Thursday, February 16, 2006

Blood Red Shoes

Blood Red Shoes consist of just two people, Laura-Mary who wishes she was Spanish and plays guitar, and then there's Steven who wishes he was French and plays the drums. They come from Brighton and sound rather spectacular. Ecletic 7" label Johnson Family Records heard them last year and immediately offered to put out a three track 7" single which was released last July and has now sold out. The bands second single entitled "Stitch Me Up" will be released through Try Harder Records on February 20th but you might struggle to get a copy because it has already sold out on pre-sale.

Blood Red Shoes will be playing at:-

21st Feruary - London, Vibe Bar
24th February - London, Uberstompf @ Tatty Bogle, Soho
3rd March - Brighton, The Freebutt
8th March - London, Nambucca
31st March - London, Buffalo Bar
28th April - Oxford, The Wheatsheaf
27th May - London, Camden Barfly

Blood Red Shoes - Stitch Me Back

Blood Red Shoes - Don't Always Say Yes

Blood Red Shoes - Victory For The Magpie