Friday, August 31, 2007

Playlist 27

First of all thanks to all of you who have e-mailed me over the last few weeks enquiring as to what was going on and why there had been no new posts. The reason was that I had decided to pack it in after one of the bands/labels to whom I had given lots of free publicity decided to complain to the BPI and cause me all kinds of problems. Needless to say I was rather pissed off about this...I mean, they didn't even have the decency to simply contact me and ask for th offending files to be removed. The first I knew about it was an e-mail from my web host asking me for a response. Angry does not quite describe it! All I have ever tried to do on here is give bands and artists a little bit of a push i the right direction, to get the music out there so that people might hear it and actually go out and make the purchase. Apparently that is wrong.

Ok rant over.

Over the last few weeks I've been recieving e-mails from people who actually do appreciate what I am trying to do here and as a result have decided to continue. I will certainly be more careful about the bands selected to appear on the site and the band who be honest I don't know if it was the band or the label or even some over zealous manager but that band, their label and anyone I find has anything to do with them will not have their material promoted on Burning World again.
If any band wants any files removing please just send me an e-mail and it will be done.

On with the music.

1. Pale Sunday - She’ll Never Be Mine (Matinee) From the album Summertime. I know this has been around a while but I’ve only just managed to get my hands on a copy. Buy Here
2. Dardanelles - Footsteps (Mosquito’s’ Tweeter) Taken from the Aussie bands debut album “Mirror Mirror” which will hopefully hit the shops anytime now.
3. Earzumba - Fugitivo (Editions Zero) From the album “Real Ruido Pastizo”.
4. Eilen Jewell - High Shelf Booze () It’s not very often I actually listen to an album from start to finish. Usually I tend to listen to things three or four tracks at a time but this album did manage to stay on for it’s duration. It’s called “Letters from sinners & strangers” and you may well see more from this album on this site in the future, as long as no-one comlains of course. I really must calm down about this and stop moaning. Buy Here
5. South Central - Space And The Woods (Bootleg) I can’t really tell you much about this. It’s the only track on a cd which fell through my letterbox yesterday morning. Exellent stuff though.
6. The Warlocks - Slip Beneath (Tee Pee Records) From the new album “Heavy Deavy Skull Lover”. Out October 23rd and you may well be able to order one Here, then again, who knows?
7. The Ting Tings - That ’s Not My Name () Oh I know it’s a bit cheesy but this 7″ is just so damn catchy. They’ve got loads of gigs coming up over September/October so check out their My Space page for more details.
8. Little Man Tate - Under Them Smiles (V2) This is the b side to the current single “European Lover”. Out this week. Buy Here
9. Gravenhurst - Trust (Warp) Current single. Buy Here
10. FLat 7 - Smile (Robin Guthrie Remix) Quite possibly one of the most beautiful tracks of the year. From the album “Lost In Blue”.