitar Star (Domino) Taken from the excellent self titled debut album out 5th November. Buy Here
6. Rachel Goldstar - Overseas (Self Released) From the album “Introducing Rachel Goldstar 2001-2005″.
7. Ticklah - Nature Loving Dub (Easy Star) From the album “Ticklah Vs Axelrod”. Out 15th October. Buy Here
8. Countryside - Trippin Sunshine (Demo) This is a new band from the Bristol area and I have to say one of the best cd’s I’ve heard all week. It’s called “Click, Submit, Send” and really should be made more widely avaliable. The band have a few gigs coming up, pop over to their My Space page for more details. Buy Here
9. Jesu - Lifeline (Hydra Head) Title track from the new ep. Buy Here
10. A Smile & A Ribbon - A Nice Walk In The Park (Shelflife) The album is called “The Boy I Wish I’d Never Met”. Ten tracks, half an hour, perfect. Buy Here
11. Kiko - Alone In The Dark (Different) Taken from the compilation “It Sounds Different”. Buy Here
12. Bearsuit - Foxy Boxer (Fantastic Plastic) Another track from their excellent “Oh:Io” Album. Buy Here
13. Disinterested - What You Wanted (Dynamophone) From the new album "Behind Us" Buy Here
14. Dub Taylor - Cruiser (Manual Music) Buy Here
15. Holy Fuck - Milk Shake (Young Turks) Taken from their self titled debut albu, out 22nd October. Buy Here
16. LR Rockets - Personality (Art Goes Pop) New Single from the London band, Out 5th November. Buy Here
17. Hefner - Love Will Destroy Us In The End (Too Pure) Hefner’s debut album “Breaking God’s Heart” has just been re-issued by Too Pure as a 2cd set. Yes that’s right it’s a whole cd longer than it used to be. If you didn’t buy this first time round you should thank your lucky stars for a second chance, now get to it. Buy Here
18. Late Of The Pier - Bathroom Gurgle (Moshi Moshi) 7″ single. Buy Here
19. Dynamic - Teardrop Dub (Jamaican) This fine record is one of the results of last weeks rather excessive shopping trip. The album’s called “Dubbing At Dynamic Sounds”. Buy Here