Thursday, December 15, 2005

Mummy Short Arms

As the end of the year approaches it seems that every man and his dog (or hers for that matter) is busy compiling lists of their favorite records of the year. It is therefore my pleasure to inform you that Burning World is, and will remain a list free zone. I just can't see the point, I mean this year has seen some fantastic records but I'm not going to sit here and say that's a better record than this one and therefore is one place higher in my list. If I made one it would be full of joint number one's because there have been at least fifteen records this year which I regard as almost perfect and could justify anyone's number one slot.
So There!!!!

Mummy Short Arms are an unsigned band from Glasgow. Formed in 2003 they remain tucked away in a corner of deepest darkest Scotland just waiting for some record company guy with taste (I'm assured some do exist) to take a chance on what could be a great band. The singer sometimes sounds as though he might die at any moment (an interesting selling point) especially on "Mexican Girl". The great thing is it's not immediatly easy to tell what they've been listening to. I suppose they could draw comparisons to bands like The Vasalines and The Melvins but hey, who's comparing.

Mummy Short Arms next gig is at the Barfly in Glasgow on 19th January next year.

Mummy Short Arms - Mexican Girl
Mummy Short Arms - One Armed Tramp
Mummy Short Arms - Super Sonic Ego


  1. Anonymous5:42 am

    Mummy Short Arms rule! I saw them at the Vale a few months back.

  2. Cool!

    Ta for the comments, it would be some publicity stunt if James was to die onstage, I will ask him and see if he is up for it!!

  3. It's only taken six years, but a record company has finally decided to release a Mummy Short Arms single/album. Single comes out on 30th May through "Flowers in the Dustbin" -