Saturday, March 31, 2007

Playlist 18

1. Help She Can't Swim - Kite Eating Tree (Fantastic Plastic) From the new album "The Death Of Nightlife". The band have loads of dates coming up. Check for details.
2. Darren Hayman - Table For One (Track & Field) I was saying just the other day to a friend of mine, "It's a long time since we heard anything from Darren Hayman" He replied "Well apart from The Table For One album at the back end of last year and the Table For One-Dessert Menu EP last month and the new Eastbourne Lights 7" EP I suppose he has". My reply cannot be re-produced here as it would give the more sensitive amongst you nightmares but I did persuade him to lend me his copies until I can get my own and they should be winging their way to my door as we speak. I do like Amazon. This is the title track from the "Table For One-Dessert Menu" EP.
3. Duloks - Bad Vegetarian (Art Goes Pop) 7" EP.
4. Liechenstien - Stalking Skills (Fraction Discs) 7" EP. Perfect pop from Goteborg, Sweden.
5. The Piskie Sits - Lotta Bad Things (Wrath) From the debut album "A Secret Sickliness"
6. Tiger Force - Beat This (Marquis Cha Cha)
I've got high hopes for this lot. The debut album "A Wasp In A Jar" will be released on 9th April and this comes from that. The band have a few dates coming up and I think I'll have to make an effort to catch up with them although the closest they come to me appears to be Wakefield.
7. The Clientele - I Hope I Know You (Merge) I'm tempted to say this is the best Clientele album yet. It's called "God Save The Clientele" and is out 8th May. Perfect summer listning
8. Spacemen 3 - Come Down Softly To My Soul (Fire) Don't know why, I just felt like throwing this one in. I was listening to their"Playing With Fire" album earlier in the week and it still sounds bloody awsome. Every home should have one.
9. Foals - Hummer (Transgressive) New Single. Out 16th April.
10. The Scarlot Harlots - Cats Eyes (Demo) Great name, Great demo.
11. The Maccabees - Tissue Soldiers (Fiction) From the album "Colour It In". Not sure as to the release date but I'll keep you posted.
12. Black Francis - Threshold Apprehension (Cooking Vinyl) I'm sure I'm not alone in being of the opinion that Black Francis or Frank Black or whatever you want to call him had seen better days. Some may even go as far as to call him a spent force. Well here's the news!! Black Francis is back on top form. This is the best album he's recorded in a decade. It's called "Bluefinger" and apparently isn't out until September but surely that can't be right.
13. Dogs - This Stone Is A Bullet (Weekender) New Single.
14. Hadouken - Dance Lesson (?)
15. Bromheads Jacket - What Ifs And Maybes (Marquis Cha Cha)
New Single.

If your in a band and you want to see your music on Burning World please get in touch.

Friday, March 30, 2007

Boo Radleys - Ichabod & I (again)

I never realised this record was so popular. I posted it on here back in October last year and ever since it was deleted (files stay up for a few of months) I've been getting asked for it every couple of days. So in order to restore my quiet life here it is again.

1. Elenor Everything
2. Bodenheim Jr
3. Catweazle
4. Sweet Salad Birth
5. Hip Clown Rag
6. Walking 5th Carnival
7. Kaleidoscope
8. Happens To Us All

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Playlist 17

1. Bono Must Die - We're Better Than You (Demo) I like the sound of these. Someone should sign them NOW!
2. Butcher Boy - I Lost Myself (How Does It Feel) From the album "Profit In Your Poetry". Trev seems to like this album as well. See the Lost Music playlist below.
3. Decoration - Only A Plague Can Stop Us Now (13 B Sides)
The albums called "Flippant" and I think it's been around since January but I've only just got my mitts on one. Well recomended.
4. Sonic Boom Six - All In (Deck Cheese)
New Single from the boom. Ok so it's a bit cheesy but I like it.
5. The Twang - Wide Awake (B-Unique)
New single from a band you'll be hearing a lot more from if the music press get their way and on this occasion I hope they do.
6. Star - Switchblade Heart (Lovely Rebel)
The album's called "Devastator" and that is exactly what it is. If you like the sound of the Mary Chain colliding head on with My Bloody Valentine your gonna love this.
7. The Loves - She'll Break Your Heart...Again (Fortuna Pop)
Taken from the new album "Technicolour"
8. The Mary Onettes - Void (Labrador)
Taken from their second EP which is now avaliable and should be gracing your i-pod as we speak.
9. The Whip - Muzzle No 1 (Southern Fried)
Another week, another great new band from Manchester. 12" single.
10. Good Shoes - Smalltown Girl (Brille)
I've been banging on about this band for ages. Finally the debut album is here and a treat itis too. It's called "Think Before You Speak" and will be in the shops next week.
11. The Piskie Sits - Big Fat Mouth (Wrath)
I saw this lot last week supporting The Fall and they were utterly fantastic. They said they are just a local band on a local label. Have a day off boys, your fantastic and if you don't achieve world domination then I'll eat my baseball boots. This track comes from the debut album "Secret Sickliness" and if you don't buy it I'm gonna come round to your house and stick a kebab through your letterbox. You have been warned.
12. The Bishops - I Can't Stand It Anymore (1234)
From the self titled debut album. Out 23rd April.
13. Heaviness - Saddest Colour (Heaviness)
Another track from the album "Heaviness" which seemed to go down quite well last week especially in the Rossy household.
14. 65 Days Of Static - Don't Go Down Sorrow (Monotreme)
New single. Out 9th April. It's a bit shorter than the version which appears on the new album "The Destruction Of Small Ideas" which landed on my doorstep this very morning.

15. Suicidal Birds - No Way (Tocado) The album is called "vs Life" and just oozes with attitude. Lovely.

Catch ya next week.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Lostmusic Playlist #3

Hot on the heals of the 2nd Lostmusic Playlist. Here's the third. I think it's the best one I have compiled thus far. It's packed with indiepop gems, electronic pop and a few oddities. Enjoy!

01 Thrushes - Heartbeats - from the new LP 'Sun Come Undone' - Link
02 Decoration - Job In London. The band had two songs in Dandelion Radio's festive 50. Sparky indie guitar pop. Link
03 Kirsten Ketsjer The Rock Band - There Is More - from the majorly weird LP 'FFFOOK TSSCCH' from Denmark. Link
04 The Patty Winters Show - People Like Us Aren't Meant To Win Things. Another fine new guitar band -Link
05 Sister Vanilla - Jamcolas - It's a psychedelic take on The Jesus and Mary Chain - by Linda Reid and her brother's Jim and William. Immense. Link
06 Amida - It Started In Naples - a fine piece of Indiepop from Manchester, England. Link
07 Scottish Polis Inspectors - Gina McKee - Gorgeous pop sounds. Think Lloyd Cole and his commotions. Link
08 Annemarie - The Living Model. More stunning indiepop. This time from Indonesia, Link
09 Katie The Pest - Sober. This came out back in 2004 - I missed it back then - so here it is in 2007. Link
10 Hail - Racer Hero - An old favourite from 1990. The band reformed in 2006. And I only found out a week or so ago. Link
11 The Artificial Sea - Ride This Thing - Link
12 The Owls - Do Ya - Released on Magic Marker back in 2004. Again I just discoverd it. Great kooky pop music. Link
13 The Blow - Fists Up - From the LP 'Paper Television' Fine electronica tinged pop. Link
14 Molloy - Piece of Mind - from the 'Dirty Church' EP. Link
15 Woman - Blood Orange - Music for dancing too, so they say, from the EP 'Silver Wolf Dog' Link

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Playlist 16

Another damn fine selection if I do say so myself!!

1. Heaviness - How You Avoid The Sugartraps (Heaviness) What a fantastic way to start a playlist. Heaviness have clearly set their collective heart on trying to re-write Loveless which of course is impossible. However their self titled debut album is an essential listen and I think Mr Sheilds himself would be impressed.
2. My Teenage Stride - Reception (Becalmed) Another track from the "Ears Like Golden Bats" album. Don't stop indie-pop is all I can say.
3. The Big Hat Band - When The Chips Are Down (CD-R)
Don't know much about this lot. I think they come from Belgium but don't quote me on that.
4. ILIKETRAINS - Spencer Percival (Beggars Banquet)
New single from ILIKETRAINS. It's the first new material since last years outstanding "Progress Reform" album. Out 26th March
5. Sister Vanilla - K To Be Lost (Chemikal Underground)
Sister Vanilla is Linda Reid, sister of Jim and William from the Mary Chain both of whom play on this album. Glad to hear she has inherited that fantastic sound. The album is called "Little Pop Rock" and hits the shops on 2nd April.
6. The Sexual Objects - Full Penetration (Creeping Bent) The Sexual Objects is the new project from one time Fire Engine/Nectarine Number 9 bloke Davy Henderson. This is one of those limited 7" singles so if you see one, grab it.
7. Polytechnic - Still Spinning (Shatterproof)
From the Manchester bands debut album "Down Til Dawn" Out 23rd April.
8. Pull Tiger Tail - Let's Lightning (B-Unique)
New single. Out 26th March
9. Maps - So Low, So High (Mute) I saw this lot live a couple of months ago and have been looking forward to this album ever since. It's called "We Can Create" and will be released through Mute on 14th May.
10. The Orchids - Another Saturday Night (Siesta)
Yes it is that Orchids. The very same one who used to record for Sarah Records many years ago. Well their back and I'm pleased to say that they're back and nothing much seems to have changed. The album is called "Good To Be A Stranger".
11. Num 9 - The Wait (Acuarela)
From the album "The Glow Worms Resistance".
12. I Was A Cub Scout - I Hate Nightclubs (Abeano)
New single. The band are about halfway through their current set of dates. See for more details.
13. Forward Russia - Don't Be A Doctor (White Label)
I'm not sure how you would go about getting a copy of this. It's a 10" white label and is also rather good. If the next album sounds anything like this it'll be awesome.
14. Good Shoes - Never Meant To Hurt You (Brille) New Single.
15. Client - Monkey On My Back (Metropolis)
From the forthcoming album "Heartland". Out 10th April.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Playlist 15

I think this is the finest playlist yet.

1. The Horrors - Exellent Choice (Loog) From the excellent debut album "Strange House".
2. Bishops - The Only Place I Can Look Is Down (1234)
Taken from the debut self-titled debut album. Released 23rd April.
3. My Teenage Stride - To Live & Die In The Airport Lounge (Becalmed)
This has to be my album of the week. It's called "Ears Like Golden Bats" and has made getting out of bed worthwhile.
4. Lou Barlow - Faith Defies The Night (Acuarela) ...and you thought Lou Barlow was a spent force. The new five track EP "Mirror The Eye" proves beyond all reasonable doubt that the former Sebadonian still has plenty to say.
5. The Fall - Coach & Horses (Slogan) Only a few weeks to go until I can once again participate in spot of Smith worship. My toes tingle with exitement.
6. Polytechnic - Cold Hearted Business (Shatterproof) Title track from the Manchester band's new EP. They seem to get better with every release.
7. The Harrisons - Monday's Arms (Melodic) New single from the Sheffield band everyone seems to have overlooked in the rush. Currently on tour around the UK. Check for details.
8. 1990's - See You At The Lights (Rough Trade) New single.
9. Hadouken - That Boy, That Girl (Surface Noise) I know I played this track a couple of weeks ago but it's a single in it's own right now so that seems like a decent excuse to play it again. It's a limited 7" and I don't know how many remain so you'd better get you skates on.
10. The Mules - We're Good People (Organ Grinder) New single from Oxfords finest. Out 25th March.
11. The Adventures Of Loki - Feminine Side (16 Tons) Brilliant new single from the only band I know from Lancaster.
12. A Secret Society - This Time (Org) New single.
13. Tokyo Police Club - Box (Memphis Industries) New single from the Canadian soon to be superstars.
14. Shitdisco - 3D Sex Show (Fierce Panda) From the debut album ""16th April
15. Autokat - Dish Out (Akoustik Anarkhy) I must admit I wasn't expecting too much when I first got this album. I think it was probably the name of the band which put me off, so I'm pleased to report that by the end of the album I was reverberating with sheer pleasure. I don't know anything about them except they come from Manchester but no stone will be unturned in my quest for more info. The album is called "Late Night Shopping" and I think it's in the shops now.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Lostmusic Playlist 2

This is the second Lostmusic playlist. I've mixed this one up a bit with songs from the past and the present to make what I think is a cracking little playlist. Hope you enjoy it.

01 Ritual Tension - Hotel California - An old 'favourite'. I have no clue about the band though - other than what Trouser Press have to say - Link
02 Terry Edwards - Bingmasters Breakout - A Fall cove by Terry Edwards trumpet player extraordinaire. Link
03 The Real Losers - Bad Girl/Cheap Fun - On Squirrel Records in the UK - Find it on 27 Nut Bustin Whoppers - Link
04 The Cages - Music Is Gonna Kill You - Part of the Shifty Disco 10 year anniversary 3 CD boxset -Link
05 Lucky Soul - Struck Dumb - Link
06 The Shirelles - I Met Him On A Sunday - A favourite from The Early Girl series of CDs released on ACE records - Link
07 The Fischers - Call Yourself Alive - Jamie from Tompaulin has a new band. They're very good. - Link
08 The Shrugs - Thinking About You - Another from New Zealands' Shrugs - all go out and buy 'An Awkward Silence'. Link
09 Freeheat - The Long Goodbye - The Mary Chain reformd. Here's what Jim Reid and Ben Lurie did during the down time. Link
10 Tompaulin - Heard You Whisper - YesBoyIcecream record released a great tribute to The June Brides - Link
11 Celestial - Fragile Heart - One of my favourite Swedish bands - Link
12 Strange Idols - It's No Fun (Chris Rotter Mix) - A pounding little remix of The Strange Idols - Link
13 Amy Blue - The Language of Ghosts - Link
14 Tap Tap - To Our Continuing Friendship - from the LP 'Lanzafame' - another great release on Stolen Recordings- Link