Sunday, April 29, 2007

Playlist 21

1. Wild Billy Childish & The Musicians Of The British Empire - Joe Strummers Grave (Damaged Goods) This album has hardly been off my I-Pod all week. It's called "Live At The British Legion Club" and should be assaulting your ears as we speak.
2. Rumskib - Dreampoppers (Darla) From the self-titled debut album. Out 8th May
3. The Detroit Cobras - Leave My Kitten Alone (Rough Trade) From the album "Tied & True". Out 8th May.
4. Low - Breaker (Dub Plate) 7" Nice
5. The Longcut - Idiot Check (Melodic) 7". I know I've played this before but...well I don't know, you might have missed it.
6. Art Brut - Late Sunday (Promo) From the forthcoming album "It's A Bit Complicated". I'm not sure as to the release date yet but watch this space.
7. Saba - World Cup Cricket (Brimstone & Fire) 7"
8. Bond Assessment Papers - Bulding Towards The 11+ () 12" from a new Norway band.
9. Celestial - Brighton Girls (Skipping Stone) Love this album. It's called "Dream On" and I certainly will.
10. Trembling Blue Stars - November Starlings (Elefant) From the new album "The Last Holy Writer".
11. Happy Flowers - I Shouldn't Have Eaten That Stuff (Homestead) Just thought I would throw this one in. From the 1990 album "Lasterday I Was Been Bad"
12. Boom Bip - Rat Tale (Lex) From the "Saccrilege EP".
13. Destroy All Dreamers - Dead On Arrival (CD-R)
14. Melt Banana - Cracked Plaster Cast (AZAP) At last, a new album from Melt Banana. It's called "Bambie's Dilemma" and will be in the shops next week.
15. Sleepwalkers Local 242 - Dipsomania () Now I think you might struggle to get a copy of this. It's on one of those nice little 3" CD's. Very cute but only 90 copies apparently.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Santa Dog - Kittyhawk

I must admit I was getting a bit worried about Santa Dog. It's been a while since we last heard from them but it seems not without good reason. They've been locked inside a studio in Bristol plugging away at their debut album, and here it is. It's called Kittyhawk and it sparkles like a diamond. They seem to have simply carried on from where they left off with last years excellent Belle De Jour E.P. All I need now is for the band to come up and play somewhere in the north of England.
Kittyhawk is to be released in June through Japanese label Quince Records and will be preceded by what is been billed as the bands debut single, perfectly true if you don't count the first three E.P.s. "Big Bang/Are You Hot Enough" will be released through SoundsXPerience on 14th May and apparently will be on beautiful 7" vinyl, the best format ever to grace our turntables in my opinion.
You can check out a couple of tracks from this fine artifact at the bands Last FM page

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Celestial - Dream On

Every now and then a record comes along which reminds me why I do this. I was thinking just yesterday that it's been quite a slow month as far as good records are concerned and then without warning the debut album from Celestial appears. I'd heard the earlier E.P.s and stuff so I knew what I was expecting but what I got was not far from indiepop perfection. Celestial is basically just one guy called Andreas Hagman, who as the name might suggest hails from that current hotbed of indie cuteness, Sweden. I have been deliberately avoiding Swedish bands on Burning World over the last year or so because as exellent as many of them are they do get loads of coverage elseware, and quite rightly so. This record though is so good that I would have to remove my eyebrows with an electric sander if I didn't give it it's dues. Listen I can't big this up enough so I'm just gonna shut up and let you download the two tracks below.

The album is called Dream On and is avaliable now through Skipping Stone Records

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Playlist 20

1. Dan Le Sac Vs Scroobius Pup - Thou Shall Always Kill (CD-R) Can't stop playing this track.
2. Pilote - The Name Of My DJ (Exalt) From the album "Pop Will Make Us Free"
3. The Harrisons - Man Of The Hour (Melodic) From the album "No Fighting In The War. Out 21st May.
4. The Wee DJs - Prepr (Touchin Bass) From the album "Fear & Lothian"
5. Hulaboy - Horses (555) From the album "The Genius Of The Hulaboy"
6. The Dykeenies - New Ideas (Lavolta) New Single
7. Amusement Parks On Fire - A Star Is Born (V2) 12". I wasn't going to put this in because they seem to get plenty of publicity elsewhere but this is just so good I couldn't leave it out.
8. The Tinklers - Trees Like To Rot In The Forest (Shimmy Disc) From the 1991 album "Saplings". Classic
9. Dartz - Once Twice Again (Xtra Mile) New Single.
10. Shitdisco - Ok (Yuksek Remix) (Fierce Panda) My prefered mix of the new single.
11. Trembling Blue Stars - Idyllwild (Elefant) From the new album "The Last Holy Writer". Out 14th May.
12. The Enemy - Away From Here (Wea) New Single. Out this week.
13. The Pigeon Detectives - Can't Control Myself (Dance To The Radio) From the album "Wait For Me". Out 28th May.
14. Tiger Force - Five Six I Got Sticks (Marquis Cha Cha) From the album "Wasp In A Jar".
15. To My Boy - Eureka (XL) From the bands soon to be released debut album.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Playlist 19

1. The Rumble Strips - Alarm Clock (Island) cds
2. Twisted Charm - Boring Lifestyles (Because) 7"
3. Darren Hayman - Eastbourne Lights (Static Caravan) 7"
4. Meat For A Dark Day - Vanity Unfair (CD-R) Debut single from a new Sheffield Band. Out sometime next month. If you wanna see about getting your mits on a copy check out
5. Benoit Pioulard - Fir (Kranky) 7"
6. 1990s - Switch (Rough Trade) From the debut album "Cookies". Out 28th May
7. The San Marinos - Super Sexy TV Girl (Liao) I really really like this EP from probably the best band in Stockholm. Visit to purcase your copy.
8. Tearwave - Dream Bliss (Projekt) From the album "Tearwave"

9. Metro Riots - New Epidemic (Eleven 78) Exellent new London band. Debut album "Night Time Angel Candy" out next month.
10. Jim Rivers - Catch 22 (Saved)
11. The Lea Shores - Guillotine (Weekender) 7"
12. The Voom Blooms - Politics & Cigarettes (Fiction) Been around a while I know but I played it while I was sorting through some records last week and I don't remember having heard it before.
13. Fury Of The Headteachers - Misfortune (Grace) From the album "You Took A Scythe Home". Out 7th May.
14. Sunsplit - She Said (cd-r) From the album "Sing For Sunday"
15. God Is An Astronaut - Far From Refuge (Revive) Title track from the new album. Out 20th April.