Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Playlist 14

1. Ground Unicorn Horn - Damn I Wish I Was Fat (Three One G) Thought it might be nice to start this weeks playlist in a noisy manner and this fits the bill perfectly. New single from the wonderfully named Ground Unicorn Horn.
2. YOURCODENAMEISMILO - (V2) From the new album "They Came From The Sun" Out 2nd April. Currently on tour around the UK.
3. Strange Idols - She's Going To Let You Down (Shady Lane/Modern Pop) New single from the London outfit. I seem to have missed the first one but I'll try and track down a copy. The band have some dates coming up in March mostly in London but there are a couple elsewhere. Check out
www.myspace.com/strangeidols for more details.
4. The Fall - My Door Is Never Open (Slogan)
Yet another winner from the album "Reformation Post TLC" .
5. Clatterbox - Storm Drain (Trust)
12" vinyl and very nice too.
6. Air Formation - Tidal (Club Ac30)
Another track from the very fine "Daylight Storms" album.

7. The Enemy - It's Not Ok (Stiff Records) New single from Coventry's finest. I only say that cos I'm struggling to think of any better current Coventry bands off the top of my head. If you know better let me know.
8. Holy Fuck - Lovely Allen (Dependent)
First track from the new Holy Fuck EP.
9. Mumm-Ra - What Would Steve Do (Columbia)
I was in two minds about including this in the program because their getting so much press at the moment they certainly don't need my help, but sod it... I like it so there!!
10. Bombay Bicycle Club - The Hill (Mmm) I love 10" vinyl. I don't know why it just looks fantastic on the turntable. The thing is this one sounds great as well. The Ep. is called "The Boy I Used To Be" and I think you can get hold of a copy from their My Space site:-
11. Ether Aura - I Follow (Analog Terror)
I was gonna play a track from this last week but I forgot, such is life. This comes from an album entitled "Before We Could Sing"
12. Panda Bear - Comfy In Nautica (Paw Tracks)
I don't know what it is about Panda Bear. I just find them mesmerising. From the album "Person Pitch". Out 20th March
13. The Wombats - Backfire At The Disco (Kids)
Without the doubt the catchiest record in this weeks playlist. They've been out recently supporting The Holloways and soon they'll be heading off to play at the SXSW festival and London Calling at the end of March.
14. The Violets - Foreo (Angular)
New single from another band who will be heading over to Amstersdam for London Calling at the end of March.
15. The Bishops - Breakaway (1234) New single.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Playlist 13

1. Air Formation - I Can't Remember Waking Up (Club Ac30) I've been looking forward to this album for quite some time. It's called "Daylight Storms" and should be on your shopping list this week.
2. The Ponys - Exile On My Street (Matador)
From the new album "Turn The Lights Out" which I think is released towards the end of March.
3. Styrofoam Duck - Moto Cross Fantasy (Hiddenbirdhouse)
How good is this? From an EP cunningly titled the "Moto Cross Fantasy EP".
4. Eluvium - Reciting The Airships (Temporary Residence)
From the new album "Copia". Out 19th March
5. Cut City - Damaged (GSL)
Thought you deserved another track from what is a brilliant album. It's called "Exit Decades" and hit the shops last week.
6. Casiotone For The Painfully Alone - It's A Crime (OED)
7" single on lovely white vinyl. This is one one side and the other contains a track by Foot Foot which may be in next weeks program if I don't forget.
7. Friends Of The Bride - Cut Down On My Friends (Demo)
After spending the weekend in Birmingham I got home to discover this demo on my doormat and it's been dominating my i-pod ever since. You'll certainly be hearing more from this lot.
8. Fridge - Eyelids (Temporary Residence)
From the new Temporary Residence compilation "Destroy Independent Music"
9. The Affair - Unwanted Company (Absolutely Kosher)
From the album "Yes Yes To All"
10. The Fall - Insult Song (Slogan)
Not the best track on the album granted but even The Fall's luke warm moments put most bands in the shade.
11. Terminal 11 - Fractured Sunshine (Hymen)
First track from the album of the same name. There's just not enough records like this around at the moment.
12. The Horrors - Gloves (Polydor)
New single from current NME faves. Suprisingly the NME have got it right on this one.
13. The Longcut - Idiot Check (Melodic)
New single from one of Manchesters brightest lights. Last years "Call & Response" album was a very impressive debut and on the strength of this the next one will be awsome. I wait with baited ears. Out 19th March.
14. The Telescopes - Precious Little (What Goes On) Classic single from 1990. Re-discovered this last week while searching for something else as is usually the case. Still sounds nice.
15. Tired Irie - For Those Who Swung Hips ()
If you've been paying attention you'll remember I played you the Cats Cats & Cats side of this record last week and promised to play you the Tired Irie side. Well there you go.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Playlist 12

1. Clinic - If You Could Read Your Mind (Domino) New Single
2. The KBC - Not Anymore (Promo)From the preston bands forthcoming debut album "On The Beat"
3. I Am Above On The Left - To Swallow A Wasp (R.A.I.G.) Great name for a band. This is from the album "An A-Bomb To Wake Up"
4. Dinosaur Jr - Almost Ready (Fat Possum) The album is called "Beyond" and beyond that I know nothing. Out at some point in the future...
5. The Fall - White Line Fever (Slogan) From the album "Reformation-Post TLC" which assuming your alive should be in your cd player as we speak.
6. The Papercuts - Dear Employee (Gnomonsong) Suprise of the week this one. The album's called "Can't Go Back" and is guaranteed to brighten your day, unless of course your enduring amputation without pain relief.
7. Los Camesinos - You Throw Parties, We Throw Knives (Wichita) New single from the Welsh wonders.
8. Kristin Hersh - In Shock (4AD) New single from the former Throwing Muse.
9. Dartz - Lazer Eyes (Xtra Mile) The album "This Is My Ship" is out this week. I'm quite looking forward to catching up with this lot in a couple of weeks time. Best band on teeside.
10. Cut City - Ashes Like Millions (GSL) From the new album "Exit Decades"
11. A Sunny Day In Glasgow - Lists, Plans (CD-R) I really wish I could tell you where to get a copy of this album. It's called "Scribble Mural Comic Journal" and is f*****g ace.
12. Signal Hill - Standby, Sir (CD-R)
From their self released, self titled debut.

13. The Butterflies Of Love - Ghostride (Fortuna Pop) From the new album "Famous Problems"
14. Cats Cats & Cats - You'll Never Make It Home () From the split single they share with Tired Irie. I might play you the Tired Irie side next week if I remember.
15. Hadouken - That Boy That Girl (Surface Noise) New single by Hadouken who I seem to have in my head come from just down the road in Leeds.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Playlist 11

1. Pop Levi - Blue Honey (Counter) From the bands debut album "The Return To Form Black Magick Party"
2. Simon Bookish - A Deception (Use Your Teeth) From the album "Trainwreck/Raincheck"
3. The Early Years - Say What I Want To (Beggars Banquet)
4. Chenley Dufus - To Be A Lover (Trojan)
Taken from the exellent collection "The Upsetter, A Lee Perry Jukebox". I just can't seem to leave this compilation alone.
5. Dartz - Cold Holidays (Xtra Mile) From their debut album "This Is My Ship". The band are out and about touring the nation as we speak.
6. Albert Wheelan - Pass Shoot Goal (Trikont)
This little gem is from a fantastic CD called "Pigs Big 78, A Beginners Guide". For all of us who used to love the Pigs Big 78 on th Peel program. As far as I can see it's gonna be released sometime in May.
7. The Fall - Fall Sound (Slogan)
From the new album "Reformation Post TLC". Nuff said.
8. Electralane - The Greater Times
9. The Twang - Either Way (CD-R)
I'm probably just about the last person to fall in love with these scraggy sounding Brummies. This lot are standing on the verge of greatness.
10. Portland - Cosmanaut (Punching Bee)
Taken from the album "Adrienne". Not sure if this is avaliable yet but well worth tracking down.
11. Former Bullies - You Are Free (Popular Culture)
Another track from "We're Stupid But We're Happy".
12. Eksperimentoj - Note
13. Downfall Of Paris - Weapon (Demo)
New band from Manchester.
14. Aerial - The Dark Star Deleters (Nomethod)
Swedish lads who make a rather nice noise. From the album "The Deleters".
15. A Sunny Day In Glasgow - Wake Up Pretty/No. 6 Karmen Street (CD-R) This is lovely. A Sunny Day In Glasgow is basically Ben Daniels who with the help of his sisters Robin and Lauren has created one of the best albums of the year. These are the first two tracks on the CD. I just could'nt bear to seperate them. Not sure how easy this is to find but no stone should be left unturned in your quest.

See ya next time.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Tokyo Police Club

Tokyo Police Club first came to my attention in the middle of last year with their brilliant "A Lesson In Crime" EP. I wait with baited ears for the debut album and you'll undoubtedly hear stuff from it on this site.
This set was recorded at Great Scott in Allston and proves what a great prospect these lads really are.

Greg Alsop: Drums, Percussion
Josh Hook: Guitar, Percussion
Dave Monks: Vocals, Bass
Graham Wright: Keyboards, Vocals

1. Cheer It On
2. Box
3. It Works
4. New Song
5. Cut Cut Paste
6. Citizens Of Tomorrow
7. Shoulders & Arms
8. The Nature Of The Experiment
9. Be Good

There are a few UK dates coming up over the next couple of months,

13/2/2007 - Sheffield, Plug (NME Club Night)
14/2/2007 - Glasgow, Nice & Sleazy's
15/2/2007 - London, Barfly (XFM Exposure)
27/2/2007 - London, KOKO
28/2/2007 - Manchester, Club Fandango