Thursday, September 15, 2005

Let Me Be Your Liquor Man

If you like your music dirty and loud then The Minni-Thins are just the thing for you. I don't really like comparing bands to other bands but if you imagine some kind of Pavement/Pixies hybrid you'll be about there. "Let Me Be Your Liquer Man" is a classic piece of garage raaawwwk. I just wish somebody would come and make sounds like that in my garage!
They have an album avaliable through theVibrating Needle lable called"In Black Cause I Asked".
More Mp3's on their site HERE

The Minni-Thins - Let Me Be Your Liquor Man
The Minni-Thins - Yor Song

The Papalazarus come from Manchester and have obviously never heard a Buzzcocks record in their lives!

The Papalazarus - If You Want To

Cosmicdust come from Japan and from what I can gather on their website are apparantly a one man band although they don't sound like it.
Mixing fuzzy guitars and dreamlike vocals to perfection. If you like My Bloody Valentine you'll love this.

Cosmicdust - Without You
Cosmicdust - Samsara
Cosmicdust - Love You

You might have noticed the new Burning World logo exploding in the corner of your screen and some kind of jukebox as well. This is all thanks to Jake Waaah whose technical expertise far surpasses mine.


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  2. the minni-thins are quite tasteful,i liked more "the yor song". fried in post grunge kitchen, it feels they`re actually more routed in punk, enriched with great panic rock`n`roll vocals, which are delicious for my taste.garage smells well
    i use the chance to promote my own band, now.

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