Saturday, March 17, 2007

Lostmusic Playlist #3

Hot on the heals of the 2nd Lostmusic Playlist. Here's the third. I think it's the best one I have compiled thus far. It's packed with indiepop gems, electronic pop and a few oddities. Enjoy!

01 Thrushes - Heartbeats - from the new LP 'Sun Come Undone' - Link
02 Decoration - Job In London. The band had two songs in Dandelion Radio's festive 50. Sparky indie guitar pop. Link
03 Kirsten Ketsjer The Rock Band - There Is More - from the majorly weird LP 'FFFOOK TSSCCH' from Denmark. Link
04 The Patty Winters Show - People Like Us Aren't Meant To Win Things. Another fine new guitar band -Link
05 Sister Vanilla - Jamcolas - It's a psychedelic take on The Jesus and Mary Chain - by Linda Reid and her brother's Jim and William. Immense. Link
06 Amida - It Started In Naples - a fine piece of Indiepop from Manchester, England. Link
07 Scottish Polis Inspectors - Gina McKee - Gorgeous pop sounds. Think Lloyd Cole and his commotions. Link
08 Annemarie - The Living Model. More stunning indiepop. This time from Indonesia, Link
09 Katie The Pest - Sober. This came out back in 2004 - I missed it back then - so here it is in 2007. Link
10 Hail - Racer Hero - An old favourite from 1990. The band reformed in 2006. And I only found out a week or so ago. Link
11 The Artificial Sea - Ride This Thing - Link
12 The Owls - Do Ya - Released on Magic Marker back in 2004. Again I just discoverd it. Great kooky pop music. Link
13 The Blow - Fists Up - From the LP 'Paper Television' Fine electronica tinged pop. Link
14 Molloy - Piece of Mind - from the 'Dirty Church' EP. Link
15 Woman - Blood Orange - Music for dancing too, so they say, from the EP 'Silver Wolf Dog' Link