Monday, October 30, 2006


I knew it would be worth the trip. It's just a shame that a few more people didn't. I'm talking about the brilliant Maps gig which I was fortunate enough to witness at Fibbers in York last Friday. I always find it quite embarassing when a band has to play in front of an extremely dissapointing crowd. It's safe to say however that the sparce audience did not reflect the sounds produced on stage. Maps were simply sublime. Fed on a diet of bands like My Bloody Valentine, Spiritulized etc. Maps mainman James certainly knows how to create a sound capable of removing paint from the walls. The band release their new single "Don't Fear" through Last Space Recordings on 30th October and have a few gigs coming up. Get off your ass and get to the gig. You won't be dissapointed.

November 9th - Nottingham, Social
November 10th - Manchester, Bierkeller
November 11th - Glasgow, King Tuts
November 13th - Leeds, Josephs Well
November 17th - London, Luminaire
November 18th - Northampton, Soundhaus

Monday, October 23, 2006

Herman Dune - Giant

2006 has thus far been of quite a vintage as far as music is concerned. Things just seem to be getting better and better, rarely does a week pass without a record which changes my life in some way. Usually it's a record by some exiting new band which takes me completely by suprise but now and again an old favorite returns and delivers the goods. That was the case this week when some kind soul sent me a copy of the new Herman Dune album. My fingers tingled with exitement as I inserted the magical silver disc into the CD player. Often you can expect too much from a band which have previously brightened the darker corners of your life but whatever you want from this record is what you will receive. I can't big it up enough, just put your hand in your pocket and you'll wonder how you ever survived without one. That's another thing actually, the release schedule for Giant is a bit strange to sat the least. It's out now if your in France. If you live in continental Europe you'll have to wait until November 10th and if your unfortunate enough to live in the UK or US then you won't see it until January.

October 24th - Rennes - L’Ubu
October 25th - Brest - le Vauban
October 26th - Rouen - Salle Sainte Croix des Pelletiers
November 2nd - Clermont-Ferrand
November 3rd - Lyon - Ground Zero
November 4th - Paris - La Cigale
November 6th - Toulouse - Mange Disque
November 7th - Bordeaux - Jonathan 2
November 8th - Poitiers - Confort Moderne
November 9th - Orléans - L’astrolab
November 10th - Metz - Musiques volantes
November 11th - Macon - La cave à musiqu

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Xerox Teens

London anarcho-punks Xerox Teens are hitting the road in November and you would be well advised to try and catch up with them. I wouldn't get too close though because you never know if they might be carrying some kind of lethal object. I mean with names like Danny Fancy, Dirt Dog Cash, Pinstripe, Uber and Nuvo you have to start asking questions. Seriously though Xerox Teens are one of the most exiting bands around. Their blatant disregard for anything which has gone before is admirable. They really couldn't give a shit and that's why you simply have to make an effort to experience the madness.

Nov 3rd - Sheffield, The Plug
Nov 4th - London, Nambucca
Nov 7th - London, Buffalo Bar
Nov 11th - London, The Macbeth
Nov 17th - London, Cable St. Studios
Nov 21st - Oxford, Zodiac
Nov 22nd - Cambridge, Soul Tree
Nov 23rd - Manchester, Night & Day
Nov 24th - Liverpool, Korova
Nov 26th - Birmingham, Bar Academy
Nov 27th - Glasgow, King Tuts
Nov 28th - Leeds - Brudenell Social Club
Nov 29th - London, Kings College
Nov 30th - Bristol, Academy II

One Second Bridge

If it's pure lovelyness your after then you can't go far wrong with One Second Bridge. It's basically a collaboration between Vicente García Landa, originally from Mexico City and Matias Bieniaszewski, originally from Buenos Aires. They met apparently through a record shop owning older brother and boy am I glad they did. One Second Bridge glide along effortlessly taking in beautiful gliding guitars, minimal electronics and some bloody good songs. I know some people are going to call them shoegazers but I'll tell you now there's a lot more to them than that. Let them into your life.

Monday, October 16, 2006

The Nightingales - Out Of True

I've never been keen on bands re-forming and making comebacks. It usually results in a damp squib of a gig, a sub standard record and a previously legendary reputation in reduced to tatters.
Imagine then my dismay at finding a new album by the legendary Nightingales landing on my doorstep. The Nightingales released their first single "Idiot Strength" back in 1981 and followed it in 1982 with their debut album "Pigs On Purpose" through Cherry Red Records. Although I was too young to enjoy it at the time (eight years old) I did get a copy a few years later around the time of their "What A Carry On" single in 1985. So what you may ask are The Nightblooms doing releasing a new album in 2006. Despite my initial reservations it seems that this is one comeback worth making. The band do not seem to have even begum to mellow with age. In fact this record sounds as if it could almost be a debut album such is the freshness and the attitude. I really hope that people take this release on face value as a new record and don't try to compare it to anything because this really is worthy of a place in anyones CD player.

The Dykeenies

....and it's another direct hit for Glasgow. There must be something in the air up there, something which makes it almost impossible for anyone who forms a band to be crap. I'm only jealous of course, I mean... what has York done for the music world of late? Anyway the band I'm talking about are a bunch of Glaswegians called The Dykeenies. Having the honour of being the first band to sign to the King Tut's record label they have presented the world with one hell of a debut single. If you can find a copy of "New Ideas/Will It Happen Tonight" snap it up because you'll only end up kicking yourself later that you missed out on such a juicy slice of vinyl.

The band have also been noticed by the NME (I'm not sure if that's actually a good thing) and are participating on the NME Rock & Roll Riot Tour which calls at:-

October 17th - Sheffield, Leadmill
October 18th - Bournmouth, University
October 20th - Nottingham, Trent University
October 22nd - Oxford, Brooks University
October 23rd - Norwich, UEA
October 24th - Liverpool, University
October 25th - Newcastle, Northumbria University

It's probably worth checking before you go because I think some of these might already have sold out.

Friday, October 06, 2006

The Boo Radleys - Ichabod & I

This was the first record from Liverpool's Boo Radleys. The reason for this post is that people keep asking me on almost a weekly basis if I have a copy of Ichabod & I and I dont think it will do much harm to post the whole thing now since there were only ever 500 copies pressed and as far as I know it has never been re-issued. It's a shame really because this is a brilliant record.

1. Elenor Everything
2. Bodenheim Jr
3. Catweazle
4. Sweet Salad Birth
5. Hip Clown Rag
6. Walking 5th Carnival
7. Kaleidoscope
8. Happens To Us All