Friday, November 18, 2005

Fawn & Un-Real

Ok, I'm going to try and describe these two bands witout mentioning My Bloody Valentine....Damn there it goes already.
No seriously it seems that every band which comes along and uses droney atmospheric guitars and fx pedals gets compared to bands from fifteen years ago. To be honest if I was in one of these bands it would really piss me off. The way I look at it is that these bands are making NEW music and we should listen to it and take it at face value and not compare it to something we heard fifteen years ago. After all most music is in some way recycled through subconscious influences of things we like.
I can't tell you much about these two bands exept for the fact that their music is fantastic. I think Fawn come from Chicago but that's about it.

Un-Real - M AL
Un-Real - Hal 9000
Un-Real - Monotono

Fawn - Ice Like Mine
Fawn - Cemetery

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