Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Playlist 4

1. The Noisettes - Scratch Your Name (Mercury) From the forthcoming album "What's The Time Mr Wolf" to be released 6/2/2007
2. The Dodgems - Lord Lucan Is Missing (Demo)
3. The Eames Era - Fake Do Gooders (?) From the forthcoming album "Heroes & Sheroes" 4. Deerhunter - Spring Hall Convent (Kranky) From the bands second album "Cryptograms" to be released 29/1/2007
5. One Second Bridge - Take Me To The Moon (Buro) From the album "One Second Bridge"
6. The Ripps - Vampire (Catskills) From the exellent debut album "Long Live The Ripps" which will be released on 19/2/2007
7. Day For Airstrikes - The Craftiest Plan Known To Man (Roadkill) From the "Widows"E.P.
8. These New Puritans - Chamber (Demo)
9. Geisha - (Seven Seven Seven) (Crucial Blast) From the album "Mondo Del'orrore"
10. The Others - Looking For A Product (Lime) From the debut album "Inward Parts"
11. Voxtrot - Trouble (Play Louder) From the "Your Biggest Fan" CDS
12. Good Shoes - The Photo On My Wall (Brille) Exellent new single.
13. The Angelic Process - My Blood Still Whispers (Decaying Sun) From The Album "Coma Waering"
14. Loveninjas - Wanna Be Like Johnny C (Labrador) From the E.P. of the same name.
15. Ever Since The Lake Caught Fire - That Club, Them Songs (Demo) Brilliant band from Whitley Bay.