Sunday, February 05, 2006

The Motorettes

Went to see The Motorettes at Fibbers last night. Actually that's not strictly true, truth is I went to see Agent Blue and The Motorettes were the support. It was one of those times when the support band completely outplay the headliners and you end up feeling somehow sorry for them. The Motorettes are a three piece from the City of Newcastle. I suppose they could be compared sound wise to The Futureheads with their perfect punchy punk and vocal harmonies. I don't think they have a song which is longer than three minutes. Great Stuff, but I do think the singer should maybe try and find a jacket that fits him.
The Motorettes debut single "Super Heartbeats" has just been released through Kitchenware Records. Purchase it HERE

The Motorettes - Relax It's The 80's