Tuesday, December 26, 2006


To be fair this only just scratches the surface of a year which has seen a vast quantity of great records. These are just some of the records which have given me a huge amount of pleasure this year, selfish yes but then it's kind of that time of year and I don't care so there you go. Thanks to all the bands, labels etc who have sent records and cd's in to Burning World this year and next year we aim to be even bigger and better and in order to achieve this I will be looking for some people to help out with regular reviews etc. If you've got a bit of spare time and you want to see your thoughts on these pages please drop me a line. In the meantime that's it for this year, have a great new year and if you don't wake up with a hangover then you've not done it properly.

1. 4 Navigators - Hungarock (STK)
2. The Angelic Process - The Sun In Braids (Decaying Sun)
3. Larrikin Love - Downing Street Kindling
4. Secret Shine - You Are Inside (Razorblade)
5. Tilly & The Wall - Rainbows In The Dark
6. The Sunshine Underground - Commercial Breakdown
7. Spotlight Kid - Machines
8. One Second Bridge - The Ghost
9. The Longcut - Vitamin C (Deltasonic)
10. Asobi Seksu - New Years
11. Good Shoes - All In My Head
12. Bromheads Jacket - Going Round To Have A Word (Marquis Cha Cha)
13. Little Man Tate - House Party At Boothies (Yellow Van)
14. Trash Fashion - It's A Rave Dave
15. Be Your Own Pet - Wildcat