Thursday, September 15, 2005

Let Me Be Your Liquor Man

If you like your music dirty and loud then The Minni-Thins are just the thing for you. I don't really like comparing bands to other bands but if you imagine some kind of Pavement/Pixies hybrid you'll be about there. "Let Me Be Your Liquer Man" is a classic piece of garage raaawwwk. I just wish somebody would come and make sounds like that in my garage!
They have an album avaliable through theVibrating Needle lable called"In Black Cause I Asked".
More Mp3's on their site HERE

The Minni-Thins - Let Me Be Your Liquor Man
The Minni-Thins - Yor Song

The Papalazarus come from Manchester and have obviously never heard a Buzzcocks record in their lives!

The Papalazarus - If You Want To

Cosmicdust come from Japan and from what I can gather on their website are apparantly a one man band although they don't sound like it.
Mixing fuzzy guitars and dreamlike vocals to perfection. If you like My Bloody Valentine you'll love this.

Cosmicdust - Without You
Cosmicdust - Samsara
Cosmicdust - Love You

You might have noticed the new Burning World logo exploding in the corner of your screen and some kind of jukebox as well. This is all thanks to Jake Waaah whose technical expertise far surpasses mine.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

What a week it's been. I would have updated the site days ago but for a few technical problems which turned out not to be problems at all, just me been a bit thick.

One thing which did cheer me up this week was the new album by Bottom Of The Hudson on Absolutly Kocher Records.

Bottom Of The Hudson - Riot Act
Bottom Of The Hudson - Holiday Machine

Actually another thing which cheered me up was a lunchtime visit to Certificate 18 in York where I can honestly tell you I had the best steak & ale pie I have ever tasted. If your ever in York I recommend you try one.
Anyway I'm sure you don't read this to find out what food I've been eating!

This is a band I know nothing at all about. Check out "Checker Board"

Flavour Crystals - Checker Board
Flavour Crystals - Poolja

Martian Sunset is apparantly a bloke called Brian who got bored and decided to make some music. Normally this would be totally boring and barely worth a listen but this is actually really good.
It's kind of droney beats and guitar all layered to perfection.

Martian Sunset - Trail
Martian Sunset - Stalemate


Audrey - Box & Fights
Audrey - The Text Is Written (Upside Down)
Tullycraft - Rumble With The Gang Debs
They Live By Night - Night Out
Sal Boca - Sky Stands Still
Sal Boca - Feel The Life
Hail Social - Hands Tied
Grandaddy - Pull The Curtain
The Sorayas - Don't Want To Be Like You
The Sorayas - How It Begins
Soiled - Happyland

Oh and before I forget if you pop over to The Perfumed Garden you can download Peel Sessions from The Servants and The Jesus & Mary Chain.