Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Jakpot

I first heard this ep about a month ago but I think my ears must have been malfunctioning (or I had a hangover) because it'staken me a month to realise just how good it is. They're called The Jakpot and come from Manchester and prove once more, as if there was ever any doubt that all the best bands come from the north (exept for Prinzhorn Dance School who are currently my best band in the world yet come from Brighton, but I'm sure their ancestors were probably sheep farmers near Ilkly). The record is called "Turning Point" and is avaliable now on CD or 10". I'd certainly recommend the 10" vinyl because as everyone knows in this health mad enviroment, vinyl is good for the heart.

Right then. I'm off for a nice big fry up with chips and black pudding.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Prinzhorn Dance School

This is why I get up on a morning, this is why I put milk on my Rice Krispies and this is why I fed the cat three times yesterday. This is the strange effect the debut album from Brightons Prinzhorn Dance School is having on me. From the opening bars of "Black Bunker", a repeated bass line not unlike a Fall intro tape gets us underway and by the time we get to the final track the world has become a better place, actually what happened to me was I just thought sod the world and work and anything else I have to do today, all I'm gonna do is listen to this all over again. I can't tell you much about the band though. They seem to be quite a secretive lot but if they keep on churning out records like this they can walk about with blankets over their heads for all I care.

"Prinzhorn Dance School" is released through DFA Records on 13th August.

Files removed at the request of the B.P.I.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Playlist 25

1. 586 - We Got Bored (Tigertrap) 7"
2. Brainbombs - Stinking Memory (Anthem) From Sweden, Brainbombs have been abusing the eardrums fo the world since 1987. Sadly this wil be the bands final release and is a 7" single limited to just 377 copies. It was released a couple of months ago and is now probably sold out so if you should stumble across one grab it with both hands and shout yippee!
3. Caz Mechanic - Go Home (Big Potato) This is the best track in my humble opinion from the new Caz Mechanic single which will be released on 5th June and can be purchased HERE
4. Inverse Cinematic - Seven By Seven (Dave Da Gatos Baad Ass Tapas Mix) (Faces) Oooo this is a bit good. New 12" out this very week.
5. Gas Club - Bottle Neck (Demo) Yet another quality band from the City of Sheffield.
6. Who's Your Favorite Son, God? - Downtown Cherry Merchandise (KDVS) A fantastic album for sure. There are 500 of these on lush gold vinyl. Check out their My Space site for more info.
7. Tilly & The Wall - The Freest Man (Moshi Moshi) New single from the best tap dancers in the country. If you get chance to see them live don't pass it up.
8. New Young Pony Club - Fan (Modular) Another track from their "Fantascic Playroom" album.
9. Milanese - Mr Good News (Planet Mu) This comes from the new album "Adapt". They describe themselves on their My Space page as "Dead zombie girl dancefloor music". Doesn't sound too far from the mark.
10. Shit & Shine - Side A (Noisestar) It's quite simple really. A slab of 12" vinyl with a title as cunning as "Cunts With Roses" was always going to jump the que and go straight onto the turntable. This is a monster of a record in more ways than one. Evil doesn't quite describe it, it's a complete sonic masterpiece. There are no song titles but this is Side A in all it's thirteen minute glory...and yes, it is meant to sound like that.
11. Future Of The Left - Adeadenemyalwayssmellsgood (Too Pure) It seems like ages since I had a new record on the Too Pure label. They have always been purveyors of fine sounds and this is no different. This is the new, possibly second single from Future Of The Left about whome I know about as much as a hamster with amnesia.
12. Thrushes - Heartbeats (Birdnote) If I had an album of the week this would be it. It's called "Sun Come Undone" and will be in the shops next week.
13. Robedoor - Tremor Deliverence () Another split 7". Beware the noise...
14. Pipas - The Bowling Alley (s/r) This comes from one of those tour only EP's that you can't get unless you go to a gig. It's called "Mix For The Occupation" and this track is particularly fine.
15. Hot Club De Paris - Clockwork Toy (Moshi Moshi) New single from Hot Club De Paris. The CD features a "Metronomy Remix" which is rather ace.

I'm off, see ya next week.