Friday, December 23, 2005

Do you remember the day's when punk was punk, when bands were proud of their lack of technical ability and relied purely on the spirit of the thing to carry them through. These days of course the ranks of punk have been infiltrated by middle class idiots (no names mentioned) who meticulously plan every guitar riff and spend hours carefully writing what they consider to be "punk" music.
How refreshing it is then to hear bands who genuinly seem to have that raw edge. Who clearly have'nt spent hours rehearsing and who just ooze passion and spirit. Sadly these bands will be overlooked by the major labels simply because they're not controllable enough.
Two such bands are Jerk and Red Monkey who I seem to recall featured on a particularly good Slampt Records compilation called Elastic Jet Mission some time ago and these days release their material through the mighty Troubleman Records. Jerk on the other hand....well it's 1977 all over again.

Jerk - Public Transit Ho's
Jerk - Anthem
Red Monkey - Bike Song
Red Monkey - Courage In This Now

Panda Riot come from Philadelphia and consist of Brian, Rebecca and a drum machine. The music is quite simply gorgeous. Swirling guitars and lovely blissed out vocals. As far as I can make out they don't have any official releases as yet but watch this space.

Panda Riot - The Jesus Demeanor
Panda Riot - Plateau

Finally I must ecourage you to visit the Lost Music Recordings website where you can download the second EP from the wonderful Celestial which really is a must have. Additionally you can also download EP's from "Trip" and those Burning World favorites "The Crack Babies" who have all seven tracks from their "Smoking At Gas Stations" available for download.

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  1. Anonymous4:42 am

    Man, no words to this, just a fucking sadness for all the shit that nowdays is in the air..., I hate this fucking situation.

    I´m still waiting for better days to come...