Sunday, September 30, 2007

Playlist 31

A slightly longer playlist this week. There's so much stuff around at the moment it may well get even longer. The main reason though is that I went record shopping last week and got rather carried away, as you do. I seem to have an addiction to 12" singles. Some good shit this week though. I would have played tracks from the Bearsuit album earlier but the truth is I lost it in the chaos which is my house. It turned up on Tuesday at the back of the fridge and ever since I've been trying to remember how the hell it got there! I have a hunch alchohol may have been involved.
On another note I'd like to thank all the people who keep sending me e-mails to let me know that Playlist 29 doesn't work. I've uploaded the damn thing again for the third time so hopefully it will be ok now but if for some reason the God of cyberspace has decided to play silly buggers again just don't tell me cos if one more person tells me Playlist 29 is knackered I'm gonna come round there and poo on your patio. You have been warned.

1. Bolt Action Five - Tree Friend Tree Foe (No Pain In Pop) Debut single from the London four piece. They have a new single called “Think Fast” which will be out next month. Buy Here
2. Bearsuit - Dinosaur Heart (Fantastic Plastic) From the new album “OH:IO”. Buy Here
3. Crookers - Massive (Potty Mouth Music) (Original Mix) 12″
4. Sightings - A Rest (Load) Taken from the album “Through The Panama”. Out 29th October. Buy Here
5. Fortune Drive - My Girl’s An Arsonist (Shy) From the debut album “A Modern Question” Out 15th October. Buy Here
6. Japandroids - Coma Complacency (Self Relelased) From the “All Lies” ep.
7. Uran - Voice Of Uran (Self Released) From an ep knowingly titled “You Can Never Love Uran”.
8. The Orb - DDD (Dirty Disco Dub) () Another track from the exellent album “The Dream”.
9. No Age - Boy Void (Fat Cat) FRom the album “Weirdo Rippers”. Buy Here
10. Mikel Bisbee-Durlam - Brand New Home (Self Released)
11. Pepe Bradock -Sakura Incident (Clone Records)
12″ Buy Here
12. Papercuts - Exit This Topic (Demo)
13. Von Erich - Hey Peter (Demo)
14. Cosmicdust - Bird Cries (Self Released)
From the album “Snow Noise Assemblage”.
15. Ports Of Call - Honey () From the album “Like Thieves...” which is due for release......sometime.
16. Dead Soul Brothers - Wires (Dead Soul Brothers) Taken from the "Yeah Yeah Yeah" double 12".
17. Electro Group - The Rule (Claire) From the album “Good Technology”. Buy Here
18. Lee Scratch Perry - End Of The American Dream (Megawave) Taken from the new Lee Perry album. Do you realise this guy is now 71 years young. Buy Here

Monday, September 24, 2007

Playlist 30

A few technical issues with last weeks download, for some of you it worked and for others not. I can only apologise. Hopefully this one will work for everyone and I really hope so cos it's pretty nice if I do say so myself.

1. The Dykeenies - Things You Cannot See (Columbia) I've been waiting for this album for some time and dissapoint it does not. Buy Here
2. The Orb - Vu Deja () I didn't think they had it in them anymore. The Orb return with what is their best material since "Adventures Beyond The Ultraworld" something like 18 or so years ago. Apparently this is a Japan only release but I hope I've read that wrong. The album is called "The Dream" and you must track it down by any means necessary.
3. Kap Bambino - Took Life (Wwilko) Taken from the album "Zero Life, Night Vision". You'll certainly be hearing more from this record in future playlists. Buy Here
4. His Electro Blue Voice - Fog (S-S) 7"single.
5. Crystal Castles Vs HEALTH - Crimewave (Trouble) Another fine 7" single. Buy Here
6. King Stuffy Generator - Peter Gunn ()
7. These New Puritans - Colours (Domino) New single from Southend's finest. Out 15th October.
8. Antennas To Heaven - Gravy Is Gravy (Self Released) Taken from the album "Hermeneutics".
9. G Corp meets The Mighty Tree - Perilous Time (Endulge) 12"
10. Papercuts - 82 Doo Doo Doo (Demo) New track from Papercuts. You can download this along with a few more tracks from their My Space page. On the strength of this I'm really looking forward to some more so get your finger out Rossy!!
11. Use Of Procedure - Enola Gay ()

Monday, September 17, 2007

Playlist 29

1. Terra Melos - A Spoonful Of Slurry
2. Maps - It Will Find You (Mock & Toof Remix) (Mute) Buy Here
3. Tall Pony - I'm Your Boyfriend Now (Cherryade) New single, well It's been around a few weeks but it's spanking new in my house. I don't know anything at all about the band which is jst how I like it. Ignorance is bliss and this is a bloody great record. Buy Here
4. Barrington Levy - A Yah We Deh (Volcano) Taken from the recently re-issued 12".
5. Percy Grainger - Free Music (Reed Box-Top & Bottom Ranks-Thick) (Shamefile) This is from a very interesting cd called "Artefacts of Australian Experimental Music: 1930 - 1973" which is fairly self explanitary really. This track was recorded back in 1951. 6. Parts For All Makes - Every Now And Then () From the ep "Shrinkwraped Hearts"
7. Siouxsie - Loveless (W14) If you, like I thought Siouxsie Sioux was a spent force then take a listen to this. Even though she's now over 50 her voice just seems to be getting better. From the new album "Mantaray"Buy Here
8. Residual Echoes - Dosed Clothes (Elevation) Taken from the ep "Firsts".
9. Snog - The Last Days Of Rome (Calculus Mix) (Metropolis) Taken from the "Last Days Of Rome" ep. There is a track on here called "The Day The Towers Fell" which I almost played instead of this one. If I remember I'll stick it in next weeks playlist. Out 23rd October. Buy Here
10. Crystal Antlers - Parting Song For The Torn () I'm just loving this at the moment. 7" single on lovely clear vinyl. Buy Here

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Gravenhurst - The Western Lands

A few weeks ago I took a call from a mate of mine who was a bit on the confused side. As a connoisseur of electronic music he had been looking around as he does for new sounds and stumbled across Gravenhurst. Seeing that the record was on Warp Records he naturally assumed it would contain beats, bleeps and various other scary noises of the highest quality.
I answered the phone and a voice spoke in a fashion not dissimilar to how you would if your house was on fire, "...I've got this download from's got on it.....and and stuff, I think someone has made a terrible mistake!!". After I had picked myself up from the floor and wiped away the tears I said "You've got the Gravenhurst single then. It's true, some people still assume all Warp releases are going to be like they were ten years or so ago. The truth is that music has moved on and so has Sheffield's finest export, Warp Records. Back at the turn of the 90's they released some of the finest 12" slabs of vinyl the world hs ever seen. The likes of Nighmares On Wax, Sweet Exorcist, LFO and who can forget that fantastic Tricky Disco slab. These days the label is a lot more diverse and their roster includes all kinds of music.
Their latest release is a record I've been looking forward to. The debut album from Gravenhurst. If you have been paying attention you will recall that "Trust" appeared on recent Burning World playlist and really sets the scene for this album. Moments of lovelyness, noise, ad the odd bit of strangeness thrown in for good measure. Just what you need (if your name is not Alex, in which case you'll just spontainiously combust).

Buy Here

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Playlist 28

Thank heavens the summer is almost over. I must be one of the few people in the UK who actually thinks we have had quite a good summer. Nice and cool. It seems to be making up for it now though and my fan has decided to go on the blink, typical. On the up side though there are just so many good records around at the moment and the pick of the bunch for me this week is the new single from The Courteeners who come from that hotbed of popular culture sometimes called Manchester (depends which football team you support, as a York City fan I don't really have any issues...). The band are currently on tour around the country. Unfortunately alot of the dates are in support of The Coral but I think I'm still going to make the effort to get to the Leeds gig on 13th October. See their My Space page for more details.
This month also see's the return of former Delgado, Emma Pollock. This is her first album since the demise of the Delgadoes who it has to be said have produced some of the finest moments on Indie over the last ten years or so and finds emma back on top form, although there are a few weak moments the good tracks make it more than worthwhile. I've included "Paper & Glue" in this weeks playlist......and yes I know I've spelt her name wrong on the files but I didn't notice until it was too late. Soz Emma.

1. The Courteeners - Cavorting (Loog) New Single. Buy Here
2. Emma Pollock - Paper & Glue (4AD) From the album "Watch The Fireworks" Out 17th September. Buy Here
3. Shadow Dancer - Daytime Drinking (Boys Noize) 12" Buy Here
4. Alborosie - Call Up Jah (Forward) 7" Buy Here
5. Black Moth Super Rainbow - Rollerdisco (Graveface) From the album "Dandelion Gum" which has been around for a while now but is well worth hearing again. Buy Here
6. Wry - Sister (Club AC30) From the "Whales & Sharks" ep.
7. Psychocaravane - A La Croisee Des Chemins (L-Abi) Oh my lords!! That guitar sound!!! awsome!!!!! From the album "A L'avre Du Convoi".
8. Alaska In Winter - Close Your Eyes-We Are Blind (Regular Beat) From the ep "Dance Party In The Balkans". Buy Here
9. Crookers - Chippin (On The Brink) From The "Made In Italy" ep. This is probably the most played track in my house this week.
10. Polluted Youth - Night Commuters

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Thurston Moore - Black Weeds, White Death

Well I thought it was about time the site had a new look. Sweep out the cobwebs and all that. I'm still not convinced about the swirly things but I'm sure they'll grow on me. The thing is I can't seem to get the links list to be in the right hand sidebar. Everytime I enter a link it appears at the bottom of the page which is rather crap, so if any of you know how I can get the links onto the right hand side HELP. I'm just useless at that kind of thing.

Ok, this is a bit of an item. There are only 200 apparently and they all come on a cassette, which I have to say is probably the best packaged tape I've ever owned. You can't see it from there but it's beautiful...honest. Someone was telling me that this is not the first cassette thingy that Thurston Moore has done and if there are more out there then I woud love to hear them. There's just something about waves of random guitar noise that gets me going. I rather wish he would do this sort of thing (a) live and (b) somewhere near York. It would sound fantastic coming out of a big PA.

1. Black Weeds
2. White Death