Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Playlist 24

1. Clinic - Magic Boots (Domino) This comes from an album called "Funf" which is a collection of some of Clinic's finest works, their b sides.
2. My Favorite Jeans - Honey (CDR) This is a bit of a curiosity which fell on my doormat just the other day. I have very little information about the band other than the rather obvious fact that they are Swedish.
3. Rothko - Be Invisible (Bip Hop) From the new album "Eleven Stages Of Intervention"
4. A Genuine Freakshow - I Left My Blood On Your Bathroom Floor (Self Released) Well for a start it's a great name for a band and secondly, it's a great band. A Genuine Freakshow come from Reading and this is one of three tracks on the bands latest EP which can be purchased at their My Space site HERE. Go to it!!
5. Old Time Relijun - Tightest Cage (K) This is the new 7" single from what I'm tempted to say is Portland, Oregon's finest export.
6. The Harrisons - Monday's Arms (Remix) (White Label) I'm not sure if or when this 12" is going to get a proper release. I hope it's soon because I'm sure you'll agree this is a great remix.
7. Peace In Our Time - That Some Old Phrase (Cloudberry) Two band from Sweden in the same program? They must be paying me I hear you thinking but of course you would be wrong. This is from one of those very cute 3" CD things. It's the last track on an EP called "Tiger". Check out for more details.
8. The Dead Science - On Your Shore (Silencio) This comes from a 7" single which features The Dead Science on one side doing this version of Enya's "On Your Shore" better than the original for sure, and on the other side it's Parenthetical Girls covering Tori Amos. There are only 300 copies of this avaliable and apparently they are only going to be sold at gigs.
9. The Noisettes - Sister Rosetta (Mercury) CDS
10. Welcome - All Set (Fat Cat) I'm a bit late on this one. The album's called "Sirs" and was released at the back end of last year.
11. The Jakpot - Turning Point (Little Teddy) I think it's fair to say this band could be the best thing to come out of Manchester this year although every time I make such claims someone always comes along and makes me look like a twat, anyway The Jakpot are indeed from Manchester and this track comes from their debut release which can be purchased on CD or 10" Vinyl from the bands website HERE
12. Racoo oo oon - Behold Secret Kingdom (Gilgongo) New 7"
13. Marc With a C - Nerdy Girl (Neighborhood Nuclear Superiority) From the album "What The Hell Is Wrong With Marc With a C?". Out sometime in June.
14. Dogs - Dirty Little Shop (Weekender) Title track from the new Dogs EP which will be released in the UK on June 18th, a bit earlier in the US if memory serves (rarely).
15. Jesu - Sundown (Aurora Borelis) Now normally I wouldn't dream of including a seventeen and a half minute track in a playlist but I just could not leave this out. It's from the bands "Sundown/Sunrise" 12" and is totally world class. I think these records are going to be quite hard to come by, according to their site the second pressing is already selling well so you would be well advised to get onto this one pretty sharpish and save yourself a lifetime of regret and emptyness.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Playlist 23

1. Beyond The Wizards Sleeve - Before We Start, If (Third Mynd) First track from the new EP "George"
2. DJ Scotch Egg - Scotch Sundance (Very Friendly) More strangeness from the egg. From the album "Scotchhausen".
3. Jubb & The Dirty Sleeves - More Sincere Than Elvis (Demo)
4. Fight Like Apes - Jake Summers (Fifa) This as far as I know is the debut EP from Dublins Fight Like Apes. It's called "How Am I Supposed To Kill You If You Have All The Guns" and suprise suprise you can't buy it on Amazon. It is well worth tracking down though so I suppose the best place to start is probably the bands My Space page HERE
5. Celestial - Bluebell Meadow (Skipping Stone) From the album "Dream On". One of the best records you'll hear this year.
6. Art Brut - I Will Survive (Downtown) Another track from the new album "It's A Bit Complicated" Out 18th June.
7. Rumskib - Springtime (Darla) Pure beauty from Norway. Taken from their self-titled debut album.
8. Yellow Swans - Untitled (Not Not Music) This is the other side of that Goslings 7" which I played you last week. The good people at Not Not Music are certainly putting out some exellent stuff at the moment.
9. The Reverse - Shutterspeed (Run Out) At last, a new EP from The Reverse. You might remember that I played you tracks last year from their "Clean Incision EP" and this one is just as good. Apparently it's the second of three EP's and I look forward to hearing the third and hopefully not last in the near future. Good stuff.
10. New Young Pony Club - Get Lucky (Modular) From the album "Fantasic Playroom" which should be on your i-pod as of the 18th June.
11. Prinzhorn Dance School - Hamworthy Sports & Leisure Centre ()B side of the current single and I think I prefere this over the A side.
12. Fat Tulips - So Unbelievable (Vinyl Japan) In this weeks playlist just because I re-discovered my copy of the album "Starfish" earlier this week and realised what a great band the Fat Tulips really were and hardly got any recognition at all.
13. ioeb - Someone (CD-R) Can't tell you a huge amount about these. I can't even tell you how to pronounce their name.
14. Solarise - Get You Down (Konkurrent) From the album "Still The Same Dream"
15. Aluminium Babe - Be Mine (Velocity) From the album "Smoke In Chinatown".

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Playlist 22

1. Parka - If You Wanna (Jeepster) Fine new single
2. Trembling Blue Stars - Beautiful Blank (Elefant) Hot on the heels of the Brilliant new album "The Last Holy Writer" comes a brand new four track EP called "Exploring The Shadows". None of the tracks on here are on the album but all are mint. "Beautiful Blank" is the stand out track for sure. It's one of those tunes which gets into your head and blatently refuses to leave. Not sure on the release date but I'll keep you posted.
3. Blood Red Shoes - It's Getting Boring By The Sea (V2) New single by the Brighton based outfit. They're currently touring the UK so check out their My Space site for details.
4. Tears Run Rings - A Question & An Answer (Disaster Club) From the bands new E.P. which has been around a month or so. Nice
5. California Snow Story - Wishing Well (Letterbox) From the debut album "Close To The Ocean". Out 21st May.
6. Future Pilot AKA - Tery Bina (Creeping Bent) New single.
7. Screaming Tea Party - Let's Do Not Say Another Word (Stolen) One of the highlights of the week and no mistake. This comes from a rather sexy 10" E.P. called "Death Egg". Not entirly sure how you would get a copy but pop over to their My Space site and I'm sure you'll find all the information you could ever need.
8. The Cribs - Girls Like Mystery (Wichita) From the new album "Men's Needs, Women's Needs, Whatever". Out 21st May.
9. Goslings - Saw Horse (Not Not Fun) This comes from a 7" single which they share with Yellow Swans. If I remember I'll post their contribution next week.
10. Prinzhorn Dance School - Up! Up! Up! () New single. I really must make an effort to find out more about this lot. Love this.
11. Melt Banana - Cat Brain Land (AZAP) From the album "Bambie's Dialema" which I trust is already part of your record collection. If it isn't you should go immediately to your garden shed and stick a rake though your foot as punishment.
12. Art Brut - Post Soothing Out (Downtown) From the new album "It's A Bit Complicated". Out 19th June.
13. Ex Cocaine - The Weather (Not Not Fun) Another split 7" from the Not Not Fun label. This one is shared with GHQ who also make a rather fine noise.
14. The Envelopes - Smoke In The Desert Eating The Sand Hide In The Grass (Brille) Yet another 7" single and this one get's the award for title of the week. Well done boys.
15. The Crimea - Raining Planets (Free Two One) From the new album "Secrets Of The Witching Hour" which apparently you can dowload perfectly legally, in full, for free, from the bands website HERE

Monday, May 07, 2007

Lostmusic Playlist 4

It's been a while since I did a playlist for Burning World. I've been busy putting on gigs in London. And I've also been across to California to catch the return of The Jesus and Mary Chain. I've included the new song that the Mary Chain played at the end of this playlist. Recorded on my old and trusty I-River Hp140. Hope you find something to like on this little playlist.

01 The Leatherettes - Shoot To Thrill - from Dundee, Scotland. Link
02 The Icicles - La Ti Da - Gentle indie pop from the USA Link
03 Slow Down Tallahassee -So Much For Love - Scuzzy and lovely Link
04 Dirtblonde - You Wanna Be Me - My Space shunning Liverpudlians Link
05 Celestial – Somedays We Are - Great indiepop from Sweden Link
06 The Manhattan Love Suicides – Cracked Open - from a forthcoming single (we hope) Link
07 Star – Rebels Get Lonely - Droney noise pop from the USA Link
08 Downdime - Joanne - another fine piece of noise pop, from England Link
09 Molloy – Dirty Church - top notch dirty electro pop Link
10 The Lovekevins – Private Life of a Cat - Hypnotic electro indie pop Link
11 Horowitz – Popkids of the World Unite - Good and Fun Link
12 The Scottish Polis Inspectors – You’ve Got To Know - ace Scottish band Link
13 The Gresham Flyers - Shiftwork - one of the finest London bands currently doing the rounds Link
14 Oh! Custer – Your Name - All I know is that it is released on new label Cloudberry Link
15 The Jesus and Mary Chain – All Thing Must Pass (bootleg I made at the bands comeback show – at The Glass House, Pomona – 26th April 2007 Link