Saturday, November 19, 2005

The Darling Buds - Port Talbot 16/7/1987

I just thought it would be good to post this as a follow up to The Darling Buds Peel Session which is now on-line over at The Perfumed Garden.

The Darling Buds - Port Talbot 16/07/1987. zip

1. Shame On You
2. Just To Be Seen
3. If I Said
4. It's All Up To You
5. Just May Be The One
6. When It Feels Good
7. I Couldn't Remember
8. Mary's Got To Go
9. The Other Night
10. Think Of Me
11. Love Me Tender
12. Shame On You
13. If I Said


  1. I was at this gig. A million and one thank you's for posting it. Happy memories indeed!


  2. Grrrr. It's telling me the ZIP file is damaged!

  3. Yay! got the zip file to work!

    Yay! Where did you get this recording? Am sure my mate Tony recorded the gig. I used to have this on tape, years and years and years ago. Remember it clearly cos they run out of songs and did some songs twice! man, this is the best download I have ever found. Thanks a million.

  4. it was great! nice blogsite..i love your music..thanks.

  5. I got this recording in trade for some peel sessions some time ago. It's definitly the best Darling Buds bootleg I have. The band just sound so raw and fresh, and if you were actually at the gig it must bring back some fantastic memories.

  6. marianux1:42 pm

    Could it be possible to get the john pell sessions?

    Thanks for this jewel.

  7. screamingangel5:43 am

    It's great to hear the Buds again...Definately one of the most unapreciated bands ever...The tracks are so raw, it hardly sounds like the Andrea on the studio cd's....

  8. English Paul1:22 am

    I used to work for the Darling Buds selling t-shirts and setting up the gear on tour. I too was at this gig, and pretty much every gig. Fantastic bunch of folks and I have many many fond memories, great tapes/records and photos from those years. Get in touch with me if you wanna trade

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  10. Anonymous11:38 am

    Is there anyone out there that could re-up this recording???? It would be super cool if it happens.